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J.Co Donuts and Coffee

Anonymous left me a message on my Big Apple Donuts post, informing me that J.Co will be opening their branch in Pavilion KL on the 20th of Sept. With all the hoohaa going on with this two donut and coffee place, I decided right away that I will make an effort to check them out on their opening day.

For those who have no idea what this hoohaa is about, well some background before I continue. Big Apple first branch open shop in The Curve on 28 May 2007. According to an article on the newspaper, they have gotten their donut recipe from the U.S and brought it back. While standing in line during Big Apple’s launch, I over heard some ladies in front of me talking about this donut shop in Indonesia.

This donut shop that they were referring to was actually J.Co, and J.Co have no relation and connection what so ever with Big Apple. One issue that got the J.Co fans annoyed is that Big Apple’s shop concept, donut flavors, down to the logo, is very similar if not the same as J.Co. So the question is, ….Is Big Apple just a copy kat? Or are they genuine, the U.S folks must have sold them the same idea and recipe, leaving them cheated and the bad guy that is taking in all this talk?

Either way, I am here to eat… and not to talk the food and beverage retail politics.

I got a chance to talk to the two bosses (both very attractive man and woman) and was filled answers and more when I asked them all about their first branch in Malaysia. They have flown 32 of their staff to KL for this outlet, the bakers, the cashiers, the cute lady making latte and the good looking floor manager. The ingredients and all are from Indonesia, but I’m guessing they will be making more of their mixes in KL when they are more rooted. Their second branch will be opening soon in November in Sunway Pyramid.

I was disappointed to find only two flavors, Glazzy (RM2) and Al Caponne (RM2.29) were available then. It was lunch time and was told that I could come back 2 hours later to find more flavors available. I bought one each just to try knowing I might not be back anytime soon to try the remaining flavors.

Glazzy is J.Co’s plain donut with their simple glaze. A light and clear glaze, sweet but not too sweet till it kills the fragrance from the donut flour. The Al Caponne is topped with a lot of almost flakes. The glaze should have been less watered down to make the flakes stay on the donut. A must have for folks who like almonds. Texture wise, I found it the same as Big Apple’s.

Feeling very unsatisfied with just two pieces of donut, I actually went back to J.Co after dinner.

I brought home these half dozen. (RM11.50 including tax)

Bottom row left to right:
Tira Miss U. The smell and taste of the tiramisu is quite strong. The center of the donut is filled with tiramisu flavored cream too.

Jacky Chunk . This I really like. The peanut butter in the middle tasted nice with the thicker creamy glaze.

Why Nut? Sweeter and Big Apple, but not as sweet as Dunkin. I think one of the better chocolate nuts donut around.

Top row left to right:
Copa Banana. Chocolate and banana is always one good combination, but for this… I didn’t like as the glaze was too thick, creamy jelly like.

Miss Green T. I prefer this to Big Apple’s version as this have stronger green tea taste to it.

Snow White. This is my least favorite donut among this six. I am not sure what Snow White suppose to taste like but this tasted like donut and coffee creamer. The middle of the donut is filled with whipped cream and the donut sprinkled off with icing sugar and something that tasted like powdered creamer to me.

Overall I think I prefer J.Co’s donuts over Big Apple because of the stronger taste and the higher sugar content, and the thicker creamier glaze. But for those who are not that into the sweet stuff, Big Apple might be the better choice.

For those who are confused… well don’t be. I wouldn’t purposely drive to Pavilion just to buy J.Co over Big Apple. I’ll just pop by the Kelana Jaya Giant to get my Dunkins!

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Cool stuff teckiee. Must go check out J.Co when I have the time.

Precious Pea

Another new donut place? Hope they will open up outlets in PJ soon.

Big Boys Oven

Cool! I will definitely pay J.Co a visit........ I hope donut price will drop soon so that more people can afford to have them. Fantastic!


goodness me. that seems to be a bagel and donut tend in MY and SG.. hmm.. I did get excited when I read about the peanut butter donut.. hehehe


eeeeee... both places the donuts looked exactly alike one!


I have the same thinking as Daphne, donut trend in KL now...
I just try out Big Apple donuts in Tesco Extra, Cheras.
Hope i will try out J.Co soon.
Thanks for the wonderful review.
Any other interesting food from Pavilion?


