Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Restaurant Chin Hiong

It was about 8.30pm when we arrived at Restaurant Chin Hiong. (Lot 2, Batu 22, Jalan Batu Arang, Kampung Sungai Bakau. 03-6092 0628) Other than the few flogger that I have met before, I met five other flogger during this dinner. Hi you all :D


I was lost for words when I saw the golden soup bowls that were placed on our table when we first entered the restaurant. None of the other tables had this and this made me feel like I was a Chinese royal family having dinner. Quite over the top actually for a Saturday night dinner hor? …but I think after this, I might just buy a cheapo golden set of Chinese cutleries.

This dragon head reminded me of a cake I saw at Culinaire Malaysia 2007.

After admiring the golden bowls and the reflection it gave, the first dish is served.

'Tai Kek Chi', in English, Tai Chee Fins. (RM45 per head) This Yin and Yang soup is eaten with shark fin and scallops. The white soup was filled with crab meat and the red, with abalone sauce and shredded chicken. This Yin and Yang soup should be eaten separately and not mixed together. I think there’s too much chicken in the abalone sauce because I could only taste and smell chicken. I find both soup on the salty side.

The shark fin and scallops is to be eaten either separately, or with the soup. Old cucumber is used with the dried scallops, then boiled. Very nice even when eaten alone.

'Kei Lun' is known as the lion's head. This is no lion, but 'Ming Har' prawns. (RM8 for 100g. RM80 for about 11 prawns) The prawns, cleaned and knotted, deep fried then poured over with sweet and sour sauce. The first thing I did was suck the juices out of the prawn head. Very very nice with all the prawn paste in it. *slurp*

We were told to add this special black pepper, sweet salty onions, spring onions and chili to the prawns before we eat them. The prawns was already good by itself, but with this sauce, even better. The prawns and sauce went really well with each other. But again, strong flavor, but a little on the salty side.

'Chu Pai Kuat' aka pork ribs. (RM30 per rib) The ribs, marinated with 9 different types of Chinese herbs and then double boiled. The ribs are deep fried before it is served. I didn’t notice the herbal taste in the ribs until I was told about the Chinese herbs use. The herbal taste could have been stronger.

Fried 'siew yoke'. This came with the pork rib.I believe the same style of cooking but using the ‘fa yoke’ part of the pig. The pork fat was absolutely delicious, softer then the usual fat from the double boiling but I found the meat a little tough and dry for my liking.

'Yat Fan Soun Foong' means Bon Voyage. (RM25 per kg, RM50 for this serving) This fish dish uses the 'Kuai Mei Yui' … weird smelling fish if translated directly to English. LOL! The fish smelt anything but weird. The fish was fillet and then deep fried with flour then cooked with a sweet and sour sauce. Taste like a mix of plum and barbeque sauce. Sounds weird but tasted absolutely delicious. Chef AhTek mentioned that he have used F&N Orange drink for this dish and Sid pointed out the curry powder in it.

Hakka 'Chi Sau' aka Hakka style pork hands (the front feet) (RM25). The pork hands deep fried simmered in a sauce of Chinese mix of 'tong kuai', 'kan chow', 'pat kok' (star anise). The usage of smoked garlic brought out a certain unique fragrance of the pork. The fragrance of the 'pat kok' and the smoked garlic used with the pork did not quite cover the heavy pork ‘sou mei’ smell. I didn’t quite like this Hakka style sauce with the pork.

Doesn’t this looks like some alien baby in a placenta? HAHAHA well, this is just marinated pork ribs stuffed in the pig stomach which is then boiled in a pepper mixture.

Somehow I didn’t like any of the pork dishes, including this one. The ribs were cooked but the meat wasn’t as tender as I have expected it to be. The pork stomach was over boiled, it lost its rubbery texture.

'Shar Yui Yoke' aka shark meat. (RM30, RM5.50 per 100g) The meat cooked in a claypot with lots of ginger to kill the smell.

I really like this dish. Reminds me of having terrapin. The thick layer of skin’s texture is like having pork fat… minus all the unhealthy cholesterol. The meat surprisingly was still tender, just a little more tough compared to a baby shark.

