Friday, November 30, 2007


In English, it's called farm frog.
In Cantonese, it is 'tin kai'.
In Mandarine, 'tian chi'
In Bahasa Melayu, Malay language, katak is frog.
And... just learnt that frog is called 'tavale' in Tamil.

But this is not a language frblog, so let me continue with the food.

Since for many weeks a few months ago, I have been eating frogs every single week without fail. Taste like chicken ;p

My mom started to make ginseng soup using frogs instead of chicken or pork. Much lesser oil, but much sweeter.


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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Neighbourhood Coffeeshop

I had lunch with Kusahi-san yesterday and coincidently he mentioned about corner coffee shops near Equine Park's Jaya Jusco. I will most probably be moving out of my beloved P.J home to that far far away place in Serdang. ....wait... I think that place is even further than Serdang.

Anyway, my parents have been checking on the renovation work progress for weeks now, sometimes I tag along sometimes just to make sure they have the opinion of the 'younger people' opinion because they tend to over look some issues ;p

Where to eat near by? Well, this coffee shop is a 5 minute drive from my soon to be home. This nice clean coffee shop is located along Jalan Equine 9 in Equine Park, Serdang.

All the drinks are listed on a sticker menu that is stuck to every table that actually make drink ordering much easier.

The stalls.

I order the umbla sour plum drink. There are not much place that actually have this delicious drink.

The pork ball noodles didn’t look good. But I was quite surprised that the clear soup was actually very flavorful. Very nice indeed.

Char Queh Teow tasted not bad too, but it would be perfect if the noodles were a little drier.

The sotong kangkung I ordered tasted ordinary. They were very generous with the peanuts.

I order cockles from the same stall that the sotong kangkung came from. This is the best plate of ‘see ham’ I have every had! Usually the see ham I get are dry and overcooked, or bloody and under cooked. This… I really like as its right. My dad and I finished the whole plate by ourselves. … No regrets even though I got a boil on my leg the next day. I was and still am not used to eating so much at one go. My liver could not filter all that seafood toxin out of my system. ;p

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Yishensu, A Vegetarian Connoisseur

My parents were away for the week end. I didn't have the energy nor the mood to cook so I dragged (actually she was more than willing to get out of the house too) a dinner movie date.

It was about 7.30pm when we reach Yishensu, A vegetarian Connoisseur. This month old vegetarian restaurant is located at Lot G207, opposite TGIF in the old wing of One Utama.

Ever since I saw the interior decorations, I have been wanting to try the food. Just love the flower arrangement at the entrance. I like the well lit place and the color scheme of the restaurant. Feels very cozy and comfortable.

A lady, should be the boss, told us that we would have to wait for the food as they restaurant was quite full that day. Me and my sis wasn't rushing anywhere so we waited.

As we wait... I enjoyed my carrot juice (RM6) and my sis her with her iced lemon tea (RM4.50) We waited... and waited... and an hour later our first dish came.

Vege bread roll with fruit salad. (RM14.80) This vege roll is made of vegetarian ham, cucumber, carrot wrapped with white bread. I was looking for the fruit salad what was mentioned on the menu... but... no fruit salad to be seen. This was kind of pricey.

I loved the lemon dipping sauce that came with it. Tasted like a mayo tar tar lemon sauce or some sort. I believe this is made in house. Good stuff.

I ordered the Wan Tan Mee with stewed G and dumplings (RM8.80). I didn't know what stewed G was... G = pig. HAHAHA yup, you got to pronounce it in Cantonese.

The noodles doesn't taste like the Wan Tan Mee in the coffee shops. I think another in house made noodles. But, too soft for my liking and not fragrant enough. The G however was better, but still no WOW factor.

The dumplings in soup was very nice. The Wan Tan skin is (I think) in house made as I could taste the difference. The skin doesn't have the alkaline taste and this tasted soft and smooth, yet tough enough to give the nice chew the normal Wan Tan skin does not. I have no idea what the filling was, but they should be more generous with it la.

My did ordered the braised mushroom chicken noodles (RM8.80). Wan Tan noodle with vegetarian meat and cuttle fish. I tasted the sauce a little, reminded me of the Hokkien 'loh ap', or in English, the braised duck. It had a clove in it.

I agreed with my sis when she said the sauce was too diluted. It didn't give the dish the kick.

