Friday, October 26, 2007


So after complaining and contemplating for a new camera, I finally bought one yesterday.... kind of regret I didn't get the better ones after I made the purchase. I should have gone for the S5 IS instead of the SX100. But aiyah, but I bought the virgin Canon for RM909 at the Canon fair. I had to queue up for one and a half hour to get my chance on the discount. But a bargain lah.

Went out shopping to grab a screen protector and rechargeable AA batteries for the cam but felt like trying the new cam out already. I walked around the whole One Utama old and new wing but still unable to decide what I want for a late evening snack. Ended up in Delicious.

I can't get the hang of the camera yet. I need to read the manual! HAHAHAHA!

See... lousy pictures. I had carrot juice and my sis ordered a lychee lemon grass drink.

The lemon meringue picture turn out ok only because I left the settings to auto.

But lemon meringue was not ok. I can't finish it because the tart was getting sweeter and sweeter by the bite. The meringue top as awful. I got to remember not to order meringue at the end of the day... the whole thing is soften by air.

My sis who accompanied me ordered the carrot cake. ...I think only because of the cute carrot on top.

Blahh... disappointed with the cake. I was expecting much better cake. The cream cheese was just ok. The carrot cake was way too moist. I still like La Manila's carrot cake.

Quite dissapointed with the sweet stuff.....*sign*

I didn't notice that everything we had was RM9.90 until I paid the bill.

...*sign* I still need lots of time to get used to this cam. Picture wise... some how same as my low end Nikon that I have now, don't you think?

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19 pieces of worms:


well..i think the pictures look sharper than previous camera. cant really tell for sure cause pictures are a lil bit too dark. try lookin into exposure compensation (+EV) in ur should have that feature.

also, 3rd picture seems out of focus...could be because face detection is turned on?! not sure...but it shouldnt happen.

i think dats about it for now on camera advice. :D



Which Canon fair is that? You mean the KLCC Canon expo? Oh nooo, I wanted to go on the last day because I thought of getting an Ixus. But the Canon people at Low Yat told me there's not much discount there and they doubt I would get a cheaper price than what they offered me (it was getting late so I took their word for it!). They said it was more like an exhibition. How much discount did you get for your camera?



wenching & esiong

Those cakes look so good. Too bad they didn't turn out good. I like their brownie though! :)


Yeah those cakes look real good. Sad that they don't taste likewise. So far the only extremely presentable and equally tasty cake I've had is from Just Heavenly's.

Which reminds me might wanna try out other stuff on their menu prolly next week.



Expensive when you consider that the desserts tastes blah. New camera means even more pictures right? I look forward to that!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

woo hoo another canon convert..good stuff..


Wow, you queued for the Canon Discount. I was there and was tempted to queue but in the end I didn't. Hehe... Anyway, I was disappointed with Delicious Carrot Cake as well when I try it. Everyone around me kept on saying that it's the best carrot cake they had ever tried. I guess too high expectation d.


ddkwh: yeah i find the pic too dark also... hais.. have to really read.. la lz.. can i just take lessons from you hehe? The drinks pic.. i also dunno la... chin chai take only.

Jessy: Yup the KLCC Canon expo. There is 3 session a day for the discount. The first 40 person in line will get a chance to spin a wheel of 20, 30, 50% discount or a FOC A430 (if I remember correctly). I lined up on the second day to buy but i was told there's no stock.. tried again the last day and manage to grab it for 30% off. I don't usually buy from Canon itself, they usually charge more, try Boeing at Sungaiwang, there's 2 shop there, both by the same owner.

daphne: They don't taste that bad.. just that i think they should serve it at smaller portion. ...the lemon was quite overwhelming after a few bites.

Joe: Hahahah not a convert ler. I was always a Canon person. Used the Nikon cos it was a gift.

Cutie: Queued twice! During my lunch time some more. End up back in the office late hehe. You should try La Manila's carrot cake.. best non-homemade carrot cake i have tasted so far


wahlao that place is called delicious somemore? hahahaha. but i thought 9.90 for each item is quite expensive leh, and the quality not good somemore.


wow!! nice and sweet dessert..I wanna some too..Anyway,you said you should buy which Canon camera?.I'm looking for a new camera too since my old camera Canon Powershot Elph s100 not really good at taking near shot.I'm thinking about Canon Powershot SD1000 or Canon DS 750.


wenching & esiong: hmm i shall keep that in mind. Did saw the other table having that with the vanilla ice cream

nat: try their mango upside down cake.. i think you'll like it.

wen: hmm dont know.. maybe my luck for picking the not so nice stuff.

beachlover: I wanted to get the S5 IS. Actually anything with the micro macro on the Canon is not bad.


wow. You bought a new cam? Canon boleh tahan rite? I went for the expo too and got 50% discount for my video cam! but.. have to line up for more than an hour lo.. haha. still worth it ;)


i cant stand sweet stuff too! not cloyingly sweet lah..


Congratulations on your new acquisition ! ^_^
i thought lemon meringue is supposed to be on the sourish side... no ?


christine: wahhh u lucky fellar!!!

ginger: same same

ling239: it was sourish ... but very sweet at the same time

Big Boys Oven

Aiyoh! should try our!


BBO: try before ma ;p


The pictures are sharper than before leh :)
Btw, the meringue looks good with natural lighting.


The pictures are very nice and sharp...

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