Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Neighbourhood Coffeeshop

I had lunch with Kusahi-san yesterday and coincidently he mentioned about corner coffee shops near Equine Park's Jaya Jusco. I will most probably be moving out of my beloved P.J home to that far far away place in Serdang. ....wait... I think that place is even further than Serdang.

Anyway, my parents have been checking on the renovation work progress for weeks now, sometimes I tag along sometimes just to make sure they have the opinion of the 'younger people' opinion because they tend to over look some issues ;p

Where to eat near by? Well, this coffee shop is a 5 minute drive from my soon to be home. This nice clean coffee shop is located along Jalan Equine 9 in Equine Park, Serdang.

All the drinks are listed on a sticker menu that is stuck to every table that actually make drink ordering much easier.

The stalls.

I order the umbla sour plum drink. There are not much place that actually have this delicious drink.

The pork ball noodles didn’t look good. But I was quite surprised that the clear soup was actually very flavorful. Very nice indeed.

Char Queh Teow tasted not bad too, but it would be perfect if the noodles were a little drier.

The sotong kangkung I ordered tasted ordinary. They were very generous with the peanuts.

I order cockles from the same stall that the sotong kangkung came from. This is the best plate of ‘see ham’ I have every had! Usually the see ham I get are dry and overcooked, or bloody and under cooked. This… I really like as its right. My dad and I finished the whole plate by ourselves. … No regrets even though I got a boil on my leg the next day. I was and still am not used to eating so much at one go. My liver could not filter all that seafood toxin out of my system. ;p

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22 pieces of worms:

Lyrical Lemongrass

I LOVE kerang!!!


the weather is so HOT here that i need that cold sour plum drink. And i miss RM$3.50 bubble tea... here we pay AU$4.50=RM$14+!!! for ONE CUP!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

wah u goin to move so so far away ar!?


Then you have no problem going back & forth to KLIA...that good rite?.Airasia on sale all the time!hahaha!!Love cockles!!


food actually looks pretty good i think!


More good food to SK of course.


SK's got pretty good food around so I've heard (For better ones venture into the old town part). Though I've not been traveling around too much. =P

Perhaps one of you who's farmilar could take me around there some time. =)

Hey teckiee, there's this place that sells claypot base black pepper soup (With variety of pork meats inside). They call it 'lap tong'. Can't remember where in Old SK some of your friends might know.

Many say it's nice. I've been there only once. Quite ok affair.



ll: ahahahh ehh i got a suggestion for a next gathering.. we should have BBQ... meat and seafood. should be nice la... can have all the lala and kerang!

daphne: hmm canoot convert and compare la. but 4.50 aud.. still $$$ leh

n.joe: yeah loooo thank god for hiways and car... but the toll is going kill my pocket

beachlover: HAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! the more reason to fly??? hahahahhaha

KY: yeahh food looks good, taste also good.

Kusahi-san: hahaha can call u out for late night mamak adi

Nat: ohh hmm i need to find out. tell me more tonight.


u gonna move to Serdang?? u sure?


hohoho kgboy is going to shift over starting from january 2008 too..u can ask him out for dinner, i grant u the full permission


Oh our place will be dang close soon! Wah we can have a small gathering together with kgboy oredi. Kekeke :D


I have another friend who's moving to Equine Park too...Rent a room in PJ! Hahaha...

Big Boys Oven

hahahahaha next food tasting Equine Park, pls conact me for the details...... teckiee us up this time ya... tumpang your car!


i like this drink too...
we always joke about this drink.... and we called it umbrella drink hahahaaa.... :p


jackson: should be confirm liua. parents very 'gian' of the new place. house also doing renovation liua.

citygal: hahaha ok! but u can always join us for all the the makans =)

sexy beast: near mehhh I tot u stay in cheras?

wmw: hmm i'll miss PJ. ...see how la. Is Jason move to PJ.. I might just bunk in with him LOL

BBO: hahahaha eh the steamboat place u talked about.. not that nice la. I tried already. Didnt like it.

ling239: ahhh unbrella drink. easier to remember. until now i dont really know what the drink is realy called. some call it kedong dong... then some english guava.. weird la


moving? ;)
very near to my place leh... haha.
can come out for tea.. and food already!! when? ^^

the char kuey teow in this rest. is good.. I only fancy this while eating out at this coffeeshop..

ai wei

moving to serdang soon?!
dun worry, there are lot eateries in serdang ^^

by the way, the sotong kangkung looks good!


christine: ahh not too bad. at least a few of you living near by

ai wei: lots of nuts. like them with they are generous with it.


I love see hum.. but can't stomach so much in one go either.


mamabok: i think we all can stomach it.. the body wont take the after effect only ;p


Moving to Serdang? That's so sudden! But according to Tankiasu, Cheras and Serdang is not that far. :)

Err.... I'm not moving to PJ anytime soon la.. hahaha.


jason: Hm.. i always tot Cheras and Serdang is two ends. ...move to Serdang then..yahhahaha

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