Monday, September 10, 2007

Hong Kee Dim Sum

After singing out loud and chanting for the Sang Chow Loh Mai Fan for a few days... I finally tried it at Hong Kee Dim Sum in Damansara Jaya, just outside Atria. 18 and 20, Jalan SS22/25 Damansara Jaya.

I called the organizer that that day because I could not find the restaurant at first. Precious Pea then told me it's hidden from my view because the row of the shop houses beside it is half a shop in front. Get what I mean ah? ...hahaha I suddenly don't.

There is a nearer branch you can go to if you are staying nearer to Puchong.31, Jalan Puteri 2/5 Bandar Puteri Puchong.

The egg tart is the bomb! The shell pastry was soft crispy, flaky, and not that oily. The fragrant from the egg is strong, lots of egg yoke, not like those almost fake egg tart which uses food coloring to make the tart yellow.

Sang chow loh mai fan was a little undercooked that day. But the fragrance of the sesame oil was nice. And there's lap cheong!

Char Siew Sou. I didn't really enjoy this much as the pastry wasn't loose enough. Char Siew stuffing in it was not salty and sweet enough.

Woo kok. I like the loose deep fried yam of this Woo kok but the char siew stuffing used is the same as the Char Siew Sou which was lacking the salt.

Baked Char Siew Pau. The bun was ok, but the same stuffing. I think I will want to try this again when I'm there. Some how I think it was just that day the Char Siew that wasn't made properly.

The Siew Mai is quite nice. But for those who are allergic to prawns, you have to stay away from this because there's 50% meat and 50% prawns. he prawns used were very fresh, and I think marinated in sugar to give the more crunchy texture to it.

*thinking* I can't remember this actually. I think the rest of the floggers ate it before I could. Must be nice.

The Loh Mai Kai was just ordinary. Was wondering how come this Loh Mai Kai have got to lap cheong.

My mom would love this sesame ball thing. The pastry is filled with popping sesame fragrance and the middle is a sweet bean paste.

When the Chee Cheong Fun came, it looked very ordinary. But tasted more than ordinary. The Chee Cheong Fun is smooth, but a little thick. I quite like the chili that came with it too.

The almond lycee pudding dessert was not bad too. The pudding, very smooth.

Finally, the durian cheesecake that have been sitting on the chair next to me the whole breakfast. This is really good stuff. Pure fresh durians and cream cheese. This is what I call real durian cheesecake. Commercial durian cheesecake just don't put enough durian in their cheesecake. You got to get this from FFB if you want the real thing.

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12 pieces of worms:

Lyrical Lemongrass

Wish I could have some of that durian cheesecake NOW.


You saved the best for last :P


The loh mai... I want!!! :P


haha.. this time around, i'm not saying i'm craving for dim sum. It's the durian cheesecake that got my attention!!!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

so this was the visit u had with all the other floggers early morning ar? come their reviews sound so nice??..hahah

sommore durian cheesecake..noooo!


Ohhh I've seen this shop. And yeap I understood what your fellow flogger meant by it's view is blocked by half a shoplot.

But nv seen it opened cause I always travel there at night. Finally got a glimpse of how it looks like in operating hours.

I am quite interested to try that lor mai fan dish. Looks like fried rice and I am a big fan of lap chiongs.



ahhh da durian cheesecake!!! "exotic" for me... tastes so cheesy and creamy.. it's true, i don't think this supa yummy cheesecake is available outside ;)

Big Boys Oven

was the dim sum cheap or expensive?


ll: I'm thinking for the cake now too. ....smooth durian cheeese cakee..

Jason: hahahahaha... FFB tempting the round table

Kok: come back first come back first.. and i want my wok hehehe

Daphne: LOL! Can smell it thru the screen or not?

Joe: Ehh mine not nice meh... the egg tart and the dimsum is a must to try. Going back soon for the sang chow loh mai fan, hope its more cooked this time.

Nat: Yeah, maybe we can go with the gang this weekend.

Mei Yen: Yeah, the cakes outside quite kiam siap with the durian.

BBO: Nope, very cheap actually. I think there were 7 of us.. each of us paid less than RM10.


Went there to try after all the ravings by the other floggers. Left that place less than impressed though. :-P


Tankiasu: i'm guess there's no consistancy. PPea mentioned that the egg tart did taste better compared to the other times that they were there.


I would rally want to agree with you that the Siew Mai has 50% meat and 50% prawns.

But, the ones I had (not just a piece), had an extra ingredient - HAIR!! Yes, it was short and even CURLY!! OMG!!! I SO DO NOT want to know the origins of the hair!

The first dim sum I had from the Damansara Jaya branch had curly hair. I thought the first piece is just pure bad luck, then another one was found on another variety of dim sums. I found several more on other pieces. Actually, when I found the 3rd piece of hair, I felt so disgusted I felt like throwing up everything!

I told the waiters, and all they did were replace them with other dim sums that still have hair in them! And NO, it's really hair, not seaweed!

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