'Hor Sa Tin Kai' aka baked sea sand with frog. (RM35 for 3 large frogs) This is really one unique dish. Chef AhTek mention that he personally collected sea sand and wok fried if until the sand turn hot and black. The sand is then placed in a claypot. A bowl of frog in 'tong kuai' flavored wine is placed on top of the sand. Chef AhTek mentioned that the 'tong kuai' is soaked with the wine for a month, and that the heat from the sand will further bring the fragrance out of the soup.

Very unique taste and very unique smell. Chinese wine, 'tong kuai' and burnt sand.

Overall a satisfying meal that we did not pay for. Thank you Chef AhTek for the dinner and for all the goodies. I will most probably not come here for everyday dinners, but will definitely come here for occasion dinners as I like the fancy and grand Chinese dish decorations and cutleries. I might just return for their other ‘not for the weak hearted’ dishes I saw on pictures ;p

To get to Chin Hiong Restaurant, you can take the North South High Way and take the Rawang exit. Take a left turn at the traffic light and drive straight along the trunk road about 6 to 7 kilometers. Chin Hiong is located at the shop houses just before the Shell Petrol station.

Ok, so print this when you want to go to get a 10% off. Got to print this when I go for my ...ahemm.. other dishes there. Can't believe I'm saying this.. but I'll skip the pok there.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yap Yin and Bak Kut Teh

It was the Monday during the Raya holidays when my mom decided that we should have dinner at Yap Yin and Bak Kut Teh.

This restaurant was recommended by one of her good friends that have eaten there before. No1231 Jalan Sekolah Seri Kembangan (03-8943 5426) Although my mom’s friend tagged along, we still got lost locating the restaurant. If you are coming from the Bukit Jalil highway direction, go towards Seri Kembangan, pass through all the busy streets and turn left at the traffic light in front of the temple. If you see Public Bank, that means you have missed the traffic light. You will be able to see this SK10 sign clearly when you turn. Yap Yin and Bak Kut Teh is just on the left after the sign.

When I saw the fresh life crabs, I knew I had to have this. When we sat down, I saw the next table enjoying their crabs. Two person only having crabs and nothing else!

Steam crab aka ‘cheng ching kei chi kam chou’. The fresh crab is cleaned and steam with ‘kei chi’ and the slightly bitter Chinese herb ‘kam chou’. I thought that the best way to enjoy the natural sweetness of the fresh crab meat was to have it steam. I was wrong. I didn’t like the crab at all. I think steam crabs only taste nice with the softer shell crabs.

A plate of vegetables is a must when we order. The Kai Lan taste nice and sweet.

Steamed fillet snake fish aka ‘cheng ching sang yui pin’ was recommended by my mom’s friend. People say that eating ‘sang yui’ help people what have just went though an operation to heal better. Something about helping the scar being less visible. Anyway, the fish was very fresh. Taste wise, like any other fresh fish steamed using good quality soya sauce.

Steam frog with ginger aka ‘keong chong ching tin kai’. The frog steam with blended ginger and spring onions with a few table spoons of Chinese wine. There is no way better to cook fresh frog than steam. The ginger is used to cover up the fishy smell that the frog might give out. Sweet chicken like meat… yummy!

I highly recommend this in-house made taufoo dish. When the dish came, I was already attracted to it. I find the shape very unique. The taste was absolutely good. The sauce covering this deep fried smooth taufoo is excellent. Fragrant from the mushroom and the soya sauce. Not too salty, and sweet from the sweetness from the taufoo.

We tried to order the eel and braised pork knuckle but we were told that they were all sold out. I was so so disappointed =( It was just slightly pass 7pm and all gone already? I really have to have dinner there again as I saw the last pork knuckles being served from the large large pot. Smelt really good.

The bill came up to RM129 which I found reasonable.

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Friday, October 26, 2007


So after complaining and contemplating for a new camera, I finally bought one yesterday.... kind of regret I didn't get the better ones after I made the purchase. I should have gone for the S5 IS instead of the SX100. But aiyah, but I bought the virgin Canon for RM909 at the Canon fair. I had to queue up for one and a half hour to get my chance on the discount. But a bargain lah.

