Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Part 4: Cave > Waterfalls > Hotsprings, comes to an end

After buying packets of Heong Peng from Gunung Rapat, we drove to Kla Hotspring in Sungkai. Since is nothing much to eat in Sungkai, not that I know of anyway, we made a pit stop at Bidor before arriving in Kla.

Food in Bidor means, having duck noodles in Pun Chun Restaurant. Yup, that famous corner coffee shop that is renown for its duck noodles.

The double boiled duck noodles (RM6.30) tasted much better compared to the last time I ate at Pun Chun. I believe during peak hours/season, the owner water down the soup to serve more customers. It’s good that we were there when there are less people. The bowl of noodles tasted really good with strong herbal aroma and tender duck meat.

The world’s most delicious Woo Kok only for RM1.30! Too bad I didn’t have enough stomach space. I think I could have eaten a dozen of these on an empty stomach.

The yam was crispy on the outside, but moist and loose on the inside. The char siew on the inside tasted superb. Tender juicy and sweet lean pork meat booked in sweet sauce. Two things that I love about the Woo Kok, one is that they still have peas in the char siew filling that majority of woo kok choose to omit from their recipe. And second, the Woo Kok is really deep fried to perfection because even after a while, the Woo Kok did not soak in oil.

A tip on deep frying your food; before you take it out of the oil, turn up the heat. When the oil is hot, it tends to separate from your food. Be careful not to over fry your food though, when you turn up the heat, the food fries lah.

Ohh…and frying fries and chips, don’t use too low fire unless you want your chips to fill up with oil!

After lunch, we went shopping about the Kawasan Perniagaan Petai. (Areas where petai is sold)

I was really tempted to buy petai back home. I really miss eating fresh big petai with sambal prawns. We were heading to Kla, not home, I didn’t want my friend’s car to stink of petai so I pass.

Lotus seed? Gave this a pass too. Kind of regretted that I didn’t buy this. But lucky me, I didn’t pass on honey sweet seedless guava I always buy from the same fruit stall.

We turned off at the Sungkai toll exit on the PLUS highway and turn left at the junction. Followed the Sg Klah Hot Springs Park signs and reached the hotspring park after about 8km of plantation trunk road.

Sungai Kla Hot Springs Park
RM8 for adults RM5 for kids

I have to remember to bring lots and lots of water for the hot spring. I felt so dehydrated after soaking in the 35 – 38C warm water. There are other soaking pools ranging up to 45C. Super hot water! I can’t even dip my feet in for a minute.

After enjoying the hot spring, we moved on to the mountain spring water! Weee! I totally love this place! There was this section where the cool water falls down from an artificial waterfall. I stood right below and let the water hit my back and shoulders giving it water massage. Sooooo niceeeeee!

Anyway, it was getting late. We cleaned up and showered, then leave for home. We still had the Wife Biscuit we bought from ??Kampar uneaten so we enjoyed it in the carpark. I don’t usually rave over Loh Poh Peng, I don’t like Loh Poh Peng actually, but this one is really good… even when it’s one day old.

After that is was just the drive back to the rock no spring water no hot spring city =(

Final stop before everyone headed home was dinner at SS2 Selera Malam.

My pork ‘spare parts’ aka internals porridge.

And a glass of ice cool Leong Sui.

Overall, a SUPERB trip. Adventure, relaxation and food all in one, and all less than RM150!

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Precious Pea

Very nice writeup on your trip, enjoyed reading it. That's a lot a lot a lot of food too. Two thumbs up!


omg.. da octopus looks so real!!! O_o


Been to Ipoh since this teeny weeny size but haven't been to d hot spring. Ok, I haven't even heard of it. (-_-)" *ashamed*.


Hey! Going to Ipoh...When?? How come so many places in Ipoh I have not been to eventhough I am a Ipoh boy. Y??


Heehehe...tak habis habis makan....LOL


Nice mountain spring place!! haha...and BIG Octopus:D


P.Pea: We should get our own food trip also... but always hard to organize.

Mei Yen: hahahah thank god it just looks real... if other wise..we are humanmeat

Kusahi-san: Kla is not in Ipoh, before Ipoh if you are coming from KL. In Sungkai.

WMW: hahaha habis adi ;p But this trip not bad... going with non foodies also can eat a lot.

Christy: you know what...all super cheap too!


I like Sg Klah - they did it up so nicely. I love all the food on yr journey - definitely one big food crawl.


woo kok leh! world's best somemore. I agree with you though. Too many places serve woo kok soaked in oil! the right one should be crispy but don't leave you feeling sick!


Wee.. I'm going back to Ipoh tonight. Hopefully to get my cam back and some food too!


boo: I really didnt expect to cover so much food! Lucky me that I traveled with a bunch of soon-to-be foodies.

daphne: yeahh this one u much try .. very good

jason: have a safe trip!


Been to Kla long time ago. Nice makan trip...U shld get eggs and hv 1/2 boiled eggs.


Kusahi_Keat: We wanted to.. but all of us kind of full and tired.. and the warm water really makes us all loose energy...and want to just sleep in the water..LOL!

team bsg

yr one trip here can cover all of Pj oredi for one month ah ?


BSGs: cannot la.. RM150 in PJ.. ..PJ food expensive la


No doubt the duck leg noodle and woo kok in Bidor are superb. Whenever my family drives up to Penang, we'll stop by there.


742: did you say you are from Penang? ahhh wait ... got to look got your email.. i need help locating for food in penang


I live in PJ but my parents are from Penang. So I still know limited places for nice food. =)


724: ehh you can speak, read and write japanese? wayy cool! ... i'm 15% otaku hohoho ... anyway dont have an email link do you? cant find it on your page leh.


No, I dont have one in my blog. Here you go... (Add me)

I can only read and write but not speak japanese. I know a little bit of basic grammar... Still learning ^^

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