Woa... the donuts really looked alike! Btw, when I passed by Big Apple last night, I saw their bunting saying that they have outlet in Pavilion. Hmm?


aiyer, the donuts same same one? am so curious to find out the truth


boo: Check out their oreo king donut...different shape from the rest.

P.Pea: Sunway Pyramid in November... not sure of they are opening more or not. But Big Apple is really popping up like mushrooms!

BBO: Hmm i dont think the price will drop...maybe just more promo.... or freebies

daphne: ohhh the peanut butter one is good

babe_kl: yeahh very alike. but i think both have their own different donut as well

chenboon: hmm not many shops are open yet. But there was 2 Japanese place i wanted to try. Too bad it was full..when to eat Italian instead... not good ..not good at all. Will type the review soon.

jason: Yeahhh you are right. They do have an outlet there too. Thank god both are at different floors

KampungboyCitygal: Same Same but Different hehehe I eat only lah.. leave the copy kat issues to those who dont eat ;p

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

I LOVE Donuts Teckiee, but since its all american, the europeans hv very little choices of donuts here, either plain, sugared or with TOO much chocolate on them! Cant wait to get back home to asia and feast like crazy from Donut to hor fun!! = ) Hv a great weekend ahead and thx for sharing this delicious piece of news!


yaya will try jco out, big apple was not bad, this one better some more? :)


mush,brecht&nora: Hey have fun in Penang yah! Remember to eat char queh teow, apom telur manis, nasi kandar and mee mamak goreng for me! hehe

rokh: Personal taste actually. If you like Big Apple's donut a bit sweeter, then J.Co is surely for you.


Huh? Big Apple Donuts already sweet wor, J.Co's sweeter??? Will I be a toothless blogger soon??? Don't want too sweet lah, cos I sweet enough. LOL!


unbelievable!!! they look so da SAME! not only da donuts but da shop too! my gosh.....


wmw: Big Apple sweet mehhh... compared to Dunkin they are air kosong. ...and donuts ma...want me to bite you meh ;p

Mei Yen: Yup.. everything almost the same. Don't know whats the story behind tho


OMG... even logo looks similar from far


jackson: yup... that is why people think they are both from the same company too

Indrie Pop

I think coz BIG APPLE try to copy JCO. Dats why theye look the same.
But i prefer JCO. The products are better, the ambiance are cozy & nice.
I love the musics in JCO

Keropok Man

not only Singapura have mad craze for donuts!

Kay El too eh :-)


Indrie Pop: People say J.Co copies Krispy Cream, then they are copied by Big Apple... the train goes on. I think as long as I get my donuts, and you get your J.Co.. guess its a win win for donut lovers =)

keropok man: donut is in season... but give it a few months and everything will die down.


I had Big Apple twice... it was so-so only. In fact, i think i like the 'pasar malam' donuts better.
Until my client sent in a box J.Co, glazzy. My goodness... i have 2 of it immediately. And days later, i went down to Pavilion to get a dozen for my family and another dozen for my bf. We all liked J.Co better. It's the aroma and texture. It's unbelievably soft.
About the 'too sweet' issue, i personally hate 'too sweet' stuffs too. But again, donuts are meant to be sweet.


Heard J.Co Donuts from a friend working in Indo. I have taseted it yesterday, it was good!!!!
I seldom eat donut usually, you must also have a try if you happen to shop at Pavillion or Pyramid in Nov.
You will not regret!cheers


thought some people said that Jco are copying Krispy cream, i'm sure that Jco owner is more creative than Big Apple's.... (not just copy kat?)

they made different donuts from Krispy cream...
and that just my opinion...

and as an Indonesian, i just wanna say "Shame on you Malaysian!!!"


hummh... J.Co Yummy, I love Alcapone so much, the most wanted donuts I've ever taste... Like it


but i think both got the same taste n same creativity..just a diff price.. BIG APPLe is Cheaper..


i've tried the J.Co, it's to sweet in my mouth... i've tried the Krispy Kreme, and it also too sweet for me
haven't try the Big Apple's since I'm live in Jakarta... :)
for me, Dunkin's taste better in my mouth, and 2 chunks of Dunkins cast away my hunger... :D


i think this looks kinda unofficial franchise trade between Malaysia, singapore and Indonesia..

Indonesia offered their J-Co, Malaysia send their Roti Boy and Singapore spreading their Bread Talk,,

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