Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chili Dog

I'm back from my weekend trip! The trip rocked arses! w00t! I had damn a lot of fun! Anyway, to end PORK week, my chili dog that was not really chili. Going to just type a quick one. Got to unpack and head to bed. I dead tired and totally worn out from the trip.

The so-called chili. Pork, garlic, pepper, shallots, tomatoes, mustard and BBQ sauce. Yup... I left out the main ingredient that makes a chili dog chili. The chili powder. LOL! I didn't have any at home.

The garlic butter bun. Butter, salt, garlic, dried oregano and parsley.

The fix up. The garlic bun, cheddar, purple spinach, and the pork.

The "not-so-chili-red-chili dog".

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13 pieces of worms:

Big Boys Oven

hahahah I was told that you went conquering the cave and then the natural waterfall and next you ate the whole town...... what a feeling!

team bsg

ho ho neither is it dog issit it ?

daphne any pictures from the trip? being creative ah... using mince pork in this dish! cool.


BBO: LOL! arms are aching now.... threw too many rocks at the waterfalls

BSGs: HAHAHAHAHA no its not dog... wmw and precious pea will not forgive me if i ever cook dog!

daphne: got got! have to find time to post.. i had more pictures of food then people hehe

Xiu Long Bao

Duh!!! Envious!!! of ur weekend trip :I


All the best!!! If too stress doing your work, you can call me anytime for mamak in Cheras! ;-)


WHat the?! Wrong window! Kakaka...paiseh paiseh. Nice chili dog btw! :P Kekeke...


Nice chilli dog. Sounds like you had lots of fun ;)


xiu long bau: you can arrange one yourself =) .. if you want info i can send you all the stuff and info we did. Our trip cost less than one expensive meal =)

tankiasu: HAHAHAHAH ok.. if im stress i will call you ;P~

jason: good fun i tell you. we had the whole lata kijang to ourselves!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

wahahaha..chilli dog with no chilli pls..does it mean its more like the coney dog from a&w but with no sausage?..


joe: hahahah no lah.. its like teh ping with no ice!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

hey there teckiee, we shall start our vacation tomorrow! = ) will miss reading your scrumptious blog! will get back to it in November! til then, take care ; )


mush,brecht&nora: Have a safe trip and have lots of fun! ...and food!

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