Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bagel Station

At last, after passing this place for so many times, I finally managed to drag some of my colleagues to Avenue K for lunch at bagel station.

Bagel Station is located at Lot C-6 Concourse Level Avenue K, 157 Jalan Ampang. You can get off at the KLCC LRT station and turn right at the exit. It’s located next to Bread Story. Burger King and Secret Recipe is just near by.

The breakfast promos that they offer.

I was there are the right time as they were making new batches of bagels. I was told that the bagels will need to be boiled until they float, then removed to be baked.

My “distant cousin” colleague (because we share the same surname in English, and even the same Chinese character) ordered the Garlic Bratwurst. (RM14.60). He mention that his Italian flavored bagel was too tough for him. I think he said something like “Throw at dog also can”. This set meal came without a drink so an extra RM4 is spent on a bottle of coke.

I ordered the Eat and Drink Combo (RM14.40) which consist of one bagel of my choice (Beef salami) and a carbonated drink. I took the poppy seed bagel, but the texture is the same. I didn’t know how to eat my bagel so I ended up eating the top bagel first, then the bottom. I don’t think I should have bite and pull the whole bagel sandwich. Taste wise was quite ok. I like the beef salami and the salad dressing what went with it was good.

Oh… and my bagel don’t even look like a bagel. Weird shape.

My other colleague ordered the Chicken bagel and love the chicken. Grilled shredded chicken and not the steam ones.

Overall I found that it was a filling meal, but for the bagel, I don’t think I choose to eat there if I was given the choice. Maybe try their puff or something.

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15 pieces of worms:

"Joe" who is constantly craving

looks like we have yet to find the perfect place that sells the perfect bagel..

Big Boys Oven

Bagels are a hip thing in New York City, you get them fresh and plentyful. Same goes for pastries..... love NYC and miss lunching there too.


Wah, so hard? Maybe cos they left it cold?


ooh i tried this place before. so-so only rite... and quite ex oso :(


tot of trying that 1 year ago but until now still havent. Lucky me


hmm.. it looks dry! not good.. but quite generous in serving size i hv to say!


joe: yeah... but not that many bagel place yet rite? there's one more in plaza damas but dont know nice or not.

BBO: yeahh road side bagel with sour cream muahahahah

jason: i dont know ler.. but all bagel also eaten not fresh from the oven lo.

Jun: I think price expected to be like that. I like their filling, but not the bagel.

Jackson: Save that RM20 for McD's buffet hehe

daphne: I think thats the normal bagel size. The bread was very very filling though.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

alamak more bagels = ) looks yummy, cos its an american product, tough to get here and when u do get 'em, its all the plain normal ones.... i hv to go to the capital city to get a variety of bagels or anything american! here got only subway & mcdonalds - no starbucks, no KFC, no burger king... but they do hv a zillion other delicious stuff, so cant complaint lah, cans till stuff myself silly! heheheheh


mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora: No need more of that chain outlets la.. i bet you can make better and more healty chicken and burgers.


I think Bagel is a very healthy food hor?

Rasa Malaysia

I guess bagels are really getting popular outside of the US. I am lazy to eat bagels because I have to chew so much and so hard.


kok: yeahh boil and baked. but if people (like me) start stuffing them with fatty pork and thick layer of butter... then hahahahah

RM: Yeah.. last time I used to get them at coffeebean. Got more choices now, but I think the US one are way way better.

ai wei

the poppy seed bagel is new for me and it looks healthy.


ai wei: Coffee bean sells poppy seed bagels too. You can grab some there.


Coffee bean bagels are just bread shape like bagel. I tried the bagel at Plaza Damas, love them. remind me of the good old college days in states where i have bagel every day for breakfast. try their breakfast set, only rm5 with coffee. good deal for me especially mid of the month =)

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