Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ichiban Boshi

I was eyeing on Ichiban Boshi since the first day Pavallion KL open doors. Since I was working late last week, I took a day to have dinner here with my other colleague.

Ichiban Boshi. Lot 1.14 Pavallion KL. 03-21416627
Monday to Friday : 11.30am to 10.00pm, Sat to Sun : 11.00am to 10.00pm, Last order at 9.30pm.

Empty sake bottles serves as decoration.

The conveyor belt lined up with sushi.
The service was good. The staff were friendly and food came quick. But...

Houjicha (RM1)

The assorted Japanese satay Kushiyaki Moriawase(RM15.90). Clockwise: The shitake mushrooms were fresh and juicy. The shishamo (little fish filled with fish eggs) was quite alright I think. My colleague took this piece. The only complain was that the fish was too small. I do agree as I have eaten much larger shishamo. The yakitori (chicken leg with teriyaki sauce) was just so so. Nothing really special about it. The black pepper yakitori (chicken leg) was nicer. I like how the black pepper sauce goes with the sweet juicy tender chicken meat. The vegetables ball looking meat is tsukune (mixture of meat). Too soft for my liking. Last, and the lease likable of the platter, the tebasaki (chicken wing). The chicken wing was dry all over.

Unagi Yanagawa (RM15.90) BBQ eel with scrambled egg simmered in dashi stock. I didn't really enjoy this at all. The egg watered down the dashi stock way too much. The whole water action made this into a unagi soup. A bad unagi soup.

Hiyashi Chuka Soba (RM14.90) The cold buckwheat noodles with duck meat, crabsticks, egg and assorted vegetables tasted like cheap noodles with vinegar and curry powder. Like a kimchi made to fail made into soba. I took a spoonful of the noodles and instantly didn't like it.

The plates on the conveyor belt was so so. All the same ol' same ol'. Brown plate for RM6, red plate for RM4 and beige plate for RM2. I didn't take picture of everything I ate, it's roughly all the same stuff you see in other sushi house.

Baby Octopus tasted like baby octopus. ;p

This burnt cheese and ham sushi is unique, but taste wise wasn't that great. Cheese and Japanese rice... errr

This I like. ...actually I like the egg. Much thicker and more 'jelly-o er' than other sushi house. I actually took the egg sushi just to have the egg. I left with a stack of sushi brick on my plate. Hehehe.

The other stuff were just ordinary. Fresh sashimi and descent sushi... But... this is just another expensive sushi place in a posh building. I think I'll just head over to Wisma UOA for my value for money delicious Japanese buffet at Saisaki if I really want to eat Japanese around my workplace.

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13 pieces of worms:


I was also practically eyeing on this (I was eyeing on all the eating places there actually!).

Guess that there's no need to rush and try them now :)


hmm.. this is a chain in SG too. A little surprised that it look so upmarket in KL. Looks like the food is reasonable but not fantastic though.


I heard the noodles are not great which is sad as I had such high hopes since they said they make it on a daily basis.

Big Boys Oven

I think I will stop by later, give them some time to improve!


jason: If you are eyeing on Yo!Sushi too then go try then review heheh. I heard not so good reviews.. but want to try also

daphne: One thing about all this sushi place.. some how Singapore's sushi place is always better tho its the same restaurant

boo: One reason I ordered the soba cos I saw a range of the noodles on their menu. Maybe I pick the wrong one lah.. wanted to try their duck soba.. they didn't have it that day.

BBO: The recipe for the soba just didnt work for me. Will it improve.. that you have to tell me.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

ok..looks like its a no go..soon people will realise they will spend a bomb in these places..so might as well go for more quiet and authentic jap places..although saisaki is always an exception haha..its dirt cheap!


hahaha....you're writing a bit like Jackson now. ;o) Baby octopus tasted like baby octopus....


looks good tho :) and now im hungry omg -_-


Not so good review... duh... Maybe just wait a little longer.


ooohh... i walked pass and the restaurant was so packed!! Luckily i didnt try it.

Keropok Man

The Sg branches are quite ok leh. hmmm


joe: I'll pick Saisaki anytime!

wmw: hahahah all taste the same lo..dunno how else to explain

mochii: LOL! dont lick the screen!

Jason: Not so sure if the taste of the food will improve.

Jackson: Wait a few months.. dont think it will be that pack already... nothing impressive.

Keropokman: yeahh. Singapore's sushi, McD and BurgerKing better than Malaysia. ....the sushi is the freshness issue. Ours always always not as fresh.


Kinda many people complainted Ichiban Boshi.
Hmph, I think I'll not pay a visit.

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