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Batu 14 Puchong Yong Tau Foo

When people mention food in Puchong, I always think of Puchong Perdana, Bandar Putri, IOI mall… and all that new building area along LDP. When my friend mentioned about having dinner around the old Puchong area, I instantly agreed.

My colleague drove pass all the new Puchong area, passing the Tractor building on the left and then driving even deeper until we reached DHL on the left. More driving and passing many schools. Chinese, Indian, then finally reaching this school.

Opposite the Puchong school is Puchong Yong Tau Foo. When I saw this place, I suddenly remember that is a place that my mom had mentioned before. My mom works along Batu 16.5 in Puchong, and is just a few minutes drive to Batu 16 where this restaurant is located.

One thing I quite like about this Yong Tau Foo is that everything is not premade. The Yong Tau Foo is only stuffed with fish paste when the customer picks them out. That means fresh sweet fish paste.

While waiting for my Yong Tau Foo pieces to be cooked, I help myself with the Chee Pau Kai (wax paper wrapping marinated chicken). I didn’t quite like this Chee Pau Kai. The inside is too sauce and tasted like steamed chicken.

When the Yong Tai Foo came, I was surprised to see that the Yong Tau Foo is really stuffed! I think they could have actually stuffed three lady fingers using only the amount for two. But…hehehe no la, the more the merrier.

There is also the fried stuff. I recommend the fried stuffed tofu pok. I ate a lot of those because the deep fried tofu goes so well with the deep fried fish fresh and sweet paste that goes with.

I think the bill came up to about RM32, which I found quite reasonable. Now... the only problem is... how do I get there again? I forgot the directions there. Got to ask my mom.

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22 pieces of worms:


I like this place too - even though it's RM1 per pc, it's very worth it with lots of filling.


teckiee! this yong tofu is really good! my friends brought it over for my potluck party..too bad that i dun even know where is the place..

Big Boys Oven

Aiyoh! all this ladies....always get lost!!!! oh dear....


boo: The pieces shrunk already according to my colleague. He said the tofu used to be bigger.

kampungboyCitygal: hahahah i have no idea also. I think if i drive I know la.. but if you ask me to direct people.. I'll get lost in the directions myself

BBO: hahah not always la.. dont really know the old puchong area ma


i miss this place! only tried once, btw you comment at my blog the same time i'm about to write here :)


It's right opposite the Han Ming school.

There are 2 shops there, owned by two brothers, I was told. Next to where you went is the other shop. They offer a similar menu but somehow many people prefer the shop you did not patronise. This means a longer wait.

Apart from what you ate, they have pan mee and rendang chicken, the latter to go with the rice.

The yong tau foo is popular as the variety has fish, vegetables and soup, which is a cheap complete meal to many.

The prices in the older Puchong area, especially among the older stalls, are cheaper.


Go along Jalan Puchong, behind Tractors and DHL until you reach the twon area (a lot of 4-storey shophouses). The school and the yong tau foo shops are at the back of the shops, along Jalan Puchong.

Go during lunch and you will not get lost. Ask the Chinese people at the shophouses for directions. Everyone should know. The yong tau foo is the signature food here and there should be no problem getting there.

Good luck and enjoy yourselves!

I live nearby lah!


fresh yong tou fu! ok, this is going to the list of "I must visit" in KL. Hey, any ideas where to get good Lei Chai (hakka green tea rice?) in KL??


bayi: Thanks for the directions! But aiyor you live near by of cos wont get lost la... I have to try going on a weekend. If I get lost I'll still have time to locate the place.

daphne: There one in Taman Sri Sinar Jaya, Kepong called Hor Poh Restaurant. The other one near the Pudu Jail area. From pudu jail, turn right at the traffic light. Times Square will be on your right after you turn. Turn left to the shop houses area after that. There's a Hakka restaurant on the right hand side.


daphne: Oh and you can eat in SS2 also. But that one not that nice. And here


hey... make sure u get the map n bring us there!!


jackson: hahahahaha and i'll remember to drive with a full tank


thanks!! that is noted n saved!

Precious Pea

teckiee...i forgive you over the doggie thing if you bring me there. Hehehehe.


daphne: when u coming down?

P.Pea: ...hahahah ok can can ..jackson you driveeeee hehe


I wanna go too!


jason: come come! YTF eat with more ppl nicer

God of Food's

This place easy to go...but remember to go early or else need to wait dam long.. i wanna go as well leh...

Keropok Man

The first photo made me laugh. Is ponteng a common thing at this puchong school?


the YTF is stuffed with so much meat! here in Sg, mostly quite kedekut one....


God of Food's: heyy where are you staying ah actually? and email me your number lah.. next time call u along for makan session =)

keropok man: hahaha ponteng is the first word we learn!


I also post my review on this Puchong Yong Tau Foo on You all can go an have a look on the map, which i posted there. :)


lse: cool thanks

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