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Malaysia Food Festival 2007

When I saw the Malaysia Food Festival advertisement on the television and the newspapers, I was quite excited because this topic and been popping up among the few of the floggers I know. Big area with tons of food!


First week end was at KLCC... the theme was something about spices. Something "road of spices"?

Peri Peri girls was the first thing I saw. Cute... but I can't get it. Peri-peri chicken and spice? Har? Ok la... then I thought harder, it's the peri peri sauce?

I started walking about and saw a chocolate fountain. Chocolate fountain and spices have got nothing to do with each other.

Then Chakri Palace. OK la.. maybe they are serving food with spices. But... Chakri Palace is a Thai restaurant la.

Aunti Anne's. Spiced pretzels?

And cookies and cupcakes from Bakin Boys. I know this place and buy a lot of cookies and cupcakes from this shop just opposite Little Penang, but... what spice?

I didn't even thing of going for the next one the following week in 1U. But I so happen to be there. The theme this time was Tutti Fruiti.

There was a section decorated with fruits. Very nice. But on the last day, some fruits were beginning to drop with the house.

The garden was decorated with carved fruits. I wonder if the management replace the carved fruits everyday.

The SAME chocolate fountain. Ok la.. at least the fruits is more related.

There was a booth by a local culinary school. Very nice work.

Saw a stall selling ice cream potong. I didn't really have the mood to try initially, but since my friend got one, I did as well. My cempedak ice cream was actually very nice, with bits of cempedak in it as well.

This I found totally ridicules. Birdnest booth?! Tutti Fruiti?!

The final week of the "festival" is held in Sunway Pyramid. Since I took pictures in KLCC and 1U, I drove over to have a look.

The theme this time was a rice theme. Jati their main sponsor was hosting it with games and all.

Scarecrows. You don't actually need this to scare me away.

Sushi King. Rice yes. But what's Malaysian about that?

Taste Of Japan. Saw Umeshu there. The plum wine keep popping up everywhere I do. So tempted to buy a plum and honey wine... but broke la ;p

Mantra. Rice and Malaysian. At last!

I'll think I won't bother next time.

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14 pieces of worms:


hahaha u made a point..everything is like so not related..

"Joe" who is constantly craving

doesnt look very interesting wor..


looks a tad sad :(


Seems like missing some more food booth :P

Hello Rainbow

I actually wanted to drive all the way from seremban to visit this but looks like I was lucky I didn't! hmph.. what a sucky event!
oh btw, hello! :)


KampungboyCitygal: Yeah lo... i dont see the point of the theme

Joe: its not at all.... total waste of time

sc: its more then boring...and way way sad to call this a malaysian food festival

ilovepearly: there were just a handful more.....i really cant be bothered .... just so uninteresting.

Hello Rainbow: Goshh thank god you didn't. You can find more malaysian food in any coffeeshop than at the "festival".


waH! so much food.. hahha.. u r right, the combi is a little strange.. i didnt know periperi is malaysian? I thought it is from South Africa or something? hmm..

Girl! Check my blog for a small surprise!!

Big Boys Oven

Hmm..... Sounds bad right, I guess it was not well plan for the theme.... lots like a normal mini food festival... so sad!


luckily i didnt follow u that day...haha..

team bsg

definitely your now interesting life is all about food ( + some others we know ) so it is time !
( dis 1 not a joke lah )


daphne: HAHAHAHAH ROCK ON!!!! Thanks ;P~~~

BBO: It's like getting all the comercial shops to put up a stalls.. not much of a festival.

Jackson: hais.. if i didnt go.. can ta pau FFB's durian cheesecake back liau... boohoooooo

bsg: hahahhahaha what do you know? and time for what la? no time la

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

teckiee, although its not well planned, a person like me would hv apreciate it nonetheless having been away from such food galore or festival! here we hardly hv such things, only boring wine or cheese tasting.... thx for sharing the pics though, looks so inviting nonethelss = ) fyi, we shall visit penang from 22 - 26 october and will not hv time to squueze in KL this time, perhaps next time! we r putting up at the tanjung bungah beach hotel, so if u r around the neighbourhood, do drop by ok ; )


I guess I nv did analyze what the food festival really meant that time. My impression was just lots of pretty colours and fruits. haha.

But you are definitely right on the subject, that the display has very little relation to Malaysia specific food stuff.

I mean what's the relevance of sushi king? And bird's nest in a fruity tuity theme? *Pening*



mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora: Aiyor, I canceled my weekend trip because I'm on-call for work for 2 weeks starting 21st. And now, you'll be in Pg... aiyahh so bad luck. But do let me know when you are in Malaysia, or back in Sg.

Nat: Mango birdnest... hahaha

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