Friday, October 12, 2007

Part 1: Cave > Waterfalls > Hotsprings and food!

Saturday morning, 7.30am, six of us and two cars. First agenda for the day is to have breakfast before we travel up north to our first destination.

I took the gang to SS2, opposite the entrance of the police station, for nasi lemak. Warm coconut milk rice than are cooked just right and not stuck to each other. Delicious when eaten with the squid and beef rendang I ordered. I made sure I finish every speck of rice as I will need the carbs for our next agenda.

We took the North South Highway and exited at the Gopeng exit. Turn left at the traffic light and proceed south towards Kampar using the trunk road. Good thing that there were large signs directing us to Gua Tempurung after the toll. We reached Gua Tempurung at about 9.50am, just in time for the 10am session for the whole tour of the cave.

Gua Tempurung.

RM22 for the full trail. The sessions lasts for about three and a half hours. They have multiple entrance time available every half an hour starting 9.30am to 11am. Do remember to bring water proof torch light (or wrap it tightly with a clear plastic bag), change of clothes, towel, and wear comfortable shoes.

The whole caving experience was totally awesome. We got all dirty and wet, climbed the lime stones and rocks, and slide down multiple times off the official trail. There were parts where be needed to go on all fours, and some even on our bellies with water below us! We were quite lucky as all of us are fit enough for the trail. The guide decided to go off course and made a detour, bringing us to other paths that normal visitors will not trek. Before exiting the cave, I had to roll around the stream of lime stone water to wash away the dirt. So refreshing! I also took a few gulps of the water from the stream, didn’t taste as bitter as I have expected it to be. Our guide advised us not to drink the water after that. The water looks clear but still contains whatever bacteria, protozoa and poo. Told us wee bit too late. I have already drank bat guano. Go get a bottle of mineral water, taste the same.

It was lunch time when we got out of the cave. We didn’t waste time and quickly sat on plastic bags and newspaper in order to keep the car seats clean. We continue to drive south down to Kampar, and there we bought our goodies for our next destination.

We stopped at Kam Ling Restaurant at 105-107 Jalan Idris Kampar (05-4661174) to take away two large ‘Min Pau Kai’ aka Bread Chicken (RM35 each). Min Pau Kai is actually curry chicken wrapped with bread. They also sell lamb and beef bread. We were lucky to have been there at lunch time; the cashier mention that we should place an order the next time especially for dinner as the Min Pau Kai are not always available for ad hoc orders. We also bought to take away freshly baked egg tarts (RM1.20) from Kam Ling restaurant.

After buying the Min Pau Kai, we moved on to Kampar Biscuit and Confectionery just a few shops away. 101 Jalan Idris Kampar (05-4651011)

They sell a whole range of Chinese tidbits, cookies and biscuits but what is famous is their Kaya puff and their ‘Lou Poh Peng’ aka wife biscuits, a Chinese flakey pastry with dried sweeten winter melon filling. Since the pastry just came out fresh from the oven, we quickly agreed to buy them as well. (RM0.90 each)

Go down south. Road signs along the way. Since it was way past lunch time we quicky drove down south using the trunk road to Lata Kijang. There are clear road signs to Lala Kijang so we manage to reach the waterfalls quite quickly.

It was almost 3.30pm when we climbed up the stairs to the waterfalls. Many of the visitors were leaving when we were just starting our picnic. According to one of the visitors, it rained earlier and expect the rain to start again soon.

Without wasting to much time we lay our food out on the rocks and started eating.

The Min Pau Kai we bougth earlier tasted just so so. The bread is baked with a layer of syrup so the skin was quite sweet. The curry chicken wasn’t that great actually. Too little curry taste and lack the fragrance. I would try another Min Pau Kai from another restaurant in Kampar the next time.

The egg tart however wasn’t a disappointment. The tart was still warm when I bit into it. Very strong sweet egg fragrance and loose flaky pastry. This is one the best egg tart I have every tried. Too bad we only bought one for each of us.

It started to rain a little after that so we had to move our little picnic under a hut. As soon as we finished with the food, the rain stopped. What good timing =) We spent the next two hours enjoying the cool mountain water and the spectacular view of the waterfalls. What made me enjoy even more is that six of us were the only ones there. All of the visitors left earlier, …really nice lah. It’s like our very own private waterfalls!

Before we leave Lata Kijang, we had to change into drier clothes. I couldn’t find a toilet, so… I changed behind a wall… in a public place :|

I finished my Kaya puff in the car while waiting to arrive at our next destination for dinner. The Kaya used in the puff is home made. After making homemade kaya, it helps me taste and figure out kaya better. Very nice and very worth the money paid. RM0.90 each.. cheap!

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Precious Pea

Sounds fun but then i don't think i am fit enuff for such adventure leh.

Big Boys Oven

So cool and so fun!


Wow this is one itinery I want to follow! Did caving in Tmn Negara before. Threw out white shirt which turned black due to bat poo. So guano juice tasted like mineral water? Interesting discovery.


Thus far the egg tart was the best food I've eaten in the trip. hahaha.

Contrary to what you guys might believe, I did enjoy one 'yeh mei' the most: The paku pakis. hahahahahhaha. That one I can't stop eating. ;-P



wow such an exciting adventure coupled with delicious food!


Precious Pea: Actually one guy who was with us is older that you ;p need to be fit for a holiday

BBO: wait till you read my next post!

Tummythoz: I can email you the details.. whole trip cost less than RM150!

Nat: HAHAHAHAHAHA i must bring you for more yeah mei soon

Babe KL: yeah ...great to get out of KL onces in a while


Wooo.. such pretty waterfall. Shame to say but I never been to Lata Kinjang before.

team bsg

great outdoors and great eating !
we missed the Gua Level 3 coz that lazy fella said too late ! nex time says must come early early...hahaha food not so good meh ? at least you tried them all !


jason: Next time you should take a detour there before u go back to Ipoh

BSGs: 11.30am the lastest.. how late you all reach?

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