Friday, November 30, 2007


In English, it's called farm frog.
In Cantonese, it is 'tin kai'.
In Mandarine, 'tian chi'
In Bahasa Melayu, Malay language, katak is frog.
And... just learnt that frog is called 'tavale' in Tamil.

But this is not a language frblog, so let me continue with the food.

Since for many weeks a few months ago, I have been eating frogs every single week without fail. Taste like chicken ;p

My mom started to make ginseng soup using frogs instead of chicken or pork. Much lesser oil, but much sweeter.


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13 pieces of worms:

Big Boys Oven

I like the first picture of yours, it looks like the work of art! so cool! Here comes the KatakMan!


i always find them 'scary'.. but now.. i love 'feasting' on them! haha... "katak man"!

when will you be moving to equine? inform me ya! ;P



I've not seen any on the menus in the Chinese restaurants here...I wonder if they actually do sell it in Aus.


BBO: HAHAHAHHA its a skinned dead frog trying to escape the bowl!

christine: LOL! they better not make a cartoon out of frogs. cicikman enuff lah ;p

wen: i think u need to go catch em yourself? bring back to your bosses' kitchen to cook?

"Joe" who is constantly craving

no final product?? all inside ur stomach???


aiyoh....poor katak!! make soup only?..yalor..where is your soup pix?.


My mom used to make them for me.. because i had a problematic skin problem.. and she was told it helped.

team bsg

great ! you love muscles !


joe, beachlover: hehehe didn't take pic of the final product la. its just frog and ginseng in a slowcooker

mamabok: ehh really? then i have to eat more already

BSGs: HAHAHAHAHA yes yes.. but too big not nice la. tone and lean enuff for me hahaha

Precious Pea

Yummzz...i love katak too. Hmm..never tot of using it to boil soup though. Need a lot of it rite? Well...i shall stick to my katak congee.


i love them!!!!! it's yummy especially with porridge with "kung pou" style! but i dare not look at them when they still breathing lol...


Wahh... seems like I'm the only one who dont dare to try this :S


P.pea: eh.. i want to try bake frog. want to experiment together?

Mei Yen: you know what... when my mom bought them back and started to wash them.. one of the frogs had a spasam .. hahah freaked my mom out when the leg moved!

jason: aiyor u have to try liua. jalan alor of frog porridge. if not call p.pea to masa for u hehe

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