Saturday, September 01, 2007

Woun Chai Kou

The pasar malam folks calls it Woun Chai Kou, My grandma calls it Ham Kou (salty cake), Keropok Man calls it Chwee Kuey, Joe "just point at it and say..i want that one!"

But whatever it is called, it's that white kuih that I like.

One tiny Woun Chai Kou cost RM2 from the pasar malam. Gone are those days where I could enjoy 4 Woun Chai Kou for the same price.

Feeling a bit unsastified, I made Woun Chai Kou in a 30cm tin!

HAHAHAHA I know... I'm so greedy!

I added fried dried chili shrimps stuff I bought from MBK in Bangkok on top with the Chai Poh.

Yum Yum!

Cake Ingredients
- 1 bowl of rice flour
- 3 bowls of water
- 1 tsp of salt

1. Mix the flour and water.
2. Heat mixture on the stove. Whisk while heating.
2. Add salt.
3. Whisk until the mixture turns thick, kind of like cooking the starch.
4. Remove the mixture from the stove when it becomes thick and pour it in a tin.
5. Steam for about 30 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean with you insert it in the kuih.
6. Let it to cool.

Dressing ingredients
- choy pou and or other salted preserved vegetables
- shallots
- garlic
- heh bee (small dried shrimps)
- dried chili flakes
- lard

1. Chop everything up and fry with oil until fragrant.
2. Add lard.

To combine;
1. Pour the dressing on to the kuih 2 minutes before removing it from the steamer.
2. Leave it to complete cool in room temperature. (The kuih will be very soft when warm)
3. Leave it for another hour or two to let the oil from the dressing to absorbed into the kuih to make the kuih smoother.

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19 pieces of worms:


yaya singaporeans call it chwee kueh..its everywhere!! but back in home we call this as woon cai it with lotsa cai poh


i always thought that it is very difficult to make. i have just bought the chilli paste with sweet basil leaves. am going to try with that. thanks!


I love woon cai kou..I will try tis recipe when I'm free..looks yummy esp wit the dried shrimps & chai poh >.<
thx for sharing :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

ur dried shrimps are huge!!!..yes i point at that and say tapau 1 please.. must eat with the sweet sauce lar..


KampungboyCitygal: Actually I think my first time eating this was in Ipoh. My grandma took us to this roadside stall in Simpang Pulai. Still remember the taste.

LittleNoodle: Very simple! The waiting for the quih to cool down is more difficult. ;p I started eating before it cooled.

grace: Try to use more flour or less water if you like it harder. Mine is kind of softer.

NJoe: heheheh from BKK one. Not sure if there sell anything like this here.


Wow.. u are brilliant.. U can make yummy woon chai kow. I'm quite crappy when it comes to making such food. Must learn from you d. =)


Yummy! I love these stuff! Seems very simple to make eh? I thought it would be quite tedious..

Where to get chai poh ar? I plan to make this one sometime soon...seems very simple!

Thanks for sharing the recipe


wahlau....i love this one!! Next time pot luck, make sure u make this for us ya


woun chai kou? I never tried before? I'll want this when I meet you. hahaha!


Eh, why no delivery to us leh? If cannot deliver, we can come and get it from you! hahaha...


cuite: I used to think making stuff was hard... until after I tried making it. Actually a lot are easy to make.

Ginger: No leh, simple only. You can get the chai poh from the pasar malam or any supermarket.

jackson: hahahah can no problem. So you organsing the next one la isit?

kok: hahahha ok but I want the gold bar!!! or wok also can la ;p

wmw: ok can can.. kaya first then this one.


yes! I always known it to be chee kueh. One of my "must eat" when I head back to SG. The heibe looks soooo goood! yup yup!!

ps-good to know we are born in the year of the pig!


daphne: hahahaha!!!


My mom used to make this since I'm small kid and we called it Ham kou. Nice nice


Gold bar? I also don't have leh. Wok? Why do you need wok? haha!


jason: I think ipoh folks call it ham kou isit? cos my grandma calls it that also

kok: new wok always nicer that old wok ;p


Yep, I think so. But I never see it's selling outside. Maybe should ask my mom to make this this month :P


jason: got extra WMW and PPea can makan for u

Keropok Man

Not I call it chwee kueh lah..

People in Johor and Singapore all call it Chwee Kuey :-)

I want some of it now..... :-P~~~

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