Saturday, November 24, 2007

Auntie MaMa Home Recipe

The first time I had lunch at Wisma Cosway, I ate the Chicken mushroom pie at Demi Tasse. I didn't like the pie at all, and thought I would give Auntie MaMa Home Recipe a try. The shop is located on the first floor in Wisma Cosway, just opposite Demi Tasse.

I actually had a hard time ordering because they had quite a number of rice and noodles choices. There are lunch set menus as well as ala carte dishes with separate rice. Since there was only me and two other of my colleagues, we had separate dishes.

The ginger pork rice (RM6.90) tasted light and simple. Nothing to wow about but still considered a good lunch.

The home made fried potato noodle (RM9.90), I think, is a Hokkien dish? Or is it Hakka? I tried a few pieces of this home made potato noodles, tasted very chewy, something like eating a softer version of squid. It's main ingredient is potato and rice flour. Tasted quite good, like Hokkien 'tai lok mee' noodles, but way too oily for my liking.

I ordered the fried 'tong hun' glass noodle (RM8.90). The cooking style and ingredients is the same as the fried potato noodle with loads of cabbage, ....

... and 'chu yau char' aka lard!

I have eaten 70% of the lard in my 'tong hun' but there is still this much! It's scary that they have put 2 huge soup spoons full of lard just to fry one plate of noodles. It's nice having lard in dishes, but I felt a little squeamish after that. Just way too much oil and lard.

If you love lard, this is the place for you. Did I mention that they also used lard for the fried potato noodle and even the ginger pork rice? Yes they do!

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12 pieces of worms:


Yummy!! I only can enjoy looking from far away!!.Love "chu yau char",don't care if healthy or not as long as the food is very delicious.


Hmm maybe can tapau back? Oops did I just said that out loud?

Big Boys Oven

cannot lar.... I am on diet now... gain to much weight! try to swallow those lard, but GOD says cannot! kekekkekekekkek

Precious Pea

Wah...lard! WMW sure happy to go there. I been there once, food not too bad. I tot all along the place was halal!


beachlover: i like lard too but.. that plate way too much!

Tummythoz: hahahah eat for tea ah? hahahahhahaha

BBO: aiyor everyone on diet.. i'm trying to control only hehehe. started back my gym sessions already too

P.pea: hahahaha too halal already ;p


wah... that's alot of lard. THen again, it's the lard that gives the flavor mah.. ;)


Oh God... lard be me bane... >.<


mama bok

Good price..! and give me lard anytime..! haven't had it for 7 yrs..!! time to fatten myself.. ;)


daphne: but thats too much flavor!


mama bok: LOL! All you need is the fatty pork part and load of oil. You can DIY but its really a hassle.


They is Japanese Rest on the first floor by the escalator served very nice food also. Demi Tasse was our regular also... "was"...


where's Wisma Cosway located actually? can anyone tell me?tq...


kusahi-san: ohh i pass by there a new times.. will try next time

dw: look for the pedestrian bridge from Pavalion KL over to Jalan Conlay. Wisma Cosway is just beside the bridge. Its near the Boneo Baruk Club too.

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