Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cagayan's Revisit

I had dinner with my group of best buddies a few weeks back at Cagayans. I don’t think there’s many other better place for dinner with good pork dishes, a nice environment, value for money and some where close to where we all stay.

I ordered my favorite the pork Binagoongan, pork Adobo for my buddy who missed his Philippines food, and also not forgetting the pork ribs. I ordered the Fat Piggie (RM46.90) 8 ribs, this time in the classic sauce. I didn’t quite like this sauce as compared to the Oriental sauce. Shall stick to the Oriental sauce the next time around, or maybe try the spicy sauce. Anyway, I tried to order a little of everything, but I think it will take me a few more visits to try everything on the menu.

Tasty Asparagus Bacon Maki (RM15.90), fresh asparagus spears wrapped in pork bacon. The asparagus was cooked just right, very crunchy that goes well with the bacon.

Porky dumpling (RM7.90), pan-fired pork dumpling. Can’t say this is the best dumpling I have tastes, but the pork filling tasted alright even the juices was not trapped in the dumpling skin. Some of them broke during the cooking process.

Kang Kung Bagoong (6.90), sauteed kang kong with shrimp paste. If you are bored
eating the normal sambal belacan kangkung, time for you to try Kang Kung Bagoong out. Not spice, but this definitely have the belacan taste with the shrimp paste used. This should be eaten with rice though, it was get a bit salty when eaten along.

Pinakbet (RM7.90), sautéed pumpkin, long beans, bittergourd, okra with shrimp paste. Since the majority of the dishes we ordered were meat, Jim suggested we try Pinakbet. No regrets because this dish of mix vegetables is my favorite dish for that evening.

Chicken Sinigang (RM8.90), not a singing chicken dish hehehe but a stew of chicken with vegetables in sour and spicy broth. The menu introduced this dish as something similar to Tom Yam. It does have the sweet, sour and spiciness of Tom Yam, but uses some different spices to make the soup. I enjoyed this clear spicy soup a lot.

Caldereta (RM11.90), tender spicy lamb stew cooked with vegetables. I like the lamb, very tender and still juicy but I didn’t find this that spicy after drinking the Chicken Sinigang. For those who can’t take spiciness, don’t give this a miss.

Crispy Pata (RM49.90), pork leg weights about 1.2kg to 1.5kg, marinated and deep-fried until crispy. According to my friend who have eaten Crispy Pata in the Philippines, this taste similar. This pork dish was just so so to me. I am not sure how this taste in Philippines but I found the meat a little dry the first time I tried this. The meat was still the same this time I tried it. A better idea is to dunk the whole meat in the salty sour spicy sauce before having it.

Our stomachs were filled to the brim so we didn’t manage to try their dessert. Will definitely be back to sample them. Anyone wants to join me?

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15 pieces of worms:


you mean da oriental sauce tastes better? i thought da classic one is already good enough.... omg, can't wait to eat at cagayan's again and try da ribs with oriental sauce! oh... i remember da cutie told me that they only serve ice creams for da time being and da rest, no longer available due to low demand :)


that's a good range of food! I dig the asparagus wrapped with bacon-they look so good!!


Asparagus Bacon Maki is double the price of Enoki Bacon Maki... which one is better ?


Where? in PJ? Hv not tried Philippines cuisine before..

"Joe" who is constantly craving

puts hands up and wave!!..hahah count me in..but not in the next 2 weeks..ok?


haha..the yee hup place is just a stone throw away from my house..anyway..i miss cagayan so much :(

team bsg

we saw 4 gluttons the other day gulping down round food like never eat for 6 days lidat !

so what gonna do with yr 25 $$ ? tks to yr superb eating errrrr we mean editing

( u look much slimmer , more sexy though still greedy )


mei yen: maybe my taste buds gua. the lady owner introduced me some cendol look a like thing for their dessert... not too sure about their ice cream...but people like up can always make the ice cream high in demand! LOL.

daphne: thats easy to make by your own too. Good for finger food also.

ling239: hmm not too sure about that. I havent got a chance to try the enoki one... but i think if you like enoki, you will prefer that. But both enoki and asparagus are both sweet enough to handle the salt bacon.

kusahi-san: Center Point in Bandar Utama. The building beside McDs.

Joe: hahaha can... i wont be free the next 2 weeks also

KampungBoyCityGal: will ask you along too :) ...but dunno when is dinner only... a bit lz to plan ;p

BSGs: hahahahaha thank you thank you to my mom thinks i looks like a greedy hamster. The cheeks puffy stuff with sunflower seeds ;p


Me me!!!

wenching & esiong

I've seen this place been posted quite a number of times on other blogs. Looks good. Can't wait to try it out!


tankiasu: hahah ok ;)

weiching & esiong: you guys stay around PJ also right? want to join in?


Me me too!


jason: hmm eh.. if Fri night you can stay out later rite?

Big Boys Oven

Looks so ummy....me coming to be a porkie!!!! lol!


BBO: hahha like the pork dont become pig!

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