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Restaurant Chin Hiong

It was about 8.30pm when we arrived at Restaurant Chin Hiong. (Lot 2, Batu 22, Jalan Batu Arang, Kampung Sungai Bakau. 03-6092 0628) Other than the few flogger that I have met before, I met five other flogger during this dinner. Hi you all :D


I was lost for words when I saw the golden soup bowls that were placed on our table when we first entered the restaurant. None of the other tables had this and this made me feel like I was a Chinese royal family having dinner. Quite over the top actually for a Saturday night dinner hor? …but I think after this, I might just buy a cheapo golden set of Chinese cutleries.

This dragon head reminded me of a cake I saw at Culinaire Malaysia 2007.

After admiring the golden bowls and the reflection it gave, the first dish is served.

'Tai Kek Chi', in English, Tai Chee Fins. (RM45 per head) This Yin and Yang soup is eaten with shark fin and scallops. The white soup was filled with crab meat and the red, with abalone sauce and shredded chicken. This Yin and Yang soup should be eaten separately and not mixed together. I think there’s too much chicken in the abalone sauce because I could only taste and smell chicken. I find both soup on the salty side.

The shark fin and scallops is to be eaten either separately, or with the soup. Old cucumber is used with the dried scallops, then boiled. Very nice even when eaten alone.

'Kei Lun' is known as the lion's head. This is no lion, but 'Ming Har' prawns. (RM8 for 100g. RM80 for about 11 prawns) The prawns, cleaned and knotted, deep fried then poured over with sweet and sour sauce. The first thing I did was suck the juices out of the prawn head. Very very nice with all the prawn paste in it. *slurp*

We were told to add this special black pepper, sweet salty onions, spring onions and chili to the prawns before we eat them. The prawns was already good by itself, but with this sauce, even better. The prawns and sauce went really well with each other. But again, strong flavor, but a little on the salty side.

'Chu Pai Kuat' aka pork ribs. (RM30 per rib) The ribs, marinated with 9 different types of Chinese herbs and then double boiled. The ribs are deep fried before it is served. I didn’t notice the herbal taste in the ribs until I was told about the Chinese herbs use. The herbal taste could have been stronger.

Fried 'siew yoke'. This came with the pork rib.I believe the same style of cooking but using the ‘fa yoke’ part of the pig. The pork fat was absolutely delicious, softer then the usual fat from the double boiling but I found the meat a little tough and dry for my liking.

'Yat Fan Soun Foong' means Bon Voyage. (RM25 per kg, RM50 for this serving) This fish dish uses the 'Kuai Mei Yui' … weird smelling fish if translated directly to English. LOL! The fish smelt anything but weird. The fish was fillet and then deep fried with flour then cooked with a sweet and sour sauce. Taste like a mix of plum and barbeque sauce. Sounds weird but tasted absolutely delicious. Chef AhTek mentioned that he have used F&N Orange drink for this dish and Sid pointed out the curry powder in it.

Hakka 'Chi Sau' aka Hakka style pork hands (the front feet) (RM25). The pork hands deep fried simmered in a sauce of Chinese mix of 'tong kuai', 'kan chow', 'pat kok' (star anise). The usage of smoked garlic brought out a certain unique fragrance of the pork. The fragrance of the 'pat kok' and the smoked garlic used with the pork did not quite cover the heavy pork ‘sou mei’ smell. I didn’t quite like this Hakka style sauce with the pork.

Doesn’t this looks like some alien baby in a placenta? HAHAHA well, this is just marinated pork ribs stuffed in the pig stomach which is then boiled in a pepper mixture.

Somehow I didn’t like any of the pork dishes, including this one. The ribs were cooked but the meat wasn’t as tender as I have expected it to be. The pork stomach was over boiled, it lost its rubbery texture.

'Shar Yui Yoke' aka shark meat. (RM30, RM5.50 per 100g) The meat cooked in a claypot with lots of ginger to kill the smell.

I really like this dish. Reminds me of having terrapin. The thick layer of skin’s texture is like having pork fat… minus all the unhealthy cholesterol. The meat surprisingly was still tender, just a little more tough compared to a baby shark.

'Hor Sa Tin Kai' aka baked sea sand with frog. (RM35 for 3 large frogs) This is really one unique dish. Chef AhTek mention that he personally collected sea sand and wok fried if until the sand turn hot and black. The sand is then placed in a claypot. A bowl of frog in 'tong kuai' flavored wine is placed on top of the sand. Chef AhTek mentioned that the 'tong kuai' is soaked with the wine for a month, and that the heat from the sand will further bring the fragrance out of the soup.

Very unique taste and very unique smell. Chinese wine, 'tong kuai' and burnt sand.

Overall a satisfying meal that we did not pay for. Thank you Chef AhTek for the dinner and for all the goodies. I will most probably not come here for everyday dinners, but will definitely come here for occasion dinners as I like the fancy and grand Chinese dish decorations and cutleries. I might just return for their other ‘not for the weak hearted’ dishes I saw on pictures ;p

To get to Chin Hiong Restaurant, you can take the North South High Way and take the Rawang exit. Take a left turn at the traffic light and drive straight along the trunk road about 6 to 7 kilometers. Chin Hiong is located at the shop houses just before the Shell Petrol station.

Ok, so print this when you want to go to get a 10% off. Got to print this when I go for my ...ahemm.. other dishes there. Can't believe I'm saying this.. but I'll skip the pok there.

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"Joe" who is constantly craving

wahlau eh..thats about the grandest free tasting up to date eh?..will try lor..definitely..but so far..


wah.. that's a huge spread! lucky u, get to taste new upcoming lovely food.

Lyrical Lemongrass

what a feast!


Such interesting dishes. That pig stomach dish look quite scary. Wouldn rather it is served after cut or in smaller pieces.

wenching & esiong

We had a great time meeting you all that day! :)

Yeah, I agree with you on the Hakka style pork hands. Didn't really like the taste of it.

But I love the prawns! Overall, it was a really good dinner!


err...just wondering...how come still using old camera one leh?! hehehe...


joe: hehehe maybe the cutleries made it look really grand.

daphne: lots of food...need huge stomach also ;p

ll: indeed! too bad located so far...have to drive quite a long way

WC & ES: Actually I ws really disappointed with all the pork dishes. Noe even one was good.

ddkwh: hehehe this is one of my backlog post.


Agree that the pig stomach abit scary... and slimey too :P


hey hey ;) the first dinner with you and... it's so far away!
Had a great time meeting you and hope to see you again real soon ;)


whoa they have got all the fancy fancy name


jason: I always eat chopped up pic stomach only... haven seen the thing in whole

christine: yeah! count me in if you guys have any thing planned..food or non food ;)

kampungboycitygal: hahahahaha yeahh


wow!! all my favourite dish except the pig stomach..Did you guys always go piggy all the time?.hahaha!count me in pleaseeeee..

ai wei

love the Prawn, love the Prawn~

it was real nice to meet you that day and the other food bloggers. hope to see you again~


beachlover: email me your phone number! ...heheh unless you want to put it here ...i dont mind hehe

ai wei: it's nice to meet you too =)


Sure,Let me contact you b4 CNY.I'm going home wt dotter(KL)during CNY for months.


beachlover: ok.. just let me know

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