However, my sis went on and on about this vegetarian chicken. Really looked like chicken. See the pores of the chicken skin? Cool huh.

Overall dinner was enjoyable =)

...went for Beowulf after that. Syok!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Auntie MaMa Home Recipe

The first time I had lunch at Wisma Cosway, I ate the Chicken mushroom pie at Demi Tasse. I didn't like the pie at all, and thought I would give Auntie MaMa Home Recipe a try. The shop is located on the first floor in Wisma Cosway, just opposite Demi Tasse.

I actually had a hard time ordering because they had quite a number of rice and noodles choices. There are lunch set menus as well as ala carte dishes with separate rice. Since there was only me and two other of my colleagues, we had separate dishes.

The ginger pork rice (RM6.90) tasted light and simple. Nothing to wow about but still considered a good lunch.

The home made fried potato noodle (RM9.90), I think, is a Hokkien dish? Or is it Hakka? I tried a few pieces of this home made potato noodles, tasted very chewy, something like eating a softer version of squid. It's main ingredient is potato and rice flour. Tasted quite good, like Hokkien 'tai lok mee' noodles, but way too oily for my liking.

I ordered the fried 'tong hun' glass noodle (RM8.90). The cooking style and ingredients is the same as the fried potato noodle with loads of cabbage, ....

... and 'chu yau char' aka lard!

I have eaten 70% of the lard in my 'tong hun' but there is still this much! It's scary that they have put 2 huge soup spoons full of lard just to fry one plate of noodles. It's nice having lard in dishes, but I felt a little squeamish after that. Just way too much oil and lard.

If you love lard, this is the place for you. Did I mention that they also used lard for the fried potato noodle and even the ginger pork rice? Yes they do!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rojak buah

Still super busy! My brain is so rojak right now. My brain neurons are haywired, being toast and turn with the little brain juice that I have left.

I have two places where I get my rojak buah. If I'm home, I will always head to Atria for rojak buah.

The stall is located outside the side entrance of Atria in front of the stall makan area. This uncle, sometimes his wife, man the stall.

I don't seem to like other rojak buah. My parents used to 'ta pau' the rojak home for tea too. But it's nice to eat there. ...then have a cup of soya bean or a bowl of tau foo fa from the stall van right beside of the rojak stall.

When I'm at the office, the nearest place to get nice rojak buah is in Jalan Alor. The stall is located right in front of Meng Kee grill fish restaurant.

I usually have to wait some time to get my rojak but it's ok for good rojak. They also sell the crunchy keropok kepit where they squeeze tons of rojak sauce on the keropoks, then sprinkle crushed groundnuts, and sandwich them together. Absolutely delicious!

Too bad I don't have pictures... I'm always busy eating ;p

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Restaurant Sai Gong

One of my colleagues brought me here to celebrate his 10th anniversary working in the company. It's not some where near work, so we all drove to Restaurant Sai Gong in 63 Jalan 1/62D, Medan Putra Business Center in Bandar Menjelara Kepong after work. It didn't take me long to locate the place because the restaurant is in the same area where The Bird is. (Bookings can be made by calling 016-6000655)

The dishes I try were just awesome so I just had to bring my family here to try. I keep ranting how great the food is until my sis had to shut me up LOL! Too bad my mom was traveling; I think she would have loved the food here as well.

After taking orders, me munched on flat beans (RM2). This is not your ordinary flat beans, but this is fried with butter as I could smell and taste the fragrance of it.

The traditionally preserved lime (RM1.50) advertisement was stuck to the wall caught my dad's attention. All 3 of us ordered that. Nice, but I think they should have given two preserved lime in a larger cup. That small cup not enough la.

The 'sai yong choy' soup that was on the house came first. I didn't expect much from something that was free, but this is one nice soup. I could really taste the sweetness in the soup. And they definitely used pork meat with this soup.

Our vegetables (RM6). Forgot what this is called in Chinese but it's the leafs you have in Caesar salads.

I didn't like the sesame pork ribs (RM12) the first time I tried it. I decided to give this a second try because my colleague mentioned that the one I had wasn't made nicely. On second try, it tasted better compared to my first time. The sesame fragrant was nice and the meat juicy but on the tough side. I'm still a fan of soft tender juicy Cagayan's when it comes to pork ribs.

