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Bakerzin in KLCC is so hidden. A few months ago, I went to the wine shop in Isetan to buy Umeshu. I was surprised to find Bakerzin just beside the wine shop.

Still no idea where Bakerzin is at?

You will need to enter Isetan and go to the Isetan supermarket selling groceries. Walk towards the cashier area and go straight on. You will see Sun Moulin Bakery on the left and the wine shop right in front. Bakerzin is on the left of the wine shop. That section is a dead end. Not much folks will actually walk up to that area.

Anyway, since I found out, I have been frequently enjoying my alone time here. It's quite relaxing because there aren't many people here, the service is good, and my orders are prepared only when I order.

This is the passion fruit soda. I have tasted the lemon and peach soda too and find the peach is my favorite between the three.

Their Penne al Pollo is something that I didn't find special at first. But the more I eat it, the better it tasted. Not too salty and creamy as compared to other cream sauce I have tried so it doesn't leave you with dry lips and bloated tummy. They should have cut the sun dried tomatoes into smaller pieces though.

The banana pizza is the first pizza I tried. The crust is not like the normal bread flour crust but actually flakey pastry. Something different but I found the pastry over baked and burnt at the bottom. Otherwise, the whole banana action going on top is good.

The turkey, beef and mushroom pizza is one of the yummy pizza that I have not tasted in a long long time. But again, the pastry was a little burnt at the bottom. =(

The only reason I ordered the Grand Marnier soufflé was because... hahaha yes yes, the bit of alcohol in it ;p It came with a rich dressing, it's not vanilla though, which I poured over the soufflé before having it. Good stuff.

The chocolate sticks are just ok for me. Chocolate wrapped with pastry then fried.

The pistachio creme brulee. Errr so so not me. I think it was the pistachio that killed me. I can't stand to medicine smell.

Folks at Bakerzin KLCC will definitely be seeing more of me as I found one nice quiet place to relax and enjoy my good food and dessert.

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11 pieces of worms:


There's no other toppings for banana pizza besides banana and cheese?

Keropok Man

Bakerzin in Spore has this seafood pasta that's very very yummy too.

And the cakes are oh... heavenly!


oh i didnt know this place exists in sg and KLCC. the desserts looks lovely! I wonder what is their price range?


i had a bad experience in da 1 utama outlet when they first opened and that was da last time.. from your review, it makes me feel like to give them another chance. okay, next time when i am in klcc ;)


kok: No cheese actually. Just banana.

KeropokMan: Ohh I think I will try that the next time I'm there.

Daphne: Errrrr I forgot already. Can remember the taste but not the price. About RM15+- for the soufflé. The Other 3 is a set thing, for RM15+- also. ...I think.


Mei Yen: ahh really ah? Maybe you should try the 1U branch again. Maybe that time still new?


i only love their dessert...their food was...bad for me..


jackson: hmm what did you try?

Big Boys Oven

Had tried their cakes late last year.... well very gorgeous.... they are a trend starter....but at the moment so broke... will visit next month


BBO: I seldom go too now.. broke myself hehe.


Nice review!The first time I tried Bakerzin was when I was in Medan,Indonesia a while ago.The place has nice atmosphere.Didn't know that there's an outlet in KL!Definitely gonna try someday.But I agree with Jackson,the food is so-so.I guess their specialty is desserts & bakeries.I love their Strawberry Cheesecake Icecream!!!

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