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The Bird

The Bird

5, jalan 3/62D, Medan Putra Business Center, Bandar Menjalara.
Jimmy Liew 012-3149882
Desmond Liew 012-3058836

When Sid told The Bird was the restaurant name, I went “Huh…why that name?” When I was young my mom refers “the bird” as the men’s joystick… if you get what I mean. When I told my colleagues about this restaurant name, they asked me if I was going for bird’s nest. LOL! During that evening, Desmond told us that the restaurant name came from a congkak he owns. He didn’t place the bird congkak in the restaurant because customer and children might spoil it. The picture above is taken off a magazine page.

The whole restaurant had the old nyonya type of decoration. Very interesting.

Many old, some original pictures are among Desmond’s collection and are hung around the walls of The Bird.

This green drink is the Kedongdong with sour plum drink. I’m not really sure what this is called in English but I think it’s called the “English Guava” in Cantonese. The fruit is the size of a fresh prune but hard as an unripe mango. The fruit is then put in a juicer for the juice. I also love this fruit with rojak. I love the fruit, I love the drink! (RM3.50)

Sei Dai Tien Wong (RM10) Very simple dish with four types of vegetables. The four angle bean, long beans, brinjal and petai are stir fried together with chili and belacan giving out a nice fragrance.

This coffee chicken wings was finished so quickly the first round that Sid didn’t have a chance to try! Desmond was kind enough to serve us another plate of the chicken wings. I didn’t really taste the bitterness of coffee in it but I did taste the sweet cocoa taste that some coffee gives out. (RM7.90)

This prawns served is one of a kind. Desmond mentioned that a little black beans is added to the sauce for the prawns. I tasted the prawns again and did notice that the sauce left a light hint of bitter yet fragrant black beans taste.

The Tom Yam soup (RM16.90) taste ordinary. I am not sure if this is a seafood Tom Yam soup or just a plain soup... the soup only had a few pieces of prawns and squid in it.

Butter king fish. (RM 29) This recipe is comes in a prawns version as well. Creamy fragrant butter sauce that goes very well with the deep fried fish. For those who liked the Butter Crab from King Crab, you will surely enjoy this fish dish.

Five treasure chicken (RM18). The texture of the meat is soft and fragrant from the sauce it absorbed, but some how I find this chicken lack the treasure.

Nasi Muhibah (RM16.90) consist of green curry chicken, fish fillet with Nyonya sauce, boiled vegetables and sour vegetables to open your appetite. I really like this whole Muhibah platter. The green curry and fish tasted really good. For those who don't like green curry, this is a must to try because there is really something different in this version. Somehow, it's not green curry, but green curry... I know.. I know... but I can't put words to the taste.

I can't really comment on the Sarawakian laksa. (RM6.90) The laksa tasted nice but how is a authenticate Sarawak laksa suppose to taste like? But comparing to normal lemak laska, I'll go for this anytime.

There is also a karaoke set at the restaurant for those who wants to show off their talent. Songs they have there are really those olden chinese classics. I think they would have Teresa Teng's Tien Mi Mi there too. Both Jimmy and Desmond sung for us =) Karaoke champions, don't play play oh. WMW sung for us too! ...cos she is the only one who had the voice... I think the rest of us sing background also cannot lah.

Overall a very nice dinner. The whole restaurant and staff gave me a very homey family feeling. And I know la.. you 'young people' (OK la.. I'm not that old to use the 'young people' phrase but you get what I mean right? hehe) will think this is a old people's makan place, but... when we were exiting the restaurant, the outside tables were filled with youngsters enjoying good food. =)

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Big Boys Oven

Oh The Cheok! or is it The Peacock? No.... it is the Bird!
I got to say I had enjoyed the food, it is a place to be especially for the Sarawak Curry Noodle which I find it very unique. The prawn dish was my favourite, even with long experience in the kitchen, I got the ingredient wrong!


that's "sa ley" juice right? i love that fruit too... :D


sniffed****** din get to go


i miss this one too! :( anyway, the name isss really funny haha

–†ei Mun
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Bring your parents there. They should like it :)


BBO: yeah i didnt taste the bean taste until after i was told

Mei Yen: it too! Want to plant the tree in my house already... i get to blend it to juice next time

KampungboyCitygal: Go with your friend? heheh or i can always go with you =)

rokh: hahahah yeahhh but good idea also.. people will remember the name

jason: yeah...told my mom about it.. she will love the clasic Chinese songs at the karaoke


now u make me craving over the coffee chicken wings again!


jackson: You can drag Kampungboy and CityGal to makan too

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