Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Elephant

I attended 'A Very Retro Christmas' dinner in The Elephant last night with almost 40 food bloggers and friends. Big THANKS for Precious Pea and Lyrical Lemongrass for organizing this gathering. Of course not forgetting WMW who helped out as much to make the dinner plans work. The initial plan was to have a little gift exchange going on, but the organizing team came up with a better idea. All pressies goes to the orphanage for Pick N' Brew's Sharity for Charity event.

Before I continue with the food review, I want to say...
I checked, I have boobs, they are real. And don't have the equipment.
I'm 100% female with the chromosome XY in me. (There goes my biology, or maybe I am still in crisis. HAHAHA! Thanks for pointing out.)
But my nick is still teckiee ;p HAHAHAHA!

And yes yes, I tried the boxers. They fit!

Before sitting down, I was chatting with SC, trying to get some travel and hotel tips and things to do and what not to do in Vietnam. I'll be heading there soon for a holiday! Wee!

Anyway, I grabbed a seat at the table near the window, the one with better lighting. Nat was kind enough to swap place with me because I didn't want to be 'queen' of the table. I got to meet Nic (khkl), Jun of From Durians to Floating Pies and her primary school mate Dennis.

Also with me around the table was Imbi&Itchy who brought my favorite Japanese plum wine Umeshu, Kusahi-san who's One Piece is still around my room some where though I thought I have returned them... need to clean my room. And of course there's Nipple Joe of Lots of Cravings. There's Joe and myself... I thought of FatBoyBakes who was M.I.A. but was very kind enough to leave us with his delicious durian cheese cake.

It didn't take long for our dishes to be served. The brown rice.

This is my first time trying the Pak Choop Pang Tod (Thai style vegetable tempura). I like it. The vegetables were crunchy and nice.

I didn't quite like the chicken in the Kom's Chicken Wings with Mango-Kiwi Dressing. The chicken wings was over fried and quite dry.

The avocados and rambutan in the Red Curry Duck with Konnyaku, Avocados and Rambutan were all gone when I had time to try the curry. The duck meat I think was pan shered before putting in the curry because moisture and the duck meat sweetness was still locked in the duck. The curry was with coconut milk, quite thick, felt a little spice after taste in my mouth about having this curry. Nice curry but for those who like really spicy curry, this is not the curry for you.

Chillied Lamb. The lamb cooked but not hard, left a chewy texture to the meat. I tried a piece of lamb together with the kafir lime leaf and loved the chrunchy texture and the fragrance that the leaf gives. Excellent stuff.

The Choo Chee Goong(Thai Yellow Curry with River Prawns) didn't quite work for me. ut maybe because I was too busy taking pictures of other dishes and left this on my plate. They should have given more yellow curry as the bread soak up most of them. And again the curry left a nice spice after taste in my mouth but just wish they turn the spiciness up a notch.

The Plah Nung Manow (Steamed fish) was fresh and without the mud taste. Very nicely steamed fish with just enough ingredients to cover the fishy smell but not kill the natural fish taste.

Som Tam Malakor (Green Papaya with Dried Prawns with Peanuts) didn't taste like the Som Tam I had in Bangkok. I really miss the food in BKK!

Tom Klong. This northern Thai Tom Yum with Fish Cutlets reminded me of the fish head noodle. I like this spicy and sour clear tom yam soup but somehow I feel like the soup was still lacking something.

I was busy chit chatting that I forgot about the Sago Pudding With Thai Mangoes. This was actually one of the test pictures that Jason took when he was helping me adjust my camera settings for a group picture with Jackson, XLB, KampungBoy and CityGal, BBO, ekeng, Ai Wei, Chris and Christine.

After WMW collected the cash I was thinking of grabbing it and then run away from Kenny's table ...speaking of his table... I honestly cannot remember everyone's name. We really need name tags next time. Can't remember the gentleman in black seated with Boo, Splashie Boy, Paprika and... and... ahh I can't remember his name either. Starts with A right? ... ? Aiyor

...Must be the wine. At least I still remember that I waved goodbye to Lyrical Lemongrass, Riz and The Chilli Man. Should have drank more of the Pandan and Krachiap Coolers.

Wait.. need to back track. After the money portion is settled, I hopped into the future kiasu sexy beasty DAP leader's car and went off for second rounds at Pirates.

The map to The Elephant below.

Block C-G4 Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13, Section 17.
Patrick +6012-3285028
James +6019-3608911
Soong +6016-3795759
Kom +6016-3459298

*Did I plug everyone? Did I miss anyone out?

