Monday, September 24, 2007

Carnaval Churrascaria

When asked for a birthday dinner place suggestion for my two carnivore buddies, the first restaurant that came to was Carnaval Churrascaria.

Carnaval Churrascaria is a Brazilian style restaurant... meat, meat and more meat.

The mint sauce. I’m not sure if Brazilian mint sauce is supposed to taste like that, but that was the worst mint sauce I have ever tasted. It’s just mint leafs with a little vinegar and diluted with way too much water.

Brazilian vinegard vegetable dressing. The same vinegar base is used but the mint replaced with some vegetables.

To start the buffet, you will have to take your empty plate and head to the buffet bar.

Buffet stuff. There's lamb and beef stew, fried brinjawl, prawns, potato wedges and many more.

All type of salads from pasta salad to mango salad.

Buffet stuff on plate

I really like the spinach and deep fried brinjals (That's the one right in the middle of my plate). Although the spinach is just green leafs, the spinach used are the bigger leaf spinach, and toss well with olive oil. The deep fried brinjals were mixed with some other seasoning, tasted a lot like the Japanese tempura, except this tasted like the tempura dipped with tempura sauce without making the deep fried brinjal soggy.

The servers with meat will start coming once you have seated with your buffet dishes.

Some meat.

Some other stuff they have on their skewers;
- Grilled buns with garlic and sour cream
- Roasted pineapple
- Roasted honey chicken ham
- Lamb leg
- Lamb shoulder
- Cow leg
- Prawns
- Fish
- Chicken liver and gizzard

I enjoyed most of the meat. Mostly were barbequed to medium rare to medium well done. All were juicy except one of the beef I ate. The rest were good. I particularly liked the lamb leg. The fish was good too, marinated with yellow ginger.

The birthday boys with a small piece of Choc and Cheese which I bought from Just Heavenly Pleasures.

Carnaval Churrascaria is located along the same row as Maybank in Damansara Utama. 77, Jalan SS22/19, Damansara Jaya. You can make your reservations by calling the restaurant number at 03-77252252. Adults RM48. Kids under 12 RM18. Daily dinner from 6pm to 10.30pm and Sunday Brunch at 11am to 2:30pm.

Weekly Promotions
Monday – Party night, 5 adults, the 6th gets his/her meal free
Tuesday – Bring Your Own (wine) night
Wednesday – Ladies night, 15% off (I’m guessing for the ladies only)
Sunday – Family day 15% off

The night did not end there. We head down to Chill in Hartamas to enjoy wine. Must be the sweet wine effect because my “innocent” bro did something he should not have and I caught him on camera. Hehehe. And just for fun, I did want to steal a dustbin for the “chimney”. (But the guard was there).

The night ended there, but the morning starts in Teakuando man’s home for a Wii party. (In this case, it’s a after party) We were all playing tennis, boxing, and shooting buddies down with carrot juice. It was really fun to see all of us becoming raving rabbits.

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16 pieces of worms:


wow.... i think im gonna love this place!! Meat meat and meat!!!! We should plan next roung, then heading to WMW's place for vii game


I remember this place well!!! I dined with bf, his brother and his dad! My goodness, I can still remember the amount of meat they ate man... hahhaha... scary ;p

Big Boys Oven

I think I will dine in this meaty place which is great for the weekend and then head to WMW's place for a karaoke slot!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Good value isn't it? will tell my buddy to read your blog. His family owns it. ;-)


Jackson: I think you'll lay off meat the next day... really overdose of meat I tell ya.

daphne: hahahaha men and meat...hahah

BBO: I think WMW can open business already. Wii and Karaoke!

Allen&Nigel: Real value! I was quite surprised when I found out about the 15% discount on Sundays... even more value for money for all that meat.


its a carnivore delight! ive been planing to go to this place for ages but never got the chance to. next time for sure!


Everybody seems to want to crash at wmw's place. Err is she aware?


Found out about this place more than a year oredi, but still yet to visit. Sigh...


Oh you are featured on The Star, and you are referred to as a "he"! :P


Wii game?? when when? with couple of meat chumps meal? when when? :p


i love this place too! a place that we would go when we feel to have lotsa meat! :D i love da grilled pinapples!! :D


ginger, tankiasu: Actually I knew about this place for ages but too me a really long time for my first try too

Tummythoz: hahaha i think she cleaning up her house right now

tankiasu: hahahaha am I not an he? hahaha

jason: eat tons first.. then sweat off at Wii!

MeiYen: Yah I like that too... the whole thing like sweettttt and wont cut the tongue too.


goodness, i went there a couple of years back..there were so much meat! loved the lamb,fish, pineapple and ham....


sc: I think we have similar taste... I like all the stuff like


Been there several times this year for my meat cravings... like the meats there but sometimes can get abit too salty for my tastebuds.


tokyo_nights: Ohhh ..maybe try washing it down with some Tequila? hehe

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