Went out shopping to grab a screen protector and rechargeable AA batteries for the cam but felt like trying the new cam out already. I walked around the whole One Utama old and new wing but still unable to decide what I want for a late evening snack. Ended up in Delicious.

I can't get the hang of the camera yet. I need to read the manual! HAHAHAHA!

See... lousy pictures. I had carrot juice and my sis ordered a lychee lemon grass drink.

The lemon meringue picture turn out ok only because I left the settings to auto.

But lemon meringue was not ok. I can't finish it because the tart was getting sweeter and sweeter by the bite. The meringue top as awful. I got to remember not to order meringue at the end of the day... the whole thing is soften by air.

My sis who accompanied me ordered the carrot cake. ...I think only because of the cute carrot on top.

Blahh... disappointed with the cake. I was expecting much better cake. The cream cheese was just ok. The carrot cake was way too moist. I still like La Manila's carrot cake.

Quite dissapointed with the sweet stuff.....*sign*

I didn't notice that everything we had was RM9.90 until I paid the bill.

...*sign* I still need lots of time to get used to this cam. Picture wise... some how same as my low end Nikon that I have now, don't you think?

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fish porridge

Gosh... you know what... I didn't know I had so much post in draft mode. When it comes to flogging and posting, I some times type an incomplete post, then jump to the next one. Just don't have the mood to finish posts. The below post is one example of my post in draft mode... wating there collecting dust and growing mushrooms. The post have been in draft since 10/23/06 7:48 PM! That's one whole year!


It's always nice to have a bowl of hot porridge especially when you are sick with fever, tired because of the lack of sleep, and cold because it's raining cats and dogs outside.

But I still have to cook my own sweet fish porridge =(

- fish
- pepper
- chinese cooking wine
- chinese mushrooms, monkey ear mushrooms
- garlic
- shallots
- young ginger
- preserved salted lettuce
- spring onions

1. Filet your fish and marinate with salt, lots of pepper and a tea spoon of Chinese cooking wine for about 15 minutes.

2. Boil plain white porridge. You can use ikan bilis soup to boil the porridge to give it more sweetness.

3. While waiting for the fish and porridge; chop garlic, shallots and ginger finely. Chop carrots into cubes\pieces. You can also slice some Chinese mushrooms and some Chinese monkey ear mushrooms.

4. Heat a pot with some peanut oil, fry the garlic, shallots and ginger until fragrant. Add in the fish and stir fry until fish is just cooked.

5. Pour the porridge into the fried fish pot and stir. Add preserved salted lettuce and a few table spoons of the lettuce sauce. Taste. Add more salted lettuce and sauce if not salty enough. Continue to stir in low fire for 2 minutes.

6. Serve in a bowl. Add spring onions, 1/2 teaspoon of sesame oil and Chinese cooking wine. Mix before eating.

Hm...I noticed that I love making porridge. Got to try out some new taste to porridge. I'm getting bored of the same ol' porridge taste.

I think I have forgotten about this after I got well. LOL!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cagayan's Revisit

I had dinner with my group of best buddies a few weeks back at Cagayans. I don’t think there’s many other better place for dinner with good pork dishes, a nice environment, value for money and some where close to where we all stay.

I ordered my favorite the pork Binagoongan, pork Adobo for my buddy who missed his Philippines food, and also not forgetting the pork ribs. I ordered the Fat Piggie (RM46.90) 8 ribs, this time in the classic sauce. I didn’t quite like this sauce as compared to the Oriental sauce. Shall stick to the Oriental sauce the next time around, or maybe try the spicy sauce. Anyway, I tried to order a little of everything, but I think it will take me a few more visits to try everything on the menu.

Tasty Asparagus Bacon Maki (RM15.90), fresh asparagus spears wrapped in pork bacon. The asparagus was cooked just right, very crunchy that goes well with the bacon.

Porky dumpling (RM7.90), pan-fired pork dumpling. Can’t say this is the best dumpling I have tastes, but the pork filling tasted alright even the juices was not trapped in the dumpling skin. Some of them broke during the cooking process.