'Sam Pui Tin Kai' or three cups farm frogs?... was something really worth the RM20 paid. My sis who usually don't enjoy frog dishes loved this. I think she ate most of the frogs too. According to Ah Wah, one of the guy who was running the place, this cooking style is famous in Taiwan and anyone would know the three cups cooking style. I was later told that it is called three cups as the main ingredient for the sauce is a cup of sugar, a cup of wine, and another cup of something. Cool huh?!

I ordered the steamed bun (RM2.50) instead of the fried one because ...well, just wanted to try the difference. My bun was still soft unlike the steamed bun that Mei Yen encountered but I think I like the fried one better because of the crunchy skin.

What's the bun for? For the coconut butter crab (RM50) of course! This is the BEST CRAB I HAVE EVER EATEN! No coconut is added to this crab but the chef named it that was as customers always mentioned that it tasted like coconut butter sauce. Milk is used along with butter. Smoked garlic, onions, curry leafs and other ingredients are fried with chili oil then mixed with this butter sauce. Perfect.

At that moment, my sis said "I know why you are ranting about this place, I really have no complains at all with everything we have eaten. The food is just delicious!". I took my favorite part of the crab, the top shell. Look at the meat! I have never eaten crab with this much flesh on the top shell for many many many years.

If you are lucky, you can get crabs with the eggs in it too. I had those the first time there. Sinful man, but absolutely delicious.

My dad took ate this crab claw. Look at the meat! (Looks so much smaller on picture...) Huge chunk of meat, fresh, tight and sweet! He said he felt full after eating that claw.

All three of us really enjoyed the meal.

If you are heading there before I do, do also try their clay pot terrapin (but not the terrapin paws) and their steamed shellfish lala with Chinese wine. Really good stuff too. I have got to bring my mom here very soon to let her try all this.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nothing to do with pizza

Let me quote Rasa Malaysia "When life is hectic and very busy, blog does suffer."

I know I have not been updating as much as I want to. Life at work have been so busy, complicated, messy, stressful, nasty, no clue what I am doing. Every time when I am in this position, time and time again I find myself thinking of .....

How did I end up studying Information Technology? How did I end up in the Computer Networking line? Do I see myself still in this area 5 years down the road? Can I still take the darn annoying phone calls at the wee hours in the morning? Will my face be able to take the frequent frowning when I'm stressed up? Will I get permanent eye bags with those late night conferences? I don't want to end up looking like a obasan. Will I still be able to tolerate all the back stabbing and office politics of the corporate world? How do I know if I am making the right or wrong decision? What if I end up wasting time? What if I end up on the other side of the fence but the grass is dead and there's shit hole every where?

The other times, I find myself staring at universities website. Downloading course summaries, admission forms, even corresponding with the dean on email. I often think of studying again. When I was 17, just after SPM, people would laugh at me when I told them I plan to graduate before I turn 21, and then be on my way to Masters at 25. I did manage to graduate one month before my 21st birthday. And now it's only one month away from my 24th birthday. I only have 13 months left before I don't get to say "Now... who was the one laughing at me?" If there’s a job called student, I’ll be the first to send in my resume. Study and get paid. I only wish.

When I put all this to text, it gives me a little bit of perspective. I seem to know what I want. A different job, and to start studying again. I used to be so determined and head strong in making decisions. Maybe because I was young and naïve also la.. but it worked of me. I used to be able, used to be so confident in myself. But now, I wonder why I just can not Just Do It. What the hell am I contemplating about? Arghghgh! *pulls hair and bang heads to the keyboard* I have changed so much.


*sign* … no money no study. Money issue also la. New job might mean lower income. I continue to work because it's good money. *sign* Studying part time won’t be easy. But if I study full time, I won’t have income to support myself. I don’t want to depend on my parents, I don’t feel like taking a load either. …. *signnnnnn* I wonder if some elderly rich lady is looking for a god daughter to look after.... *dreams again* Maybe terpaksa take loan also lor hor?

I just such a greedy person la. I want it all. But I can’t have it all.

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Monday, November 12, 2007


Work... too much work... I'm drowning... save me... F1 F1 F1!!

Sorry teacher, but I have to pass up my homework late.

