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Restaurant Sai Gong

One of my colleagues brought me here to celebrate his 10th anniversary working in the company. It's not some where near work, so we all drove to Restaurant Sai Gong in 63 Jalan 1/62D, Medan Putra Business Center in Bandar Menjelara Kepong after work. It didn't take me long to locate the place because the restaurant is in the same area where The Bird is. (Bookings can be made by calling 016-6000655)

The dishes I try were just awesome so I just had to bring my family here to try. I keep ranting how great the food is until my sis had to shut me up LOL! Too bad my mom was traveling; I think she would have loved the food here as well.

After taking orders, me munched on flat beans (RM2). This is not your ordinary flat beans, but this is fried with butter as I could smell and taste the fragrance of it.

The traditionally preserved lime (RM1.50) advertisement was stuck to the wall caught my dad's attention. All 3 of us ordered that. Nice, but I think they should have given two preserved lime in a larger cup. That small cup not enough la.

The 'sai yong choy' soup that was on the house came first. I didn't expect much from something that was free, but this is one nice soup. I could really taste the sweetness in the soup. And they definitely used pork meat with this soup.

Our vegetables (RM6). Forgot what this is called in Chinese but it's the leafs you have in Caesar salads.

I didn't like the sesame pork ribs (RM12) the first time I tried it. I decided to give this a second try because my colleague mentioned that the one I had wasn't made nicely. On second try, it tasted better compared to my first time. The sesame fragrant was nice and the meat juicy but on the tough side. I'm still a fan of soft tender juicy Cagayan's when it comes to pork ribs.

'Sam Pui Tin Kai' or three cups farm frogs?... was something really worth the RM20 paid. My sis who usually don't enjoy frog dishes loved this. I think she ate most of the frogs too. According to Ah Wah, one of the guy who was running the place, this cooking style is famous in Taiwan and anyone would know the three cups cooking style. I was later told that it is called three cups as the main ingredient for the sauce is a cup of sugar, a cup of wine, and another cup of something. Cool huh?!

I ordered the steamed bun (RM2.50) instead of the fried one because ...well, just wanted to try the difference. My bun was still soft unlike the steamed bun that Mei Yen encountered but I think I like the fried one better because of the crunchy skin.

What's the bun for? For the coconut butter crab (RM50) of course! This is the BEST CRAB I HAVE EVER EATEN! No coconut is added to this crab but the chef named it that was as customers always mentioned that it tasted like coconut butter sauce. Milk is used along with butter. Smoked garlic, onions, curry leafs and other ingredients are fried with chili oil then mixed with this butter sauce. Perfect.

At that moment, my sis said "I know why you are ranting about this place, I really have no complains at all with everything we have eaten. The food is just delicious!". I took my favorite part of the crab, the top shell. Look at the meat! I have never eaten crab with this much flesh on the top shell for many many many years.

If you are lucky, you can get crabs with the eggs in it too. I had those the first time there. Sinful man, but absolutely delicious.

My dad took ate this crab claw. Look at the meat! (Looks so much smaller on picture...) Huge chunk of meat, fresh, tight and sweet! He said he felt full after eating that claw.

All three of us really enjoyed the meal.

If you are heading there before I do, do also try their clay pot terrapin (but not the terrapin paws) and their steamed shellfish lala with Chinese wine. Really good stuff too. I have got to bring my mom here very soon to let her try all this.

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there are actually three Sai Gong in Kepong area, i suppose all run by own family members =D


arghhh....everytime i go to this site i always end up drooling...=.=''

Big Boys Oven

crab looks nice so does the frog!


babelearner: yeah, my colleague mentions the other branches as well.

dw: LOL!

BBO: both are really really good!

wenching & esiong

Does the crab really taste that good? Thanks for introducing!


the frog and the crab look so delicious ~ prices are reasonable too, tks for sharing ^_^

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

the crab claw looks fantastic, here crab VERY VERY expensive, almost unaffordable heheheheh, will get some though to hv as our new years eve meal! hope u r less busy now Teckiee! take care ok! hugs


Ooo.. delicious looking crabs! I've been wanting to get my hands on those butter crabs for so long! Still haven't find the time to go for a crab meal..! ;P


sai gong has always been consistently good... hmm yumyum


Look at THAT size of the claw..... oh man, and i can so imagine soaking the man tou into the sauce.. *slurp*

Imbi & Itchy

THE claw *swallow saliva*


wenching & esiong: really very nice! the crab is huge fresh and sweet too!

ling 239: you must try the waterfish also... one fav.

mush: ahh but lamb and other meat cheaper right? got plus and minus lah.

christine: aiyorr how cannnn. i have already tried butter prawns, fish, crabs..even sotong!

babe_kl: hmm food is good, but i noticed that if Sai Gong himself cooks, the food taste even better!

daphne: heheh but fattening lo

Imbi & Itchy: hahaha


Gosh, the gravy on the crab is so tempting!


the vege is called cos lettuce. i miss eating crabs....the closest thing to a crab that i eat here is erm the crabsticks :(((


Yalah...nice looking gravy with that crab dish!

Precious Pea

Crab crab crab...long time no crab oledi.


they have 1 more outlet at kepong baru and guess that's da old sai gong and we usually love coming here for their "tai chow" dishes cause they are not expensive ;)


oh my god, im on "diet" la, after view this...........think of going there


Yup...there's so many Sai Gong around in Kepong and I have yet to try either:p


tht one is a crab or a drumstick? so fleshy one...


jason: you like the King Crab butter crab or not? this is almost the same except this one more ingredients and the curry leaf smell is very nice.

wen: u bila balik... say dont want to come back di... Christmas or CNY coming back or not. eat big big one la.

wmw: nice tasting too ;p

p.pea: hairy crab coming soon hehehe... still cannot confirm yet man. i might need to work... arghghgh will let you know the soonest.

Mei Yen: Old or new I think they really have the standard... i want to meet Sai Gong himself tho.

nicole: LOL! Eat First Think Later! ... diet no use one la.. eat then workout ;p

Christy: nehh you can drap Mei Yen out too to try.

sengkor: ...hahahahhaha crabstick! Tho not the one wen mentioned...LOL!

mama bok

Wow..!! must be a big crab..!


mama bok: actually the crab size is just medium. the flesh is really very full behind the shell


yaya went there b4..the boss is super frenly


da "sai gong" owner is a very friendly man.. his daughter who's operating at da old "sai gong" is very friendly too! :D


KampungboyCitygal: ohh i didn't meet the boss. got to meet his's son. but he was very friendly.. and funny!

Mei Yen: ohh daughter also.. i think whole family must be happy go lucky type

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