Kang Kung Bagoong (6.90), sauteed kang kong with shrimp paste. If you are bored
eating the normal sambal belacan kangkung, time for you to try Kang Kung Bagoong out. Not spice, but this definitely have the belacan taste with the shrimp paste used. This should be eaten with rice though, it was get a bit salty when eaten along.

Pinakbet (RM7.90), sautéed pumpkin, long beans, bittergourd, okra with shrimp paste. Since the majority of the dishes we ordered were meat, Jim suggested we try Pinakbet. No regrets because this dish of mix vegetables is my favorite dish for that evening.

Chicken Sinigang (RM8.90), not a singing chicken dish hehehe but a stew of chicken with vegetables in sour and spicy broth. The menu introduced this dish as something similar to Tom Yam. It does have the sweet, sour and spiciness of Tom Yam, but uses some different spices to make the soup. I enjoyed this clear spicy soup a lot.

Caldereta (RM11.90), tender spicy lamb stew cooked with vegetables. I like the lamb, very tender and still juicy but I didn’t find this that spicy after drinking the Chicken Sinigang. For those who can’t take spiciness, don’t give this a miss.

Crispy Pata (RM49.90), pork leg weights about 1.2kg to 1.5kg, marinated and deep-fried until crispy. According to my friend who have eaten Crispy Pata in the Philippines, this taste similar. This pork dish was just so so to me. I am not sure how this taste in Philippines but I found the meat a little dry the first time I tried this. The meat was still the same this time I tried it. A better idea is to dunk the whole meat in the salty sour spicy sauce before having it.

Our stomachs were filled to the brim so we didn’t manage to try their dessert. Will definitely be back to sample them. Anyone wants to join me?

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kuih Binka and Kuih Gula Bakar

Coming from a family that seldom buy Malay kuih, even Malay dishes, I had and still have little idea what Malay dishes are about. I was introduced to Kuih Bingka the first year at my work place as majority of my colleagues were Malays.

I took a piece of the fragrant pandan with coconut milk kuih, the texture so soft and smooth. I instantly fell in love with it. From that day, I always made sure I always have one whole binka back to the office for tea when ever I have lunch at Komplex Kraft in KL.

I also have been getting my dose of binka from the Kelana Jaya Pasar Tani every Saturday morning. Here I have more choices with the binka, different flavors but all sold at RM3 each. I often stick with the green bean binka which is my favorite. Leave me alone with it and you will see just the empty paper plate ;p

There is only one stall there that sells binka. You can not miss this stall because all their binka is displayed out front along with their Kuih Gula Bakar. This I really like too!

Put Kuih Binka and Kuih Gula Bakar together what do you get? ...Empty plates because I have eaten them all... MUAHAHAHAHAHA ;p~

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Garlic Bread

Have been busy again. Don't have time to update!

Anyway, a quick post on garlic spread. I never buy garlic spread when I learn to make my own. Taste wise so much better compared to the ones sold in the supermarket.

- butter
- finely chopped garlic
- salt
- a few dash of powdered oregano
- a few dash of dried oregano flakes
- a few dash of dried parsley
- a few dash of chili flakes, without the seeds (optional)

1. Mix all the ingredients well.

A few tips. a. Pick the more expensive butter. I like using Lurpark, but Anchor works as well, any cheaper the garlic spread don't taste as nice. I usually mix half a slab of butter, sometimes one whole slab. Saves me time when I want garlic spread. Keeps in the fridge for 3 to 4 months.

b. Don't use a food processor to chop your garlic. It will take out all the juices.

c. Add the salt pinch by pinch. Taste and stop when it is salty enough for your taste.

d. Add more powdered oregano is you like a stronger smell. The chili flakes will added sweetness to your butter, not spiciness. And remember not to be overly stingy with you dash those herbs and spices in.

