Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pizzeria Bella Italia

Pizzeria Bella Italia is one of my most frequent Italian restaurant since college days. I remember many lunches and dinners I have arranged with my family, and my friends would frequent this restaurant on weekdays and weekends. What is it that I like about this place? The good service, the homey feeling it gives me and the food... all within reasonable price.

The guava juice is something that I like to order while I'm at Pizzeria. Very refreshing, and makes me less heaty if I'm having pizza.

Bruschetta for starters, grilled bread with garlic, salt, pepper, tomatoes and some Italian herbs. Something that taste light just enough to tingle the taste buds. I noticed that starts for many Americanized Italian restaurants have heavy flavored starters that really kills the taste for their main course.

My favorite starter from Pizzaria is the fried white mushrooms. Maybe because I like the natural sweetness that the white mushrooms gives out.

Salmon fish lasagna. This is something different from the meat lasagna. The first bite tasted quite weird... Salmon... Cheese... but the positive weird. The more I ate it the more I liked it. I did find the lasagna lacking the Italian herbs though. I know meat lasagna taste nice with a lots of herbs, but fish? Not sure about that.

Pizza Bella is their house pizza with ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives and cheese. All simple ingredients, but taste wise, better than average. I also like their simple pizzas. Nice thin Italian crust with just cheese and one or two other ingredients.

Pizzeria Bella Italia is located at the same row as the Murni mamak in SS2, near public bank and beside a pet shop. I usually make my reservations if I am planning to have my dinner and especially lunch (03 7873 9695) because Pizzeria is usually packed as many enjoy their RM9.90 value for money set lunch (Soup + pizza/pasta).

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team bsg

heard bout this place as quite decent and reasonable pricing from a traditional Chinawoman, as most Chinamen scared to step into European sounding joints, becoz cannot speaking england

"Joe" who is constantly craving

haha..i have recently tried alot of italian food..still love neroteca..


the cheese looks very enticing but somehow, it just doesn't feel like real pizza or bruchetta. I think I'm just fussy lah.
Nevertheless, they seems quite generous with the toppings!!! =)


whoa, 9.90 for soup n pizza is really cheap, rather pay rm 2 extra than stepping my foot into pizza hut


never try any salmon Lagsana before, is it good?


Thus far I love their set which includes the Primavera spaghetti (Vegetarian), nice tangy sauce and all worthed it.

Dang. I miss the food club outings. ahaha. Though I was not an official member. ;-P


mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

your opening dish looks so good! will keep this place in mind if we r ever in KL! bet u will love the italian restos here in europe! u'll be spilt for choices teckiee = ) B & I love all things italian too!


do u know whether it is halal or not??


team bsg: Ohh thats good to hear. Their staff on weekends are mostly ang mo kids.. very good that customer who are not fluent in English can order their meals there.

joe: Have to see the price also ma, for the price at Pizzeria, I can;t expect stuff like in Neroteca lo. Both restaurants have their own niche.

daphne: I don't think fish lasagna is even Italian...but ok la. There didn't localize the dishes, but added extra to the menu that suits the asian taste buds. I still like authentic Italian tho.

KampungboyCitygal: Yup. 9.90 only. They have not increase their price too. Last time also 9.90

Jackson: The salmon lasagna is actually not bad. My first bite was weird.. but after that ok.

Nat: hahahaha honestly ... I don't know who is even in the food club last time.

mush, brecht and nora: I have been to Italy only once... totally miss the food there! Their hotdogs are like so huge! French short bun with 3 sausages plus all the vege and sauce. Thats like a whole meal.

Miza: I think it is. I don't remember them serving any pork.. then again I can't remember if they have the halal logo. But 70% sure its halal


You know...I've not eaten here yet.


wmw: ohhhh eh.. we can go soon. set lunch is cheap.


tried this place 2 years ago, not bad and food here really affordable especially da set lunch :D

Precious Pea

This place is quite good...my must order is the fried button mushrooms. The seafood marinara which is baked in aluminium foil also not bad. Long time didn't go oledi...must make a visit soon.


I ate here once - very big portions and reasonable prices. Must go try fried button mushrooms as I love that too.


mei yen: yeahh the price is still the same, and portions still the same.

P.Pea, Boo: Sat lunch? hehehe


Fish lasagna? But how come it's flat like that?


jason: Lasagna not flat one meh? Eh... long time never see you liau la


Hey there! I wanna ask you if the set lunch is really that cheap.. rm9.90?! Hahah~ and if I were to book, is there a fixed time where we have to arrive?


cubbie: Yup..9.90++ Im not sure how long they will hold the table... but for lunch time I don't that they will hold that long. Usually a long queue.


Thanks for da info! Other than the famed lasagna, is the pasta good? :D


Cubbie: Try their seafood one.. i like that the best. I usually go for the pizza's tho.


Ooooo.. I see, I see. How bout their dinner sets? Are they affordable? I've got a budget of RM100 for 4 people. Is that enough?


Oh yes.. if I were to go for the dinner instead, do I still have to book? o.O


cubbie: Hmm dinner time I usually go early or late. Not so much crowd during dinner. RM100 is enough for 4 people =)


Thanks teckie!! *Adds your blog to my blog* ^_^


cubbie: actually what's your blog link? I can't view your profile since day 1


Ahaha, sorry sorry. It's http://blather.cheetahcub.org ^-^


cubbie: thanks...links u too =)



this is our official website formly known as pizzaria but not its italianos...same prize with better tatse n new decos

thanx for the feedback

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