Monday, November 26, 2007

Yishensu, A Vegetarian Connoisseur

My parents were away for the week end. I didn't have the energy nor the mood to cook so I dragged (actually she was more than willing to get out of the house too) a dinner movie date.

It was about 7.30pm when we reach Yishensu, A vegetarian Connoisseur. This month old vegetarian restaurant is located at Lot G207, opposite TGIF in the old wing of One Utama.

Ever since I saw the interior decorations, I have been wanting to try the food. Just love the flower arrangement at the entrance. I like the well lit place and the color scheme of the restaurant. Feels very cozy and comfortable.

A lady, should be the boss, told us that we would have to wait for the food as they restaurant was quite full that day. Me and my sis wasn't rushing anywhere so we waited.

As we wait... I enjoyed my carrot juice (RM6) and my sis her with her iced lemon tea (RM4.50) We waited... and waited... and an hour later our first dish came.

Vege bread roll with fruit salad. (RM14.80) This vege roll is made of vegetarian ham, cucumber, carrot wrapped with white bread. I was looking for the fruit salad what was mentioned on the menu... but... no fruit salad to be seen. This was kind of pricey.

I loved the lemon dipping sauce that came with it. Tasted like a mayo tar tar lemon sauce or some sort. I believe this is made in house. Good stuff.

I ordered the Wan Tan Mee with stewed G and dumplings (RM8.80). I didn't know what stewed G was... G = pig. HAHAHA yup, you got to pronounce it in Cantonese.

The noodles doesn't taste like the Wan Tan Mee in the coffee shops. I think another in house made noodles. But, too soft for my liking and not fragrant enough. The G however was better, but still no WOW factor.

The dumplings in soup was very nice. The Wan Tan skin is (I think) in house made as I could taste the difference. The skin doesn't have the alkaline taste and this tasted soft and smooth, yet tough enough to give the nice chew the normal Wan Tan skin does not. I have no idea what the filling was, but they should be more generous with it la.

My did ordered the braised mushroom chicken noodles (RM8.80). Wan Tan noodle with vegetarian meat and cuttle fish. I tasted the sauce a little, reminded me of the Hokkien 'loh ap', or in English, the braised duck. It had a clove in it.

I agreed with my sis when she said the sauce was too diluted. It didn't give the dish the kick.

However, my sis went on and on about this vegetarian chicken. Really looked like chicken. See the pores of the chicken skin? Cool huh.

Overall dinner was enjoyable =)

...went for Beowulf after that. Syok!

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18 pieces of worms:


Very nice texture for the wan tan mee. Did not order the fried goose? Saw Beowulf also... Really like Angel Jo so real!!!


Must try! Strange I keep passing by this place but just never did have the eye to try it out.

Wanna make a second trip? =P After gym-ing. And no guilty pleasures here I presume? Vegetarian is after all health food? =P


Big Boys Oven

I am meat person....pok, pok, pok....i want pok,pok,pok! lol! kekekekkek


awww look so.. vege hahax!! vegetarian can be tasted good too huh... slurp?! diet boleh kan? lolx, should visit it!!


i wanna try this place too but darling told me that we gonna eat lotsa "flour" here so ended up didn't try! now i know what kind of stuff they serve here... got noodles! wee... must drag him accompany me to try this place soon!


The last pic is nice and cute! ;o)


hahaha siu G, G yoke, very cute name instead


Syok of the actor or the storyline? Heheehe...


Kusahi-san: hmm the noodles too soft for me. Will orger the goose next round.

Natster: hahahah then u better not order all the deep fried stuff

BBO: hheyy that my line hahahah

yammylicious: hahaha another one dieting?

Mei Yen: ehh no la.. not flour. got good stuff.

WMW: hahahaha ;p


jason: hahahha too bad its animated ...but fight naked... ahahah thats the 1st i have seen.. he's got nice ass tho LOL

Precious Pea

How come i never notice this restaurant before? I like the flower arrangement too, maybe i will copy the concept for my new place.

Foodwise...ahem, i will make a pass...cos am like BBO...G G G G G G!

Xiu Long Bao this is the rest where u waited for ONE hour but still enjoyable? *salute*


hahahaaaa... i passed by this restaurant so many times but never tot of trying... me also meat eater leh ~ #^_^#


Even my staunch full-time vegetarian colleague gives it a thumbs up! ;-) With her ultimate seal of approval, I must check it out redi.


haha..stewed G! what a way to say that.. that beaded vege roll is indeed interesting BUT abit ex...


oohh... i wanted to try but i do not hv 1hour waiting time


I didn't know about this place and I was in 1U last weekend:P
Interesting...vegetarian seems to be the trend these days huh;)
Hahaha...and Stewed G...interesting name:p


Wow..!! i salute you and your sister..! 1 hr wait..!!


P.Pea: hahahaha ones in a while ok what. About the flower.. put outside ok.. mom said dried flowers in the house not good fung sui.

XLB: the boss told us we had to wait liua.. some more we had nothing better to do. sit down chit chat ok lo.

ling239: hahaha i love pok, the real thing or the vegetarian version ;p

tankiasu: actually got other nicer place for vege food lo. but this place also ok la.

daphne: yeah i agree with the price but I think the vege ham is the made it expensive

jackson: i think weekday not that pack

christy: everyone want to go on diets.. eat vege then no need to go on a super strict diet.

mamabok: hehehe sister bonding while waiting for food, so it was ok.

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