Picking the bread;
a. Use the French loaf if you want a harder crust, but soft bread in the middle.

b. Use fluffy buns (like hot dog buns) if you want a all round crunchy and loose feeling to your bite.

c. Use potato bread to get the harder crunch if you find the fluffy buns are not to your taste.

d. Use normal sandwich bread, especially the whole meal types to get really horrible toasted garlic bread.

a. If you want the crust to be crunchy, but the inside soft, sprinkle water on the crust before wrapping in the aluminum foil. Bake for 7 minutes in a preheated oven at 180C. Open the foil and bake for another 5 minutes.

b. For fluffy and potato bread, I like my whole bread crunchy. I usually sprinkle water and bake for 4 minutes with the foil closed. Then 10 minutes with the foil open.

c. Basically the water makes the crust crunchier. The longer you keep the foil closed, the softer in inside of the bread. The longer you have the bread exposed, the harder the bread gets.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Part 4: Cave > Waterfalls > Hotsprings, comes to an end

After buying packets of Heong Peng from Gunung Rapat, we drove to Kla Hotspring in Sungkai. Since is nothing much to eat in Sungkai, not that I know of anyway, we made a pit stop at Bidor before arriving in Kla.

Food in Bidor means, having duck noodles in Pun Chun Restaurant. Yup, that famous corner coffee shop that is renown for its duck noodles.

The double boiled duck noodles (RM6.30) tasted much better compared to the last time I ate at Pun Chun. I believe during peak hours/season, the owner water down the soup to serve more customers. It’s good that we were there when there are less people. The bowl of noodles tasted really good with strong herbal aroma and tender duck meat.

The world’s most delicious Woo Kok only for RM1.30! Too bad I didn’t have enough stomach space. I think I could have eaten a dozen of these on an empty stomach.

The yam was crispy on the outside, but moist and loose on the inside. The char siew on the inside tasted superb. Tender juicy and sweet lean pork meat booked in sweet sauce. Two things that I love about the Woo Kok, one is that they still have peas in the char siew filling that majority of woo kok choose to omit from their recipe. And second, the Woo Kok is really deep fried to perfection because even after a while, the Woo Kok did not soak in oil.

A tip on deep frying your food; before you take it out of the oil, turn up the heat. When the oil is hot, it tends to separate from your food. Be careful not to over fry your food though, when you turn up the heat, the food fries lah.

Ohh…and frying fries and chips, don’t use too low fire unless you want your chips to fill up with oil!

After lunch, we went shopping about the Kawasan Perniagaan Petai. (Areas where petai is sold)

I was really tempted to buy petai back home. I really miss eating fresh big petai with sambal prawns. We were heading to Kla, not home, I didn’t want my friend’s car to stink of petai so I pass.

Lotus seed? Gave this a pass too. Kind of regretted that I didn’t buy this. But lucky me, I didn’t pass on honey sweet seedless guava I always buy from the same fruit stall.


We turned off at the Sungkai toll exit on the PLUS highway and turn left at the junction. Followed the Sg Klah Hot Springs Park signs and reached the hotspring park after about 8km of plantation trunk road.


Sungai Kla Hot Springs Park
RM8 for adults RM5 for kids

I have to remember to bring lots and lots of water for the hot spring. I felt so dehydrated after soaking in the 35 – 38C warm water. There are other soaking pools ranging up to 45C. Super hot water! I can’t even dip my feet in for a minute.

After enjoying the hot spring, we moved on to the mountain spring water! Weee! I totally love this place! There was this section where the cool water falls down from an artificial waterfall. I stood right below and let the water hit my back and shoulders giving it water massage. Sooooo niceeeeee!

Anyway, it was getting late. We cleaned up and showered, then leave for home. We still had the Wife Biscuit we bought from ??Kampar uneaten so we enjoyed it in the carpark. I don’t usually rave over Loh Poh Peng, I don’t like Loh Poh Peng actually, but this one is really good… even when it’s one day old.

After that is was just the drive back to the rock no spring water no hot spring city =(

Final stop before everyone headed home was dinner at SS2 Selera Malam.

My pork ‘spare parts’ aka internals porridge.

And a glass of ice cool Leong Sui.

Overall, a SUPERB trip. Adventure, relaxation and food all in one, and all less than RM150!

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