Friday, November 02, 2007

Golden Sand

You know when Chinese chefs come up with a new dish (see all that names that Chef AhTek gave his dishes), they always have very unique names that tells the story or the meaning of the dish. I am no chef, but I did think of something unique for this.

Golden Sand. The rice represents the sand and the eggs on top represent the gold yellow color that lays on the sand.

Not bad huh…LOL!

1 cup of rice
4 tomatoes, diced
½ tsp of salt
300g of minced pork
2 tbsp of soya sauce
Few dash of pepper
2 cloves of garlic
1 ½ tsp of diced ginger

1. Boil rice with diced tomatoes and salt. Lower the fire and continue to cook.
2. Transfer the rice to steaming pan when the rice is 80% cooked. Level the rice on the pan.
3. Marinade pork in soya sauce, pepper, garlic, onions and ginger for five minutes.
4. Add the pork in beaten eggs. And mix well.
5. Pour the egg mixture over the rice in the steaming pan.
6. Steam for 10 minutes or until the egg mixture cooks.

I didn’t have much ingredients to cook with so the recipe is very plain. But the next time I make this, I think it would be nice to have sliced shitake mushrooms (maybe salted egg and century egg too) on top of the eggs and broccoli or asparagus in between the rice and egg.

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11 pieces of worms:


steamed eggs and rice in one dish??!!!??? you're a genius, maybe can make this for my kid!

Lyrical Lemongrass

How innovative! Looks delicious too!


wow......that's new!!! looks yummy too...... i think with salted egg is good! ;)


What an innovative one dish meal. Maybe can add minced meat?


nicely done! It reminds me of baked rice!!!

wenching & esiong

What a thoughtful dish! I like the name that you gave to this dish!


babe_kl, ll, : hehehe i'm turning into a fussy eater. cant enjoy normal cooked meals. so try to make something that looks different, but taste wise actually the same.

mei yen: yeahhh .. like that steamed egg dish... minced meat, salted egg, normal egg and century egg...yummy

Tummythoz: yeah had minced meat in mine.

daphne: Me no oven.. so steam lah.. hahah use kuali only.. no steamer also hhahahha

wenching & esiong: hahaha golden I know..the sand part... i think i would want a golden brick or something.. ahhahha $_$

Big Boys Oven

"Kam Sar" what a good name....the golden sand....


BBO: hehe.. i only wish i have the real kam sar


This thing seems delicious, should ask mom make it next time and see how it taste like.


nicholas: heheh why not you make for your mom?

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