Saturday, August 11, 2007

Vienna Bagels

As I was walking back to office after lunch from KLCC, the word 'bagels' caught my eye. Ever since my mom brought back bagels from the U.S.A years ago, I have been remembering bagels every time I see a donut. Then I found Bagel Station in Avenue K. And now Vienna Bagels! Yippie!

Vienna Bagels is located on level 3 in Suria KLCC. It's in center court area in front of TGV. They just open shop yesterday.

From the escalator, I walked over to the front to check this new shop out. I knew I have to buy some back to the office even though I was already so full. Luck wasn't on my side because I saw people setting up the shop, wiping the counter and all, but no bagels yet. =( I got a smack on my head by one of my colleagues... he said "Aiyor ... so sad for what, so wai sek!" That translate to "Gosh why the sad face, you are such a glutton". Hehehe I guess I can't help it.

So... I went over to check the shop out again after work.

I'm not sure if they are selling all the flavors in the picture. I took a leaflet introducing their bagels but saw a few different flavors in them. I guess I will have to visit more to find out.

Whahahaha I bought these! I didn't even wait until I got home to eat them. I went to the food court, grabbed a drink, and dug in.

Katsuo. Creamy cheese with sprinkled Japanese fish flakes. The cheese tasted like cheddar. Very odd combo with the Japanese fish flakes (I thought this is squid flakes? hmmm I might be wrong) but didn't taste bad or good for me. Was Ok. The fish flakes gave out the strong smell, but when I bit into the bagel, I felt the rubbery cheese.

Cinnawhite. Specks of fine ground cinnamon on white chocolate. This, I like. I liked that the white chocolate was thick enough to stay on the bagel, but soft and runny enough when in my mouth.

Italiano. Sliced pepperonies with shredded Romanos. This was just so so. The toppings were good, but I think I'll stick to pepperoni pizzas instead.

The texture of the fresh bagels were soft and chewy. I don't know how to judge if it's a good bagel or not, because this is my first time eating fresh ones. I left halfs of the bagel I bought overnight... and am eating now. I think I like stale bagels, not fresh ones hehe.

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21 pieces of worms:


cheese & chocolate looks great. How the taste? going to get some next week.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

they all looks so delicious! goodness me think gonna get me some of those here too = )


Nyum nyum....i can see why you cannot resist it!!


omg, it's not only donuts now, it's bagels, I am like...... amaze how many kinds of food you guys got over there once again!


LOL, I just blogged abt it, better link you now. We saw this on Friday nite and vowed to try it on Sat. Ah, u tried the Katsuo which was not available today. Did they heat it up for you? It tastes nicer esp with the savoury ones heated up.


I saw this bagel in Adelaide too. But not a lot of flavour like you had lah. hehe.


Alamak....need bagels now. Where's my onion bagel with cream cheese???


kusahi-san: hmmm taste ok la i guess. I still like plain bagels which i can cut open and put my own flavors.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora: Do you get similar flavors over there?

littlenoodle: hehe i'm guessing you will be in KLCC soon to get them too.. or maybe you already did :)

iva: i think when it comes to food... you'll definitely find almost anything here.

boo: Eh no laa... they just packed for me. Nvm... I'll go get some on Monday. I still want to try the rest of the flavors.

Kok: Same shop ah?

WMW: hahahaha too bad we dont have bagel stands... if not you can get your dose every day.


fulamak!!! it looks like a donuts to me tho.... any idea what is the different between bagels n donuts a?


Hahaha, bagel crazy? You are probably feeling better then?

I think the best way to eat a bagel is to slice into half (sideways), toast bagels lightly and spread philadelphia cream cheese on them, add slices of smoked salmon and thinkly sliced tomatoes, dash of black pepper, Bob's your uncle!

I am sure you can get bagels from Carrefour or Tesco, can't you?


Nolah! I saw this bagle in Adelaide central market. haha!

the team

thees soft and chewy badgals we have to lay our hands on fast before they get deported by the Authorities. Hopefully before Gwen Stephanie's fully dressed concert

"Joe" who is constantly craving

sigh no cream cheese with smoked salmon bagel??

Lyrical Lemongrass

looks delicious. must try soon! My favourite is bagels with cream cheese. :-)


Bagel looks like doughnut one? =P At first when I saw the pic I was mouth waterin for the pizza-ish bagel. But after your comment I was hmmm ok...?

Must make a trip there. I like doughnut-ish foodz. But guilty pleasures those are... *Pats the body fats*. Lol.



Yalor, why look like donut? Any other nice flavour to recommend? :P

Big Boys Oven

Ain't KL so lovely and so fantastic.... we got great donuts and now we got great bagels. I heard more things coming this october.


i was @ klcc on friday night but i didn't see it there?!!!! :(


jackson: Bagels taste more "bread" to me compared to donuts. They are boiled then baked.

Judy: Ohh yeahh man... I like it with sour cream... or peanutbutter jelly and cheese. wait.. salmon yum yum... or ham. I dont think Tesco sells them.. carrefour not sure

Kok: You have all the ang mo food there la... jeles nya aku ;p

bsg: so sad that she have to cover from top to knee hor

Joe: You'll have to hit bagel station for that. I think they have that there.

LL: You should go for all the Jap flavors too!

Nat: Ehhh like I said.. eat first think later ..hahahha

jason: Bagel looks like that also.. but this one kind of flat.. i like the fatter thicker ones. Let me try more flavors.. when can tell you which is nice.

BBO: Ohhh whats in October?? ... some thing roundish too?

Mei Yen: Got la... go again hehe.. outside TGV only.. Auntie Annies used to be there.


Yah, it looks like donuts to me too, but I really love the creative combinations like the bagel with katsuo!! What a concept... somehow, I can't imagine that ever showing up here in the states... I enjoyed looking at the cool pix though!


foodhoe: I went to get the japanese flavor bagels... but they seem to be making the "safer" flavors... hard to get the more unique flavors.

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