Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Restaurant Ramai

Back to being busy…. So just a quick post.

I was at Putrajaya one of the days for the fireworks competition last month. Japan was firing up their goodies that day. After that… stuck in a two hour jam in Putrajaya, I finally made it to LDP at the third hour, finding my stomach growling. So before heading home, a quick pit stop.

Restaurant Ramai is located at the shop houses after Tesco if you are coming from Sunway. You have got to take the U-Turn on the LDP and then circle behind Tesco to the other side to find shop houses filled with coffeeshops. Restaurant Ramai takes up two corner coffeeshop, back to back. They open 24/7 too.

I saw this stall selling BBQ bird. Burung puyuh. I didn't order it though. Ordered the chicken wings.

Long sexy chicken wings LOL! These were really good! The skin looked dark and gloosy from the caramelized honey on top.

Char Queh Teow was just so so.

Pork noodles. Another ok bowl noodles. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to rave about either.

This Hakka “Ying and Yang” noodles from the ‘tai chau’ stall is not something I will want to order again. Tasted bland and way too over priced.

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11 pieces of worms:

"Joe" who is constantly craving

yeah man..putrajaya jam is not funny lor..i also jammed twice..

eh the CKT does look very wonder its so so..


hhee..sounds like u r in "noodle" mode! the name "ying n yang" noodles is interesting leh.. I never have that before.. mmm... too bad it tasted blend. The picture looks good though.

The chicken wings really do look sexy! LOL

Timothy Low

Wah ... u actually went to Putrajaya to watch the Fireworks ah. I missed it ... (banging head against wall). I wanted so much to go shooting. Nvm la .. next time. Yeah .. the makan place... looks so so only. Got to balance sometimes huh, can't always be having good food rite?


joe: yeahhhh one of the worst jam i have been too.. 2 hours still in the putrajaya circle.

daphne: hahahah the 2 type of noodles makes the yin and yang. One kueh teow, then the other is deepfried rice bee hoon or something. Top with sauce. If i'm not wrong its a Hakka dish.

Tim: I wanted to go again lo actually... but the jam too scary liua.


I personally thought that CKT looks good. :-P Sure it was so so only or bcoz of your foul mood due to the jam? Kekeke...


The CKT looks wet. Aha, you should have join us for Thai food btw!

Precious Pea

The CKT doesn't look appetising....the chicken wings looks yummy though.

Keropok Man

i love chicken wings anyway it is prepared. looking at that, can DHL some over :-p


tankiasu: hmmm foul mood ah.. maybe bored mood la... but the ckt mmg just so so

jason: Thai food? Where? Bangkok?! hehehe

P.Pea: ...and sexyyyy nyek nyek nyek

Keropok man: no ned lah. I'll ta pau some over then i head to Sg... thats when (if) I head to Sg.

wmw and your sexy chicken wings...


wmw: hahah but they do look like sexy legs ma rite ;p

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