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MAX Rite Bites Foodie Tour of Jalan Bangkung

When I saw Nigel’s email on the food crawl along Jalan Bangkung that was organized by MAX I was really excited. Number one because, the few times to The Attic, I have always been peeping and interested in dining in the restaurants along Jalan Bankung. Number two, the food crawl “KL’s best kept secret – the boutique boulevard of Jalan Bangkung” is complementary for the first 10 floggers who text their name in.

And so it starts, at Jalan Bangkung. Bangsar.

The first stop was for an afternoon tea treats at Fit For 2. When I entered Fit For 2, I immediately understood that the name Fit For 2. This is a place is like a hang out place for mommies and mommies to be. Debbie, the owner, had to turn the feeding room into a afternoon tea place because she was told there were more than expected folks attend the afternoon tea.

It took everyone about 30 minutes to settle down and focus on the cupcakes. We had chocolate fudge, peanut butter chocolate, and orange vanilla. (Thought now when I read FFB’s post mentioning that this is actually strawberry lemon, it did taste like strawberry lemon. We might be told wrongly) I like the chocolate fudge, but after going for the second flavor, the sweetness got to me, and I think killed the flavor of the peanut butter and strawberry lime.

These chocolate brownies however were delicious.

Next came the tuna and chicken sandwiches, and the smoked salmon bagel. I really like the bread they have used for the sandwiches. Both the tuna and chicken sandwiches had different bread. Reminds me of healthy homemade bread I used to make with my bread maker. Very filling too!

Last came the pumpkin soup. The soup was nice, but not as smooth as I have expected it to be. Goes well with the sandwich bread.

Kyan, one of the founders of MAX, hurried us off to our next stop, Cava, for a Spanish fiesta with Tapas, Paella and Sangria, as we were running behind schedule.

Param, Cava’s manager welcomed us with a glass of Sangria, which I later had my glass refilled. Param mentioned that they have incorporated the local taste to this Sangria and got rid of the icky medicine smell to it.

After putting down my Sangria, I started feeding my camera.

Spanish lamb bouletteo. The picture didn’t turn out too well because I didn’t have good lighting. I still having a hard time with my camera when there is bad lighting. But bad for the camera, romantic for the restaurant.

Cauteed black pepper beef.

I like both of this meat dishes. Very nice juicy meat complemented with thick and flavorful sauce. I would have gone for seconds if I need not save stomach space for the next stop.

The sauteed baby octopus was something different from the normal sweet sauce taste from the Japanese restaurant. Quite a nice change to the taste buds.

Spanish omelette. The omelette have a really nice egg yoke fragrance to it. I felt I was eating egg agar-agar minus all the sugar.

Prawns pil-pil, prawns with a tomato base.

Patata bravas. Potato with some tomato mixture.

Paella mariscos, seafood Spanish rice.

After tasting all the strong flavors from the meat, tasting this three tomato base dishes wasn’t interesting, especially when I had only sweet Sangria to wash the taste away. The prawns, potatoes and rice tasted too bland. And the rice, too wet for my liking.

Kyan came over again and mentioned that the floggers can go ahead over to Opus to cam whore first. The for the Italian affair with pasta and codfish, and wines from wine cellar.

I was awed when I saw the table laid out really nicely. I like to colour, the blood red, very bold and elegant. Reminds me of those fancy table setup from fantasy books I read. Only this missing was the dragon not being in the picture. Hehe.

First up, the mini cabonara pasta. This is the driest cabonara I have tasted. All the sauce and taste are stuck to the pasta giving every inch of the pasta the creamy flavor. For those who dislike the creamy sauce, this cabonara, this is perfect.

While enjoying the cabonara, our wine glass were filled with wine from Wine Cellar. To be honest, I really don’t like wine. A lot of (maybe cheapo) wine I have tasted just taste like tasteless fermented grape that left a weird taste in my mouth. The only wine I have learned to drink (and not even like yet… ) is the Canadian ice wine, a Moldavian port wine I have drank with Moldavians and Table Makers that WMW brought to Makansutra. See … can count la. Three on my list, and now I add this to my fourth.

I think I better go for a quick course on wine tasting to find out what my taste buds like. I can’t keep drinking sparkling wine forever.

The roasted cod fish with lemon capers sauce came next. This I like but I was expecting something with a bit of difference. The fish was fresh and sweet but the lemon caper sauce tasted like some off the shelf mayonnaise.

This is strong strong lemoncello. I like this sourish strong liquor but I didn’t dare to down the whole shot. I still needed to be able to walk on a straight line.

After the meal, J-Sern from Wine Cellar took us up stairs to their wine bar that will be launching soon. I got the feeling that I will frequent this place a lot in the near future. (Nat, you up for it? Going to ask the gang too)

Cozy place to chill out after a stressful day.

After the tour upstairs, we head down to Wine Cellar for another tour. The wine cellar. I’m not sure if anyone notice, but the air in the cellar had a faint sweetness in it. Very nice.

From the cellar to The Attic. One thing I love about The Attic is that the walls are filled with paintings and art, mostly abstracts, which I love.

We were served La Dolce Vita, tiramisu in a martini glass, which is one of their signature cocktails. If I had more stomach space, I would definitely have finished the drink. Look out for In Bed With KC too, this cocktail really gives you the kick by the sip ;)

Lastly, but definitely not the least, desserts from Just Heavenly!. I did mentioned that I didn’t have stomach space left? ...but I manage to zip up the food in the stomach and helped myself with two pieces of the mango upside down cake. The butter madeira was soft and fluffy but I not a fan of raspberry. I didn’t take much of the raspberry sauce. The lemon frozen cheesecake was just alright for me. I still prefer their key lime tart.

Since the program was running late, I had to run off before it ended. Too bad for me as I didn’t manage to taste the dessert wine that Wine Cellar have chosen for us.

Overall this was a very delicious and very filling food crawl. I want to say a big THANK YOU to the folks at MAX for giving this flogger a chance to sample a bit of everything along Jalan Bangkung. Also thanks to Nigel for coordinating with MAX and us floggers.

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11 pieces of worms:


Man, i said it before and I'm saying it again. Food crawl is an excellent idea! Looks like a good variety of food there as well. Very unique drinks..The bar looks cool!

Big Boys Oven

Lovely food..... sounds like a great do!


daphne: Hut hor... food crawl is fattening man. Eat like there's no tomorrow. HAHAHA

BBO: Next time we head to the pasar malam for one too.. more tummies the more we can try.


The food looks little but they're very filling, don't they? :)

Cheers, to friendship and glorious food!


no wonder u cant eat much at the potluck la..haha so much food!


goodness... so much of food! ooo i love spanish omelette.....!!! da one you had looks cute ;)


at first I thought I see Jalan Kangkung! hahaha!

I think I should stop visiting any floggers blog. So many food lah!:P


Wow...Spanish and wine...a rockin' time:)
Great pics...


jason: Chin chin to that too! (Chin chin means cheers in Italy)

KampungboyCitygal: i'm still wondering how i manage to sample all the food at BBO's LOL

Mei Yen: my first time tasting that actually... where else did you try it?

kok: hahahah...i doubt you can stop ;p

christy: LOL..i think i did badly on the photography pasrt but thanks =)


Yes, that Saturday was a day and night feast! Hahaha...


wmw: hahahaha i dont think i want to do that again... so darn full that night.

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