Saturday, November 03, 2007

Apple Crumble

Today is the day where we flag off for our Drive4Food/road trip/South to North food crawl. I can't sleep. I keep waking up every 15 minutes to look the clock. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and support and all the luck. (will return to you when I reach KL hehe)

But before I leave, let me post this. We made this Apple Crumble, a recipe from Fat Boy Bakes.

Thanks FFB for the recipe and inspiration!

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18 pieces of worms:


Leaving soon? Good luck (again) =)

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

hi teckiee, gd luck with everything ok! we just got back from vacationing, alot to do so blog hv to take a back seat for now! take care and looking forward to your next delicious entry = ) Mush

ai wei

Good luck in the contest!~
must wite up about the contest, k?


I would eat the top part, not sure about the bottom, not a fruit cake kind of person.

Big Boys Oven

oh so lovely, can you bake us one!

Xiu Long Bao

*Nod nod* pls refer to BBO's comment.

Imbi & Itchy

weiiii .... sudah makan puas puas, tada update ahhhh *foodielianne* mana boleh *shake head*


742: hey thanks for your reply!

mush: hey! so got your dose of Penang food adi la? will be waiting for your entries.. as for me.. i wont be covering much on the contest. Did have time to take pictures.

ai wei: dont think i'll be posting on the contest... i didnt take pics =(

ilovepearly: The bottom is actually like apple pie.. not really a fruit cake thing.

BBO, XLB: potuck maybe

Imbi&Itchy: tala ambik gambar la

wenching & esiong

Good luck for your road trip! The apple crumble looks good! I always love it!

Precious Pea

Hahaha...i guess the best way to pass time if you can't sleep is thru blogging. Actually not bad hor the apple crumble since it's our first time.


wah! this looks like a lovely crumble. Love the addition of strawberries..

btw, u r tagged!


Go go go!! All da best for the food drive contest:D
And your apple crumble looks I see strawberries there???:):)


wow.. i spotted sliced of bananas an strawberries inside! :D looks so yummy....

team bsg

aiyo still eating in Pg ah ?


Ahhh....relieved...we're back!


Got any leftover for me??


i would like to take this opportunity to thx FBB for the recipe... thx thx!


wenching & esiong: thanks!

P.pea: hehehe yeah..quite simple actually

daphne, mei yen: strawberries.. thats the apples with cinammon

BSGs: hahah i wished we had a week there.. back already.. but a bit busy with things at work.

wmw: you know that red keropok thing i bought along the Hiway when we came back...i got sick after eating that!

kusahi-san: hehehe make you new batch?

jackson: hehe

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