Monday, November 12, 2007


Work... too much work... I'm drowning... save me... F1 F1 F1!!

Sorry teacher, but I have to pass up my homework late.

5 things found in my room
1. My collection of 1, 5 and 50 cent coins.
2. My mini 6 inches colour TV which I would not trade over a flat plasma.
3. 14 DVDs that I have just borrowed from Nat. But I don't think I will have time to watch anytime this month.
4. My cannot do without hair drier.
5. A brand new 7 year old sepak takraw. Don't ask me why... I just have it, never played with it, and it's still in my room.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
1. Quit my job and study something else that I am really passionate about.
2. Quite the technical IT line and do into something that doesn't require me to work 24/7!
3. Travel the world with my other half. Got to look for him first though.
4. Become a forest ranger. But then I guess I would have to part with my hair drier.
5. To dance again.... I really miss dancing

5 things found in my bag
I guess this is my work bag...
1. Company laptop.
2. My personal and company cellphone.
3. TouchNGo card, RSA key, my SmartCard and thumbdrive all attached to my lanyard.
4. Herbal flavored Ricola and a Polo Mint sweet.
5. The only thing that gives me life... my Nano than plays music.

5 things found in my wallet
1. ATM cards, credit cards, discount cards, members card, insurance card, calling card and name card.
2. IC and drivers license.
3. Cash.
4. Nothing ...
5. ... else

5 things I’m ^still^ currently into
1. Dancing
2. Cooking, baking, eating... all the kitchen stuff
3. Need more fantasy stuff to read...
4. Animes ... tho I don't really have time to hunt for good ones. Kenichi! Apapapapa! LOL!
5. more dancing! ...I need to get my ass back into the studios!

5 floggers to tag:
1. I
2. have got
3. no energy
4. to tag...
5. Stand still so I can tag you.

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6 pieces of worms:


me + you = travel world together? Hahaha *hugs* RSA donker..nyuk nyuk. Can imagine. Hehehe

Xiu Long Bao

ei...i love coins too, esp 50 cents, the bigger the better :p


take care and try to have a good rest ya... ^_^

Big Boys Oven

aiyoh....I don't have time to reply my tagged also.... maybe later...

Rasa Malaysia

When life is hectic and very busy, blog does suffer. I am suffering now because I am so darn have been MIA in blogosphere. :P


unkaleong: haha india?

XLB: hahahha ehhh you read more 1 cents coins from next year!!! collect your copper quick!

ling239: hehehe i need heavy dose of sweet desserts.. no need rest lah hahaha

BBO: LOL! at least im not the only bad student

RM: hahahha so true!

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