Thursday, September 27, 2007


Working late again, but this time no more dinners in KLCC. Pavillion KL here I come for dinner. But it won't be long until I get tired of food there. I just hope not so soon.

PastaMania at Pavilion KL. Lot 1.03 and 1.04 Level 1. From the main entrance turn left into the side wing. You can use the escalator on the far right (there's also another escalator on the far left) to head down to Level 1. J.Co will be on your right, and PastaMania just beside J.Co.

When I sat down, the first thing that caught my eye was the unique interior design. There's this section that looks like an entrance to a store room. It took me quite a while to realized that the design was meant to make the customers feel out doors. Some like like have your meals out in the sidewalk. ....Sad to say, I didn't get that feeling.

I ordered Combo C (RM4.90) which consisted of a drink and garlic bread. Combo A is with garlic bread and soup, Combo B; soup and a drink.

The garlic bread was quite nice, lots of italian herbs. I like the soft fluffy bun that they use because you can really feel the texture difference when it is toasted with the garlic butter mix.

The meatballs penne (RM12.90) that was a chef recommendation was a disappointment. I was expecting in-house made meat balls but commercial processed meatballs was served. It tasted quite good, but the tomato base sauce was just unappetizing. Sourish with visible specks of herbs but tasted only like sour tomatoes paste. I'm definitely not going to have this again.

PastaMania also serves lasagna and pizza. A few colleagues of mine who have tried their pizza mention that the pizzas were better. Pizza for my next round. Don't think I will go for the lasagna just yet as I am afraid they will use the same tomato base.

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20 pieces of worms:


Heard that this is a Spore chain. Meatballs look urgh though and I hate sour sauce. They shld have added butter and it'll be yum.


I always like eating the garlic bread. Not much into meat balls.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Been to Pastamania in Spore, didnt impress me at all, pizza, pasta's all taste like factory made production, but perhaps this one in Malaysia is better than.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

The meatballs look like Mystery Meat. Hmm

Not going to go to Pavillion for awhile.


Actually without reading, thot the place looks half done with those shutter doors lookalike.


yeah. i heard similar reviews in sg before too. Sounds like nothing changed even when franchised to MY.


boo: Yup.. the sour sauce killed it

ilovepearly: You dont like meatballs in general? or maybe you have not come across a good meat ball yet?

mush,brecht&nora: I have not tried the on in Sg...but I think the Malaysia one is no better

allen&nigel: ...hahahahaha i'm thinking of XLB's post on her mystery meatballs now

Tummythoz: thats what I thought so too.. thats why it didn't give me the outdoor feeling

daphne: No "mania" about this place any where.


the pasta dont look that good to me, too. but i bet the garlic bread tasted yummy1

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i wouldn hav expect such quality for a restaurant tat seats in a shopping centre thats meant to exude class n poshness..looks like fastfood ler..yeah a damn cheesy interior design confused for a moment as well

Big Boys Oven

the meatball looks better than Xia long bau's recent post! lol!


frost: actually the garlic bread was just so so.. if the pizza is bad.. i dont think I'll step off here again

joe: One look at the "outdoorness" ...and anyone can tell that the whole concept have no "poshness" in it at all.

BBO: hahahaha ok la.. maybe this meatball is better than the one she ate


I noticed there's a Japanese restaurant at lower ground floor...


lucky me... last saturday i wanted to try but the crowd stop me to walk in


jason: there's 2. One called Yo! Sushi, and the other Ichiban Boshi. I tried Ichiban Boshi already... cant expect anything from chain sushi restaurants.

jackson: try their pizza....dunno nice or not.. but should be better then the pasta..eek

Keropok Man

it's fast food chain mah.

sis and i, we will pay a few dollars more and eat at real italian place. sis is picky, i am actually quite all right with Pasta Mania for a quick lunch. hehe..


keropokman: Just tried because it's new. I'll pay a few more extra bucks to get real Italian too.


Ohh.. really? Hmm.. tried once like last year. I'm not that particular.. so as long as it's not that yucky, it's fine with me. hehe.


hlynn: maybe it's me ;p I like authentic Italian.


Juz ate tere today. Horrid service. Paltry food. Dont plan to have a return visit.

My advise, stay off there. Maybe then they might buck up.


skylerz: I havent been there since my first visit... i dont think i will return tho. Really not my kind of Italian food.

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