Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jackson's birthday at King Crab

King Crab is I think about a 15 minutes walk away from my house. Very visible from the Kelana Jaya LRT station. You can actually take the LRT there because it's only a minute walk down the road to reach King Crab. How many times have I eaten there since it open? Not even once. But I finally tried their dishes when meeting up for Jackson's birthday dinner. First times for Nigel, Allen and Jason too.

Achar and restaurant peanuts as appetizers.

Caramelized coffee pork. I though this will turnout very salty but surprisingly it goes well in my mouth without rice.

Lala in rice wine. This I like. It has got the right amount of rice wine in it and the right amount of ginger that it did not kill off the lala natural sweetness.

On birthday celebrations, it's the Chinese tradition to have a Cheong Sau Mean. I always thought that Cheong Sau means lanky. Mean is noodles. Lanky noodles meaning lanky long life I guessed. But I guessed wrong because Cheong Sau means something like happy and full life?

Deep fried Kai Lan. Had this before some place else. I would definitely order this for folks who don't like vegetables. The deep fried Kai Lan don't even taste like vegetables.

Salted egg sotong. Allen's quick hand took the first piece, and by his expression, I knew it was good stuff.

Butter crab. This is really good. When WMW told me Precious Pea drank the sauce by the bowl I was shocked! But after tasting it, I did it myself.

The deep fried loaf of bread went so well with the butter crab sauce. I took the side of the bread, dug the center out and soak it in my bowl of sauce. Then in to my mouth. Next I scoop the sauce and fill the center, making a cup out of the bread filled with buttery sauce. Then in to my mouth again. So fattening! HAHAHA but I'll do it any time. Good stuff.

Baked salted fish. This looked like the ‘flying fox in the snowy mountain’ I have tried in Mei Chixuan but this fish came with a green dipping sauce. The green chili sauce is made using a mixture of lime, green chili padi and garlic I think. Good thing they have it for sale. I was planning to buy one bottle, but with WMW's and Boo's bargaining skills, and with Allen's 'quick to pay money hand', I ended up with two bottles. It was a buy 10 free 3. The rest bought the remaining 11.

Jackson and his huge slice of cake from the neighbor table. There was another August baby at the next table so when they sang Happy Birthday, we joined in. So sweet of the little girl to give a huge piece of the cake.

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14 pieces of worms:


hey.thx for the dinner!! I miss the butter crab!


so nice!! :)


Think by the time everyone finishes posting dinners celebrating Handsome Jackson's b'day, it'll be time to start on his 2008's do! Hahaha.


haha i was rofl when i read your definition of "cheong sau"'s different tone of pronounciation, that's what make it life from thin. :D


jackson: anytime =)

rokh: hm.. which/what is nice? .. food nice.. the cute little girl also nice... heheh and of cos bday boy also nice

tummythoz: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeahhh i think so too

wen: hahahha I duno la. Honestly la.. i cant seem to remember what it really means and how to pronounce it no matter how many times people explain to me.


really wanna try the fish...looked interesting.

"Joe" who is constantly craving tempted enuf la..need to seriously get my ass there for the crabs..


Hmm.. the crabs is yummy.. Sinfully good. I also love the guiness pork ribs.


I wonder if he still eating birthday cakes till now! :o)

Jun Kun

you food blogger might be interested in this >>>


ginger: heheh maybe you can try to make it at home? feel like testing out at home too.

Joe: LOL! order more buns.. goes really well with the butter sauce

Cutie: sinful yes... but eat first think later lah ;p

wmw: haha i think so

JK: ohh thanksss! I think i'll find time to join... need to do some video recording..


Ah, we're no more King Crab virgins! LOL.

Precious Pea

Hehehe....after that dinner, i went back twice and tried new lots of nice dishes to recommend you guys. Will hopefully got time to blog about it next week.



P.Pea: Ohh yes pls.. and your Siem Reap post.. still waiting for that ;p

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