Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Part 3: Cave > Waterfalls > Hotsprings and dim sum!

I woke up at 6.45am the next morning to find myself looking 20 years older. ‘Lack of sleep’ is written all over my face… eye bags… lifeless eyes… bad hair… boohoo =( Four of us who manage to wake up walked down the road to reach the Gunung Rapat morning market. I wanted to take away Siew Yoke (BBQ pork) but didn’t because I will not be reaching home that day until late. Won’t want to waste good food. I didn’t see my favorite Ipoh white fried cold tofoo also =( Didn’t see the huge, cheap and delicious fried fishball either. =( So sad… no pork, no tofoo, no fishballs, and I didn’t buy bean sprout either.

Walking back empty handed, four of us decided to have breakfast at Shoon Heng restaurant, located just opposite the place we stayed along the Gunung Rapat main road.

I needed caffeine to keep me away, but I am not a coffee person. I can’t take the thick black kopi-o. So I ordering white coffee which surprisingly taste better than the cup I later drink in Ipoh Old Town!

I didn’t eat much. Just ordered some ‘lui’ which I guarantee to be delicious when eating at any shops in Ipoh.

After our first breakfast, we headed to Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum. This time with five of us. 32-36 Jalan Leong Sin Nam Ipoh (05-2557134) I’m glad we came here instead of Foo San. I have eaten in Foo San countless of times and every time I wonder why people love dim sum there so much. I personally think Foo San’s dim sum is just so so. Although Ming Court serves smaller portions compared to other dim sum place, but the taste is better. Depends what you are looking for when eating dim sum, the size? Or the taste?

While waiting for an empty in Ming Court, I went out to the entrance to buy *Ting Ting* sweet. I can hardly find these in KL, maybe only in Petaling Street. Ting Ting is named that way because of the ting ting sound it makes when you want to chisel it out to smaller bite size.

I also bought ginger mint sweet which is my favorite tradition sweet. Bamboo sugar, ginger and a few other ingredients is cooked until thick. The sugar will then need to be pulled, folded, pulled… and the process is repeated until it starts to turn colour. The sugar is then pulled to a thin stick and let to cool. Good stuff.

When we manage to get a table, the dim sum ladies keep coming and coming with dim sums. We took a little of everything. The siew mai looks so cute!

Their ‘yui mai’ is one of their famous dim sum dish. Soft bouncy and juicy fish paste.

Their fish balls just soso. I still like Ipoh morning market fish balls!

Malai Kou, soft and spongy, just the way it should be. I like it as it is not too sweet like many other Malau Kou.

I didn’t try the Loh Mai Kei, but looks just so so.


This Pear shaped dim sum is made out of yam with lotus paste as the filling. This is my first time trying this and I it definitely won’t be my last.

The yam in this Woo Kok is nice and powdery, but they were really stingy with the delicious char siew filling.

Just alright Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun.

Chan Pau! This is the best Chan Pau I have tasted! I don’t think I will find another better Chan Pau here in the city. Soft warm burnt bun with sweet char siew filling…. Just so perfect!

After dim sum, we adjourned to Ipoh Old Town for their famous white coffee. When I saw the pictured of all the toasts that we could order, I was so so tempted to have all of them. But since we just had dim sum, we had to order less.

I was really disappointed with the toast with egg. Just coffee shop toast with margarine and topped up with half boiled egg. Nothing special lah. I think I will stick to toast and half boiled egg separately.

The peanut butter toast was much yummier. Homemade chunky peanut butter was used. Smelt nice with the melted margarine.

The white coffee lacked something in it. I am guessing the coffee was not made properly because of the breakfast crowd. Disappointed again.

Since we didn’t get to buy any siew yoke at the morning market, and the toast and coffee weren’t that great, one of the guys ordered chopped siew yoke to munch on. Simply porkylicous! The skin smelt and taste great. So crunchy. The meat just with the right layers of meat and fat and salt.

After breakfast, we packed and we are off to our next and final destination of our weekend trip. But before doing that, we went to buy the Gunung Rapat Heong Peng. There is no place else other and here for flakey crispy and sweet caramel Heong Peng.

The first stop was at Lorong Gunung Rapat 3.

House number 117.

This is where an old couple makes their Heong Peng. If you want to see them in action, you have got to visit them during the weekdays when they usually make their Heong Peng and bake using coconut shells as burning fuel. Do also buy their less sugar version of their Heong Peng if you are not into sweet Heong Peng. I usually get the sweet though, the sweet stuff always taste nicer.

Next stop was at Yee Hup, house number 32, just about 5 minutes drive away from House Number 117. We went to the shop to buy the other delicious Heong Peng. Yee Hup is more commercialized, you can actually find their outlet all over Ipoh, and I think KL too? But it all started in the house. (05-3120741)

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"Joe" who is constantly craving

no ipoh hor fun in ipoh??..i remember those early days when we used to eat foo san @ 6 in the morning before we would take the trunk roads back to kl..wow..memories..


I like the toast with egg actually. Maybe cos I'm lazy to prepare it or because it's simple :)


what good food you had on your trip to Ipoh. It's a pity that the white coffee isn't as good though..especially since they are famous for it!


joe: Hm.. come to think of it.. I only ate loh shi fun.. didnt take hor fun at all.

jason: so lz la you. get those smaller eggs and soak it in hotwater. go take a shower and your eggs will be ready =)

daphne: yeah lo. i bought instant white coffee though. but the same as those avaliable in the city supermarket




jason: laugh some more ;p


i always wanted to try dim sum there!!! sobs sobs


rokh: ohhh you much go try soon. Their 'chan pau' is really out of this world delicious!

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