Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cagayan's [Non-Halal]

After having lunch at Cagayan’s for the first time a few months ago, I have been raving about this place to almost everyone.

Anyway, after having fish, chicken and vegetables for the pass 6 months for dinner, (to keep the story short, I was eating healthy with my grandparents) it's time for some big time PORKie meal.

The Philippine restaurant on the ground floor of Center Point, Bandar Utama, was the first place that came to my mind. Cagayan's is located just next to Starbucks.

When we were seated and I started ordering. There are Japanese noodles available but I stuck to the Philippine dishes as I didn't quite like a bowl of noodles I once tried.

The drinks came, Ice Lemon Tea (RM3.90) and Green Tea bottomless (RM2.90). I was tempted to order my favorite drink from Cagayan's the Ice Blended Green Tea, but refrained myself because the drink itself is quite filling, need to save stomach space for the POK!

Pork Binagoongan., pork belly and tomatoes stir fried with shrimp paste. (RM11.90) When I ate this the first time, I knew I would be coming back for more. This is my favorite dish from Cagayan’s. The pork belly is deep fried and then sauced with a mixture of garlic, tomatoes and cincalok. The sauce is salty if eaten on its own, but perfect when eaten with rice.

Pork Adobo, marinated pork cooked in vinegar and spices. (RM10.90) The Adobo comes in a chicken version as well. I only tasted a slight hint of vinegar but the spices where there. This is something quite similar to the Chinese spiced chicken but unlike the Chinese style where the fragrance came from the star anise, the fragrance of this Adobo sauce came from black pepper

See that layer of fat in the pork? That just added the kick to the Adobo.

If the pork fat is not your thing, try Bicol Express, pork loin cooked in coconut milk and shrimp paste. (RM9.90) If you have been following my reviews for sometime, you noticed that I don’t prefer dishes with a lot of coconut milk. I wouldn’t order this as first pick, but when it came to the table, I helped myself with a few spoonful pork. Bicol Express reminded me much of the Cambodian fish dish, Amok, the difference is in the meat used.

Last but definitely not the least, the Piggy!

This Little Piggy, is “a half size (4 slabs) portion of delicious and tender ribs that will keep you going.” This is printed on their menu, and I absolutely agree with it. I wanted to try the Spicy sauce (RM27.90) version this time but my sister can’t really take the spicy stuff. Dad is most likely to like the Oriental sauce (RM26.90) more so I have the Classic sauce (RM25.90) a skip. For ribs lovers, you can opt for the bigger Piggy, This Regular piggy with 6 slabs or ribs, and This Fat Piggy with 8 slabs of ribs.

The ribs were juicy and tender, and actually had quite a chunk of meat on it. There is no need to fly to Thailand and eat Tony Roma’s pork baby back ribs because you are going to get the better stuff here. You can always save that flight ticket money and treat me to a meal in Cagayan's ;p where you can order and try their deep fried pork knuckle.

I manage to have a little chat with Jim, one of the folks at Cagayan's, and I was told that two Philippino chefs are behind making sure I have my good PORKie meal.


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20 pieces of worms:


Ate here once. But didn't really try out their main flare dishes. Should definitely go for 2nd visit.

In any case, this is PHI porks porks. Let's go for 'El Cerdo' Spanish porks porks soon! I will make the arrangement soon.



woohoo! I like philippino food! Tried pork adobo and the version I tried look quite similar to yours!! That's a relief!

I have the same problem with my comments box as well.. hmm.. wondering what's happening with blogger!


OOoOooOoooh! Look at those ribs. My saliva is practically gurgling.


Mmm...yummy stuff. Pics from here still in my folder of To Blog! :o)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

pork pork pork..hahaha..

i was just abt to say el-cerdo..got beaten by Nat up there apparently..

27/9 free to come? hopefully a smooth launch of my baby project..

but i might b goin again tonite wahahah pork overload!

team bsg

most interesting...and we thoz all the time that they only have filipino girls OMG !


Wahhhh....pork feast! Never try Philippine dishes before. Really wanna go try..the Bicol Express and the pork ribs looked soo good!

Hmm, I was thinking if their menu only consist of pork only. :)


Nat: El Cerdo next month yah.... my turn to be oncalled ...argghgh.

daphne: I tapou'ed the pork abodo.. taste even better over night as the sauce already soak in to the meat.

tummythoz: ohh the ribs were very good.

wmw: WB! will be waiting for you post.

joe: I cant make it... but count me in for your next stop. When r u planning the MAX! one? I really want to go for that.

BSG: ahahahahahaha...hmm must ask my uncle's maid if she knows how to cook the Binagoongan or not.

cookies cream: hahahaha pork only restaurant? I'll be their first customer if there's one.


hahaha sum ling xiong tong!! we posted the same thing!!!!!

Big Boys Oven

hey! after "el cerdo".... we can have coffee at Ole cafe , just across the road....lol!!!!!!

Anyway... this cagayan looks good.... heheheh... want to taste my adobo dish, (fish sauce)?

Big Boys Oven

hey! after "el cerdo".... we can have coffee at Ole cafe , just across the road....lol!!!!!!

Anyway... this cagayan looks good.... heheheh... want to taste my adobo dish, (fish sauce)?

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy



KampungboyCitygal: hahah kam ching!

BBO: HAHHAH what time does Ole close? Me and my pal Nat are most probably only going next month.

Nigel: I promise you'll love it there.


better than tony roma's at bkk? i must be heading there now!!


rokh: way better.


I just throw away my spoon on my lame char siew rice and ogling at the ribs


Hi Teckiee,

Appreciate the review on your blog.
Hope your review would be able to bring in more pork lover to our joint.

Tq. Cheers


jason: eh... careful.. you are drooling all over your keyboard ;p

jim: My pleasure to be sharing good info about good food to all my readers.


Very unlikely timing (Ramadhan) to read this porky review, but what the heck...I am so going OINK OINK soon!


tankiasu: hahahah hmm didnt mean to clash with the puasa month.. but non-halal post also ma

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