Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yap Yin and Bak Kut Teh

It was the Monday during the Raya holidays when my mom decided that we should have dinner at Yap Yin and Bak Kut Teh.

This restaurant was recommended by one of her good friends that have eaten there before. No1231 Jalan Sekolah Seri Kembangan (03-8943 5426) Although my mom’s friend tagged along, we still got lost locating the restaurant. If you are coming from the Bukit Jalil highway direction, go towards Seri Kembangan, pass through all the busy streets and turn left at the traffic light in front of the temple. If you see Public Bank, that means you have missed the traffic light. You will be able to see this SK10 sign clearly when you turn. Yap Yin and Bak Kut Teh is just on the left after the sign.

When I saw the fresh life crabs, I knew I had to have this. When we sat down, I saw the next table enjoying their crabs. Two person only having crabs and nothing else!

Steam crab aka ‘cheng ching kei chi kam chou’. The fresh crab is cleaned and steam with ‘kei chi’ and the slightly bitter Chinese herb ‘kam chou’. I thought that the best way to enjoy the natural sweetness of the fresh crab meat was to have it steam. I was wrong. I didn’t like the crab at all. I think steam crabs only taste nice with the softer shell crabs.

A plate of vegetables is a must when we order. The Kai Lan taste nice and sweet.

Steamed fillet snake fish aka ‘cheng ching sang yui pin’ was recommended by my mom’s friend. People say that eating ‘sang yui’ help people what have just went though an operation to heal better. Something about helping the scar being less visible. Anyway, the fish was very fresh. Taste wise, like any other fresh fish steamed using good quality soya sauce.

Steam frog with ginger aka ‘keong chong ching tin kai’. The frog steam with blended ginger and spring onions with a few table spoons of Chinese wine. There is no way better to cook fresh frog than steam. The ginger is used to cover up the fishy smell that the frog might give out. Sweet chicken like meat… yummy!

I highly recommend this in-house made taufoo dish. When the dish came, I was already attracted to it. I find the shape very unique. The taste was absolutely good. The sauce covering this deep fried smooth taufoo is excellent. Fragrant from the mushroom and the soya sauce. Not too salty, and sweet from the sweetness from the taufoo.

We tried to order the eel and braised pork knuckle but we were told that they were all sold out. I was so so disappointed =( It was just slightly pass 7pm and all gone already? I really have to have dinner there again as I saw the last pork knuckles being served from the large large pot. Smelt really good.

The bill came up to RM129 which I found reasonable.

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16 pieces of worms:


The fish is so fierce looking...though dead! hahaha....

Big Boys Oven

wmw, the fish looks good but i feel you will prefer the pork!

The tofu looks gorgeoues indeed. Hey! shall we make a dinner do soon, I was told there is a delicious and good chinese food in town, shall we try?

"Joe" who is constantly craving

hmm looks decent wor..all steam = being healthy??..i think the frogs should be steams with chicken essence..damn shiok!


I brought my family here once as they heard abt the sang yue. They absolutely loved it. We were fortunate to have the pork knuckles stewed with chicken feet and the best dish of all was their Rice Wine chicken.

Loads of wine added in and so incredibly good to the last drop. The wine is not made by them but we bought a bottle home.


Sri Kembangan? I'll pester Kusahi Keat. Time for him to prove his claims that area is his territory! Muahahaha.


That's why I love toufoo dish. Especially those with a hint of egg :)

Precious Pea

tummythoz, can i follow too? Hahaha..otherwise, please give me Kusahi Keat's number.

All the dishes looks yummy. But why on earth they put the bitter plant into the steamed crab. I usually steam mine with minced garlic and lots of chinese wine.


the fish is fresh no doubt. You can try their fish porridge next time. Delicious! the pork knuckles are also good!
There's quite a lot of good food in Seri Kembangan.
Ring me la. I'm nearby! We go makan together. hehe.. *my muka is tebal*


didn't know the difference between hard and soft shell crab + meat for steaming/frying..etc. Nevertheless, all the seafood makes me wants to eat!


hmm.. i was expecting to see some bkt, but only found seafood ^_^
so is the bkt on the wish list ?


Aiyah! SK! My territory. Got a lot of good stuff there. This place open from noon onwards. U sure get the pork knuckle and also the 'sang yui' cook with dried chilli, butter fried... and BKT very rich in flavour.


wmw: hahaha lucky the pic is blur.. if not ah lagi fierce

BBO: hey yeahh we should.

joe: heheh trying to be healthy.. *cough cough* Aiyor frog is good on its own.. no need essence adi one.

boo: ohhh they let you bring your own Chinese wine for cook? nice nice.. got to ask my aunt for one bottle.. she makes really good chinese white wine.. too bad she's all the way in Setiawan.

tummythoz: ehhh really ahh.. how come he never review places there one

jason: yeah lo.. this one really good.... i think the best in-house tofo i have tasted.

P.Pea: that crab... cannot la. It's with egg and some Chinese wine.. didnt like it at all with or without the vege.

christine: =( so sadddd. i was looking at the huge pot of BKT...and the guy took the last one out ..chop for another table

daphne: hehe easy only. The ones which you can crack with your teeth, thats the soft. When cooked the crab is light orange with white patches.

ling239: aiyorr yeah lo.. not wish list.. the must list LOL

Kusahi-san: we all should go... soon soon.. every where also must go.. Cagayan's also I haven plan yet LOL!

wenching & esiong

I prefer to have sweet n sour style crab instead of cheng ching crab. The taufu looks nice though, I love taufu!! Hehe!


wah...those alive crabs look so hitam...hehehe...but looked so delish when steamed! And the fish looked banyak garang too!

The last photo is taufu? I thought it's fried yam paste. Looked very unique and delish to me.. :)


Seafood!! Very nice....except the frog...:p Heehe...don't mind me, I am not one for exotic food:p
But the fish sure looked scary though:(


hahahaaaaa... looking forward to your bkt post ~ ^_^

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