Monday, October 01, 2007

Pork ribs

Stuck at home for the whole week because work duty calls for me to be 5 minutes away from my laptop. So what can I do other than watching all my dramas and animes? Cook!

Actually, I don't have a choice. I can't go out for dinner. *sign* So I declare this week PORK WEEK! A quick lousy post for today, but I promise better pictures on the next post.

Depressing pork ribs that I made. Just marinated with sugar, pepper, light soya sauce , thick sweet soya sauce, corn flour and olive oil. Pan fry until the outer part is a little burnt. I mixed another mixture of the same ingredients with out the ribs, and dilute it with water. Boiled and stir it for a bit to get the sauce.

It actually turned out quite nice. LOL... ok for something impromptu and quick.

Some greens to make me feel less unhealthy. *ahem*

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8 pieces of worms:

Big Boys Oven

aiyoh don't merajuk lar..... we got present for you on the way to your home!!!! we miss you tonite!


Slightly burned ribs the best man! so much work till cannot leave laptop? take care!!


dont have also =( wanna cry adiii ;p


daphne: actually i dont have work... i'm on a 24/7 support work where i need to attend to any problem when i recieve it.


Ei Ei, anymore pork rips? I come by these few days ya gracious hostess? =P



poor thing... *hugz*


Tahan... one week only :)


Nat: hahahah soon.. soon...

MeiYen: two for days... then merdeka!

jason: 2 weeks actually... one week secondary.. one wee primary

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