5 things found in my room
1. My collection of 1, 5 and 50 cent coins.
2. My mini 6 inches colour TV which I would not trade over a flat plasma.
3. 14 DVDs that I have just borrowed from Nat. But I don't think I will have time to watch anytime this month.
4. My cannot do without hair drier.
5. A brand new 7 year old sepak takraw. Don't ask me why... I just have it, never played with it, and it's still in my room.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
1. Quit my job and study something else that I am really passionate about.
2. Quite the technical IT line and do into something that doesn't require me to work 24/7!
3. Travel the world with my other half. Got to look for him first though.
4. Become a forest ranger. But then I guess I would have to part with my hair drier.
5. To dance again.... I really miss dancing

5 things found in my bag
I guess this is my work bag...
1. Company laptop.
2. My personal and company cellphone.
3. TouchNGo card, RSA key, my SmartCard and thumbdrive all attached to my lanyard.
4. Herbal flavored Ricola and a Polo Mint sweet.
5. The only thing that gives me life... my Nano than plays music.

5 things found in my wallet
1. ATM cards, credit cards, discount cards, members card, insurance card, calling card and name card.
2. IC and drivers license.
3. Cash.
4. Nothing ...
5. ... else

5 things I’m ^still^ currently into
1. Dancing
2. Cooking, baking, eating... all the kitchen stuff
3. Need more fantasy stuff to read...
4. Animes ... tho I don't really have time to hunt for good ones. Kenichi! Apapapapa! LOL!
5. more dancing! ...I need to get my ass back into the studios!

5 floggers to tag:
1. I
2. have got
3. no energy
4. to tag...
5. Stand still so I can tag you.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Vote for us!

The videos are up online at!
WMW, Precious Pea, Jackson and me were one of the lucky 10 teams that participated in TheStar's Drive4Food contest. The task by TheStar was to do a video travel log for a friend who would like to take an 8 hour leisurely drive from KL to Penang covering food and places of interest to visit along the way.

We need your support in order to win! How can you help us?

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Check the checkbox for videos by Fantastic Four and AppleCrumbleTeam. And a third one as voters are allowed to vote for 3 videos.
Step 3: Click the Vote! button at the bottom of the page.
Voting completed!

Thanks in advanced for voting! Do also help up spread the news.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ikan Bakar

Yup I'm back already. Got to keep things short cos work + be getting food poisoning + Depavali Holidays = can't get work done. Got to rush a few implementations before the financial closing starts!

Quick update on the Drive4Food contest... the videos that we took using the Video recorder that was given to us were wasted as we didn't have the conversion tools to convert the files. Boohoooo =( But thank god for Jackson's cam that we saved a little bits and pieces from here and there and manage to put together 2 quite decent videos for submission. The videos will be published on the web...somewhere...sometime this week or next I think?... the 10 videos will be open to public voting. I don't really know what's happening next but I'll keep you all posted cos I will be counting on your votes! ;D

Oh before I forget, Happy Depavali! (Did I spell that correctly?)

From the KLCC mosque, walk towards Nikko hotel.

You will reach Wisma Zon on your left before you reach the end of the junction to turn left heading to Nikko Hotel.

Walk into Wisma Zon’s car park, you will see a green wall on the right side.

Walk straight ahead, look up and you will be able to see Menara Naluri.

The eating area where you can find delicious ikan bakar. If you are familiar with Po Ling Temple, this area is just on the opposite left of the Temple side entrance.

There you can find two stalls selling ikan bakar!

I tried the first ikan bakar stall as I was told that this is the stall which used to operate along Jalan Stoner which serves better ikan bakar, although they charge more.

The fish re-bakar-ed when you order and will be served with they are ready to your table.

I took quite a lot of chili dishes but some how most of them taste sweet rather that spicy. Either my taste buds are more immune to chili, or the type of curries and chili sauce as sweet.

I tried both the sting ray and the ikan kembung. (RM3.50+- per fish) I like both, but prefer the sting ray.

Both the fish comes with sweet sauce and chili sauce. You can choose to dunk your fish in the sauce and have it with your rice. Probably it's a better idea to use your finger while you eat (instead of the fork and spoon) as the whole hand finger action thing will surely make you love eating ikan bakar more. Don't worry about getting your hand dirty as they have sinks and clean water from the pipe at the eating area.

Overall a very satisfying and full meal =)

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