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The Cooking House

I thought I was late when I saw FoodieLianne, Babe_KL, Fat Boy Bakes and Jackson at the kitchen counter. But lucky there were a few more students registering. I quickly pen down my name, took my notes and take my seat.

The Salad Turn Around class (and the fun) begins.

Our teacher for the day was research chef Ryan Khang.

Ryan started the first few minutes going through the ingredients and techniques that we will be using to make the salads. He went through the four salads that were on our notes that were given to up upon registering, and recipes from Ryan himself.

Ryan took another few more minutes explain the emulsification process. This is kind of new to me. I have always known that mixing this with that to get something. Chemical reactions and all but I didn’t know this is called emulsification and the ingredients used for emulsification. Chemistry people, chemistry. I know nothing about chemistry.

I was told that the original class didn't involved hands on from students but for the sake of picture taking and us (the floggers), Ryan changed his methods to accommodate us and let the class play around with the tools and help out. I cubed my first avocado!

Anyway we started with class and the salads. Half way through I got a little confused because I think I wasn’t focusing enough and there were times where we needed to multi task. I didn't know what ingredients were for what dressing. It didn’t help me when the floggers and the other students were cracking up Nigella Lawson’s jokes and BBO being Nigella her….. wait… himself! But after reviewing the recipes given to us, I was back on track.

First dressing that we made is the mango, avocado and prawn in passion fruit and Chardonnay dressing, served with radicchio (red cabbage) and rocket leaves.

Melting some gula melaka.

Juicing the passion fruit. This is actually my first time seeing and feeling a passion fruit. I always have thought the yellow fruit with the red inside… not sure what it’s called now… is the passion fruit.

Simmering and thickening the sauce. Ryan mention that he prefers to use the arrow root flour as a thickening agent as to corn flour because it does not give out any smell or discolor the sauce.

This salad is sweet tutti fruiti. Very nice to eat at the beach. The passion fruit flavored dressing goes really well with the avocado, mango and prawns. I added more dressing to my scoop of salad so that the mango taste do not over kill the passion fruit dressing taste. I didn't catch the hint of chardonnay in the dressing so I think I'll minimize the passion fruit and increase the chardonnay if I were to make this.

I think we did Pomelo and duck breast in tangy kaffir lime and palm sugar vinaigrette served with lettuce, mint and coriander next.

Lime and all.

Marinated duck. Ryan mention that this is not the local duck. This duck meat is imported from Germany (I think). Those green neck duck. He said there is more fat on them hence nicer for the salad.

Duck seared.

Duck sliced. Do you see the layer of fat? Cool huh… like pork whahaha.

I ate this with the pomelo and a piece of mint, the whole mouthful tasted really good. I chewed in to the juice pomelo and then tasted the mint, then came the succulent duck. Superb stuff. I liked the dressing so much that I kept sipping the left over sauce. I later felt my lip dry up, I think it was because of the salty fish sauce that went with it. Babe_kl preferred the duck to be cooked longer, but I think I did remember Ryan mentioning that the duck will look better for the camera this way. LOL! I like it half raw… maybe just slice the duck thinner.

Next in the line is the pan seared tenderloin in balsamic, red wine vinegar and maple syrup vinaigrette with seared peaches and Swiss brown mushrooms.

The ingredients for the beef dressing including bijorn mustard.

Ryan: Why is Dijon mustard called Dijon mustard?
Student: Because it’s from Dijon. That's a place.
Ryan: Aiyah, and I though I could try to be smart ;p

I didn't know that.

Ryan: Why is tenderloin called tenderloin?
Students: Err…?
Ryan: Because it’s tender.
Students: …hehhhh *sweat*

Tenderloin marinated and with parsley.

Swiss mushrooms.

Canned peaches seared. Look out for brands that gives more solid and crunchy peaches. The soft ones are not nice.

I didn’t get a chance to sample the first batch as this salad was quickly walloped up. Ryan made a small batch for Babe_kl and me but minus the dressing. Lucky me, I manage to taste the dressing before it was poured on the salad. The dressing for this salad is my favorite dressing of all four salads. The dressing can actually go well with other meat, and not necessary just for a salad dish. The next time I make steak, I'm going to make tones of this sauce. This is definitely my favorite dressing out of the four we made.

We did the Thai seafood salad with zesty kasturi lime, lemon grass, extra virgin olive oil dressing with tomato, onion and multi greens last.

The very fresh and crunchy prawns that went so well with the dressing. I didn’t manage to take more pictures because I was busy helping out in the kitchen =) So much fun!

Pounding and extracting the lemon grass juice for this dressing is such a hassle. The dressing goes well with the prawns and the squid but somehow I felt something is missing from the whole. I guess I will have to try this out and add more of what was missing....if only I knew what was lacking for my taste buds. The sweet sauce maybe? But then again it all depends on ones taste buds.

I never had thought that I could actually learn so much in a salad tossing class. Thank you so much Edyth for giving the floggers the complementary class. And thanks babe_kl for getting us involved. I didn't manage to say thanks to Ryan too because he got to run. Thanks Ryan. I really enjoyed the class!

*waves to Eve* Small world because I actually met my ex tuition mate at the class!

Fat Boy Bakes
Babe KL

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seriously, it's amazing how you described da whole event... making me feel like attending da class too just by reading your post :D well done!


Totally impressed by the class now. The seared duck looks amazing!

team bsg

now surely you are super equipped to talk, eat sleep food already !
just hinted to jason to consider setting up a 'friendship cafe' soon
since u guys can't hide your talents 4ever right ? and we too need some authentic 'entertainment ' sometimes.....LOL

"Joe" who is constantly craving

yeah really need to use oversea 1 lar..our local duck too skinny liao..


Mei Yen: I'm a bit low of $ this month, but want to join me for a class next month?

daphne: After going thru this class... makes me appreciate salads. Not easy as it seems. I'm impressed too.

bsg: hahaha can can...but need the capital man. Penang food I know who can be the master chef already la

joe: Yeah.. maybe have to let the ducks live with the penguins for a but...let them store up fat Hahhahaha

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

very mouth watering entry Teckiee sweetie! makes me look forward to my trip home to spore next month where i can eat till i drop hehehehehhe.... even tho i dont seldome leave comments , i read your entries regularly Teckiee, tot it be nice to tell u this....hv a wonderful week ahead ok ; )

Big Boys Oven

I still wonder.....yah still wonder..... hmmm & yet wondering.... teckiee... is about time to show case your cooking sure right!... we shall be


mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora: Very nice to hear that, and have fun back home in Sg.

BBO: more potlucks means more cooking... if not you all will need to wait till a day when i get my own kitchen ;p


Passion fruit.. I think it's called markisa in Malay.


sei lo....everyone blog already except me......soon, ok...soon


jason: Sounds like a lady's name.

Jackson: hehehe I have back logs to clear too

Rasa Malaysia

I so want to have a cooking class...maybe when I have guys can be my first student. Whahaha.


Those duck slices made me go drooling~!!!

The Cooking Ninja

Look like all of you had a great time and you even had the time to take pics and do the dishes ! wow!

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