Thursday, October 04, 2007

Chicken Blanket and Panna Cotta

Yeah yeah tomorrow last day of my on-call duty! wOOt! I will be off to Gua Tempurung for caving, then Lata Kijang for waterfalls, and Kla for hotspring for the weekends! WAHAHAHAHA! I'm really excited about this trip... can't wait!

Ok, back to the pork aka POK. I decided to make this when I saw Foodelicious's post on chicken blanket. Plus minus a bit from her chicken blanket but concept the same lah.

Chicken marinade
- Chicken breast
- salt
- oregano
- rosemary
- parsley.

Chicken wrap
- jalapeño flavored cheese
- bacon
- garlic butter

- rice
- shallots

1. Fillet the chicken breast. Use a meat tenderizer to further flatten the fillet. Marinade with salt, oregano, rosemary and parsley.
2. Cook rice. Add diced shallots to the rice before the water comes to a boil. Let the rice to cool when cooked and shape into mini logs.

Fixing up;
1. Lay chicken fillet flat out. Place the cheese on top. Then the rice log.
2. Roll them up and use a piece or two of the bacon strip to wrap the chicken.
3. Brush the whole chicken blanket with garlic butter.

You can add chili flakes while wrapping if you don't have the jalapeño flavored cheese. Or add a little cumin powder to the chicken marinade. I don't have a meat tenderizer at home so I actually took the rolling pin to roll my chicken flat. I think this works better than the spiky hammer ;p If not just look for other more tender chicken part. The thighs works too.

I was in the mids of preparing the chicken blanket when my mobile rung. I ended up back in the office for an hour and a hand. I was rushing to get dinner ready, hence the messy wrapping and the clumps of cold garlic butter all other the chicken.

To cook;
1. Preheat the oven to 220C.
2. Place your chicken blanket on a oiled pan and bake for 15-20 minutes in a preheat oven at 220C.


...but my cheese was over flowing. Boo hooo. Thank god the garlic butter melted with it and made it into a watery cheese sauce thing. I scoop the sauce up and pour it all over my chicken. Slurpppppp .... but I should have wrapped my chicken blanket properly. I think I'll wrap the cheese with rice next time. Got to oil the bacon too. I wanted the bacon to really crisp up actually. Guess it's like that lah for the first trial.

I bought purple spinach leafs for salad too. I kind of miss the salad I had in Carnaval Churrascaria.
For dessert, I prepared Panna Cotta. I have always wanted to make this ever since Lee Ping posted hers. A very simple recipe from V. I never got myself into making them until now.

While whisking all the ingredients, I thought of FFB's Rum and Raisins Tart. Would just nice to have rum and raisins in my Panna Cotta! Dad loved it!

Overall, much much more to improve. I don't think I'll use rice the next time, maybe some smashed potatoes. I felt the rice didn't quite match with everything. If you are making "ang mo" meal for a "China man" then maybe rice, else, try something else.

I wont do this again when I'm on call. I didn't enjoy making this because I was rushing like mad to make this when I got back home.

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15 pieces of worms:


hey when i come back, i'd like to be your guinea pig for your foodexperiments :)


Smashingly delish. ;-) Waaa you've done the panna cotta at last. Can just get the tips from u if I plan to make them.


Big Boys Oven

OMG! Everyone is on chicken blanket crazzzz! and so did one of jackson's bini(wife) foodelicious...kkekekekekek! Wah when can we try your so delicious blanket chicken and your delicious dessert panna cotta?


wah. the bacon looks so sinful but yet so goood. ANd i bet that is one tasty sauce u hv there.


my god.. your scope of work sounds bad :( anyways, that's a very yummy dinner that you prepared!


wen: hahaha sureee

Nat: Wanna make them together before el cerdo? then we can have it during the wii party.

BBO: Her post made me try this out actually

daphne: hahahah thats just melted cheese and garlic butter.

MeiYen: Actually IT support line is like that. I believe all the companies also have roles like this.


teckiee: Hey that's a great idea! They can bz bunny-ing and we can bz pana cota-ing. =P In any case, both our hands are bz.



Ee yer...never ajak! ;o)


It seems good. Well, probably you use a toothpick to hold the chicken together before you bake in the oven so that it holds the garlic butter inside it. Than it will be much better. I don't think you need to oil the bacon as the bacon itself has loads of natural fats in it. Probably if you want it to be more crispy, cook it longer inside the oven. =)Btw, your panna cotta looks good.. Love it!!!


On call but can come up with so many dishes. U r one cool tech! Your weekend trip sound like fun. Got me all excited too! Looking fwd to your adventurous pix!

Jackson looks so good!!Enjoy yr weekend ya!


Nat: hmm lets confirm again......dinner still on or not?

wmw: family dinner lo... but actually hor.. if you dont mind actually ok one also... will call u next time

cutie: Yeahh ... toothpick or have to spend sometime wrapping it. Not a good idea making it in a rush

tummythoz: LOL! yeahh will try to post the pic up soon

jackson: w00t!


hmm... interesting. never thought of combining bacon with chicken before.
i've seen surreal gourmet's bob blumer, wrapping fish with bacon to be cooked on bbq b4 :) will definitely try this idea some time in the future. heck, i havent gotten to try the fish version yet. thanks for sharing ^^


d2e: Fish and bacon?! hahaha reminds me of my eggs and grapes ;p


Good Job! :)

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