Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ketam Steamboat Village and The Soya Shop

I was feeling lazy and broke. I didn't want to go when Tai Ka Che asked. But I need to get out of the house if not I'll be growing roots. Precious Pea came to pick me and off we went to Ketam Steamboat Village at Ikano Power Center.

I quite like the single steamboat concept that Ketam Steamboat Village offers. Many times my mom will make her funny face when we forget to use the shared scoop to scoop our food out of the shared steamboat. I am very sure no issues here.

I ordered the carrot juice.

Some shallot oil for the soup.

Some chili, red and green. The green chili paste is quite nice, nice and hot too.

This brown paste is really good stuff. WMW mentioned that this is to be eaten with the beef. I can't figure what the ingredients are, but I think some black sauce, tiny bit of dried shrimps, shallots ...and something in there really makes it taste like one of the Pangkor dried BBQ fish.

My tom yam soup. I kind of regretted ordering this because as much as I like tom yam, the chili started to numb my taste buds after a few minutes.

And now for the fun part. The steamboat.

I ordered the sliced beef noodles (RM9.80). Yup, you order for yourself, have your own personal steamboat, but with the company of others too. It's like having your own pot to cook your stuff in. No more "aiyahhh other people's saliva in my soup". My mom will love this place... as for me... I think the more saliva the taste gets better? HAHAHA

WMW and Precious Pea had their's in clear soup. I shall opt for this the next time.

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12 pieces of worms:


i'll rather have one whole pot and everybody searching for their love ingredients ... this is the fun of steamboat ^^b


hey, the food presentation looks great (And so does the table setting). Looks like the tom yum was abit too strong for you? But u hv to try to know also lah... =)


I like the name of the restaurant.. At first glance, I thought you were heading to some exotic tropical island to have yummy crab steamboats!! Lol. The beef looked good though.

team bsg

ya u r right bout that one but gotta make sure the right salivvvv ok 4 eg ....hahaha then sure semua nya ok penuh cinta sayang


Makan pun malas? Hahaha... let's go for Korean BBQ at Plaza Pantai one day!


babelearner: yeah i agree with that. one pot one family kind of thing.

daphne: the tom yam was quite ok initially.. but the more i eat.....heheh

Ginger: hehehe actually sound like a seafood rstaurant rite

BSGs: hahahahaa cinta no need la. kasih sayang dah cukup

jason: eh can can....can take the LRT on the way back and drop by.


this steamboat looks so cute! but the ingredrients looks less...

Big Boys Oven

hmmm another unique way of steamboat.........oh ain't they lovely.... I am on the loveboat!


sc: Hmm maybe my pics makes it look small. One filling meal actually.

BBO: hahaha... take the tomyam... and its hotness on the love boat...LOL ;p


jackson remain silent......


jackson: ....


Truth, I think the food here is overpriced...and it is just so-so. But if someone feels like having steamboat while shopping or watching movie, this is the right place. No need to travel so far :P

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