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Part 2: Cave > Waterfalls > Hotsprings and exotic food!

After about 40 minutes drive from Lata Kijang, we arrived at Kwee Hoe Restaurant in Lawan Kuda, Gopeng. There are many restaurants here in this small pekan that serves exotic food but we decided to have dinner here as this restaurant had the most customers that time. The restaurant opens from 4pm to 12 midnight and can be contacted at 05-3593646 or 012-5084948. There is only one main road with restaurants; Kwee Hoe is located about the middle of the road.

'Sheh Kang' aka Snake soup. (RM12) One mistake I did was letting a few of them know what they were eating. The snake soup tasted very good actually. You can’t tell that it’s snake actually, taste a little like shar fin soup but with the ‘special something else taste that one can never figure out’, the snake blood. But due to the ‘Eat Fater Think Later’ mindset that two of my friends lack, ….hehehe they were skeptical about it. One end up not liking it, while the other finished her bowl.

'Tin Kai' aka farm field frog. (RM24) I was expecting larger frogs and tougher meat from the farm field frogs. Sadly I only ate what seems like skinny tired frogs as the meat did not taste as sweet as fresh frogs should be, and the meat not as rubbery as muscular leaping frogs. Some how I think the caged frogs that frog farmers rare in the city are nicer.

'Sui Yiu' aka claypot terrapin (RM18) Another disappointment. The terrapin was too skinny and too small. We didn’t get too much meat and skin from it. A large terrapin would have given us fatter and larger skin that feels like pork gelatin. Too skinny, just too skinny. Taste wise, just so so. The whole claypot lacks the kick.

'Kor Che Lei' aka fruit fox. (RM18) This is my first time eating the fruit fox. I like the tail a lot. Tasted like braised pig skin attached to chicken feet bones. The meat however is something I don’t really like. Tasted like softer beef but a lot of fat in between the muscles, made the meat quite hard to chew.

'Paku choy', or Fern shoots (RM6) is the only dish that everyone ate without feeling weird ;p

Next destination after dinner is to sleep. Everyone was feeling tired from the day so we drove to Gunung Rapat in Ipoh to my friend home to rest for the night. I wanted to have a quick supper with Sid and CityGal as they told me that they were back in Ipoh as well. Although Sid did try to convinced me, and even offer to drive us out, I decided not too as I needed the rest for the next day.

As I replied Sid’s and CityGal’s message, this two good friend of mine knew it is in me, the glutton wai sek Eat First Think Later person. Failing to get me out for supper, they sent me messages. Hehehe I found it cute because the stall is just in front of the house and only 5 steps away from the gate.

“LakSa taste good. Sould come down and try’
‘Hm do nice. Yum yum come down la, you know you want to’

LOL! I ended up have a quick supper. ‘Loh Shi Fun’ aka rat tail noodles. The Loh Shi Fun and the Ipoh Hor Fun is two of the famous noodles in Ipoh. Locals here usually have their noodles with clear soup or dry, like the one I had. Always simple and nice, using Ipoh’s finest soya bean sauces that you can only purchase in Ipoh. I always wonder why the distribution doesn’t reach KL.

And of course, with every plate of noodles, I will always get a bowl of ‘liu’. Since I was still quite full, I just took the three must have in my list. The fishball, minced pork pancreas balls and stuff tofu.

Local favorite, all for just RM3 including my glass of warm ‘Kok fah’ aka chrysanthemums.

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Timothy Low

Woooo nice experience at Gua Tempurung huh. Been there before, but that was like a million years ago. Nice adventure for city dwellers like us. Foodwise, ever really bring my camera when I go outdoor travelling ... hence no chance to shoot much.


oh my. truth to be told, i dont think i would enjoy the dinner.. im not fond of 'exotic' meats.. even frog's legs. lol.

Vincent Liew

woo... Exotic foods... yumss

"Joe" who is constantly craving

too exotic thanks haha

excuse me.zhu kan yuen is pork pancreas balls meh?? are you sure..haha


Hey chian, I think there's some hiccups with the html coding. One of your pic not displayin correctly. Prolly unclosed tag or somethin.



Your "eat first think later" theory won't work with me either. I'll just sit there and quietly chew some ferns. LOL!


Tim: aiyor.. go on an adventure... have to bring cam what... thats the second most important thing! ..(first is your cash ;p)

ginger: hehehehe frog is not that bad... really taste like chicken.. you should give it a try.

vincent: ahhhh one person which finds exotics yum!

joe: its like eating pate what... nothing one

nat: thanks. just corrected it.

wmw: aiyah.. .i order first. just tell you it's pork.


Haha... no exotic meat lar... looks scary.


jason: eat only ma.. food not for looking ;p

Precious Pea

OMG! So exotic! Err..i only take the veggie and frog...the rest...err....maybe if don't tell me what it is, then i will eat.

team bsg

u din eat the horse ah ? hahaha
we find prices in Lawan kuda very good last time we were there ( aug 07) but missed the exoticas coz din know then. lucky u were Kamboja BKK trained ! wait for yr Camerons/bk Raja escape nex ( got tiger meat etc one ) !


P.Pea: where got.. frog u eat..eel also u eat rite.. those also consider yeh mei already

BSGs: hahahahhahahahahahha no la.. no horse to eat tho we are in horse town. Eh i found a place off Rawang that have food that interest us.. one day we go!


you can get all kinds of good crazy meats like Snake Meat, Frog Legs , they even have Snapping Turtle Meat, and they ship it to you on dry ice, it's pretty cool. Check it out the web site is


Hey, i came across your food blog and i think its cool:-)

I've got some greek friends interested in trying 'exotic meats'.

I live in Bangsar and was wondering if you could suggest a good place to take them to? Address, how to get there, phone number, map...anything, really.

Thanks in advance for your help:-)



Kazza: You can check this place out in Rawang. It's nearer to Bangsar. Approx 45mins drive using PLUS North South Highway.


I hope you dont mind me asking if you know the name of the place or their contact details so i wont get lost. Is it just off the highway? Sorry for the trouble and thanks for this.
Take care!


Restaurant Kwee Hoe is in Lawan Kuda. I don't have their contact but Lawan Kuda is a small town. Ask any locals and they will direct you to the restaurant street.

The restaurant in Rawang is easier to locate. The map, address and contact is at my blog link.

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