Friday, September 14, 2007

Chef Steven @ Restaurant Mei ChiXuan

Dramatic Sunday food tasting session. I think Sunny, Sid and Jackson should agree with me on this ;p To cut stories short, when I reached Restaurant Mei ChiXuan, my stomach started to go lion on me. I went in and out of the toilet, and ended up quite pale. Anyway, with Sid's help, I manage to get all this video up as he took over as camera man while I ran off and tame my stomach.

Chef Steven was glad to have us back to try his latest recipes. But another reason I was there was to see the chef in action. Try to get some cooking tips off him also la. But sadly when I was done, Chef Steven was done too. I missed all the action. I blame the stomach. *sign* But I guess the timing was right because the dishes were ready.

Lotus root, with lychee juice. Put two very common ingredients together to make something tantalizing and refreshing to the taste buds.

Sid bought many of these Ma Lat paste back from his trip from China not long ago. One of this packet given to Chef Steven to come up with a new Ma Lat dish.

I am not an expert on the SiChuan style of cooking, but to my knowledge, the Ma Lat style cooking involves tons and tons of chili and is most famous in the SiChuan province in China. The spiciness of the dish usually prepared along meat to help keep the body warm in their cold weather.

Chef Steven have prepared a Ma Lat fish for us. The parrot fish (Ying Mou yui) is boiled in oil and then covered with the Ma Lat sauce.

Chef Steven mention that the Ma Lat packet that was given to him have a mixture of goat meat in it. I found this dish quite different from the other Ma Lat cooking I have tasted before, my first time having goat flavored Ma Lat sauce... with fish. I think this recipe would work better with Sid's other packets of Ma Lat paste.

The level of spiciness was just nice. It was a little less spicy compared to majority Ma Lat, but as I ate, I wished that the chef tone down on the hot stuff.

This is another one of Chef Steven's new creation. Shiitake mushrooms stuffed with in-house made fish paste topped with fresh and dried scallops topped with abalone sauce. Since this dish takes up time to prepare, Chef Steven mentioned that customer would have to make a pre order a day before dinner.

The fish paste was better then the fish paste in the 'Crispy bamboo roll' from the first time I ate at Mei ChiXuan. The sauce tasted just right eaten without the rice. We were not having rice that day. It gave out a nice seafood aroma with out the pungent fishy smell.

Chef Steven called this dish "Wong Kam Hai Pa", meaning 'Crab crawls over Yellow Gold'. The oil boiled pumpkin represents the gold while the crab meat sauce is 'crawling' over the gold.

Two thumbs up for this dish. A starchy base sauce (like the Yin Yong noodles) is with sliced Shiitake mushrooms, carrots, spring onions, and loads of crab meat. When I tried the sauce, I thought that the crab sauce was over powering the fragrance from the pumpkin. But when I took a bite of the pumpkin with the sauce, really really nice. The pumpkin is a whole, but not hard. It was sweet and soft inside, but not over mushy like steamed and seared pumpkins. A very nice combination.

After having mouth fulls of the 'gold' I had to make a move as my stomach was still playing with me. A wasted opportunity to learn and improve my Chinese cooking style. But, I got to taste good food, and even met a reader of mine who happen to be there with her family for lunch. *Hi Hi*

Thanks Chef! Thanks Sid!

*head over to my previous post on Restaurant Mei ChiXuan to get a '15% discount off your total bill' coupon, when you dine in at Mei ChiXuan

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Eh... I missed out again?


oooucccchhh! wished I was there :( haven tried anything tat numb my tongue yet


O_o that sounds bad... i mean your tummy!!! hope you are feeling better now..


funky music!! love the video.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

so this was the secret cooking session isit?

"Joe" who is constantly craving

watched the videos..haha the music from ur clubbing hits isit..??


You makan too much ah? So, stomachache? Hmm...Next time let me eat. You watch. Then, no stomachache. :P

Hope you're much more better now. :)


Jason: Hm not sure. I didnt do the arrangements.

KampungboyCitygal: I think will numb the tummy too!

Mei Yen: yeah ..felt better in the evening.

ginger: thanks. had to install all my old video edit sw.

joe: Not sure if it was secret. Sid told me there was some cooking action so I went. And the music... hahah yeah ..some old songs...i dont have any new songs liua.. got to update my collection soon

kok: hhahah not makan too much la. Makan the wrong things only.


I enjoyed the videos-especially seeing the "mystery" hands that shot out to take the pictures :p Nice dishes. Hope your tummy is feeling better.

Big Boys Oven

Wah..... so fast oledi posted... I am so I am sure you oledi recovered...


daphne: hmm.. lets see.. that hands should be either BBO's or Jackson's

BBO: hehe felt bad for leaving like that.. so edit my vid fast and get it up fast lo


hehe... now i know what u mean... i should show u some of my video next time...

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