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fresh dates from Shanghai

Have you ever wondered how the red wrinkly dates you use in soups and herbal teas look like when they are fresh from the tree? Wonder no more.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Conag Tiramisu

3pm. Office cell phone rings.

teckiee: Hullo.
xxx: eh Teckiee, guess where I am at?
teckiee: ah.. where?
xxx: Guess la, you came here last week.
*teckiee thinks hard. Didn't go anywhere last week except Menara Great Eastern...*
teckiee: GE ah? But how come I see you on your Notes IM one? (Notes IM = internal instant messaging system)
xxx: Yahlo. Took the day off to do banking. I'm at Alexis drinking coffee with the laptop.
teckiee: Bugger.. call me to tell me that you are relaxing ah... don't sai mang. (sai mang = rub it in)
xxx: Hahaha guess what I'm eating?
teckiee: Sai mang sai mang
*xxx ignores me*
xxx: A very nice tiramisuuuu. What or not? I ta pau for you? (ta pau = take away)
teckiee: ahhh I WANT!!
xxx: Hmm eh cannot la. I'm not going back to the office.
teckiee: SAI MANG! &$$%&^*&#@*& hahahahaha

Many weeks later... during the busy period... so focused until I forgot about lunch...

xxx: eh teckiee, no need to eat lunch ah.
teckiee: Har? Oh.. aiyah, lunch time over liau. Busy la.
xxx: Aiyah, yesterday you also like that. Na... belanja you one. (belanja = treat)
*teckiee's eyes widen.*
teckiee: Hohoho what is it?

teckiee: WAHHHH THANKIEW!!! This is that cake ah?
xxx: Yeah, was there just now. You better eat now, or keep in the fridge.
*slurp slurp... teckiee feels hungry already*

I finished off the Conag Tiramisu in no time. I tried the cake with the raspberry sauce that came with it, didn't like it. The cake is very nice by itself. The outer layer of melted sugar and almonds was very crunchy. I love the strong almond smell that came from it. The bottom layer of sponge cake soaked up with alcohol which gave me a boost soon after finishing the cake.

Check out the whole cake at Life Of A Food Lover. The whole cake looks so abstract with all the almonds on top.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Sai Gong, revisit

At last! After the many weeks of postponing my birthday dinner with my dearest family, "wait for your brother lah"... "oh your aunt's family will be here coming too, wait for them too lag" I finally got to sit down properly with my family for dinner just now. Kind of like Christmas eve dinner… *sign*

Where did I bring them? Sai Gong!

First thing I did was order the Sam Pui Frog (RM29). Absolutely delicious stuff which my DoReMi cousins enjoyed =) See Nat, DoReMi also no problem... you got to practice!

(I call my 3 cute little cousins DoReMi because these girls are aged only one year apart)

I didn't order the pork ribs because I was sure there was something better. I was recommended the Mongu Lean Pork Ribs Meat (RM18). This deep fried boneless meat with the sweet, sour black pepper sauce is delicious! When I took the first bite, FOOYOH! crispy and dry on the outside yet still moist and sweet on the inside. I requested the chef to add less black pepper so my DoReMi cousins can also taste it. I bet would have liked it more with the extra black pepper!

Steamed Red Snapper (RM60). Very fresh. The fish was huge with a lot of meat. And the best thing about this fish... no mud taste!

San Wu Tofu aka Coral Tofu (RM15). The thickness of the starch sauce was just right and there were plenty of huge chunks of crab meat that made the sauce seafood sweet. Good stuff.

One thing I didn't quite understand about the heating though... They had this for the San Wu Tofu to keep the mini wok of tofu warm, but none for the Steamed Red Snapper. Usually restaurants have warmers for steam fish, ...maybe they were running out of them?

Choy Tam (RM8). Some people say vegetables taste like vegetables, they all taste the same. I don't quite agree. ...This choy tam was just so so.

Wong Tai Miu aka King Vegetable Shoots (RM10). I know they look green in the picture, but they over cooked the Wong Tai Miu. They were a little brown. Taste wise was just so so too.

Coconut Butter Crab (RM48). The crab was nice, but not as nice compared to the previous times I have eater here. I asked the chef to cut down on the chili oil so my DoReMi cousins could try this out too. The dish ended up not as fragrant. But still ok la.

The kids loved eating the fried bun with the coconut butter crab sauce. I wanted to order another plate of the buns but I was told not too. The kids will end up eating buns more than crabs ;p

Baked Marmite Crab (RM48). Baked and BBQed crab should be cleaned and just baked or BBQed. Adding the marmite killed the natural sweet flavor of the crabs. Looks nice, but not to my linking. A wee bit salty too.

This is Re. It was jam all the way from Kepong back to my home. We had nothing else to do ... so we camwhore ;p! The big kura-kura is called 4D, the smaller one is called 3D. Toto is missing from the picture. (Singaporeans and loto numbers! Gosh!) The little one on the head is Snowye.

Restaurant Sai Gong is located at 63 Jalan 1/62D, Medan Putra Business Center in Bandar Menjelara, Kepong.(Bookings can be made by calling 016-6000655)

I'm off to watch AVP II.... HAHAHA yes on Christmas day! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and seasons greetings to all!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kor Tong

Isn't this cool? Tham Jiak have been doing virtual interviews of food bloggers. When I got her email I was hyped up about it and actually ditch my other work and started typing out answers to her questions. Hehehe! Thanks Tham Jiak for thinking about me =)

Anyways, yesterday was Tong Yuin day. When I said that, my mom gave me a karate chop on the head. She said "Tong Yuin day your head" ...yeah that's my head you are chopping :P... "It's called Kor Tong".

Making Tong Yuin, the little rice flour balls, is getting more and more boring each year. The standard "pin tong" (sugar cane sugar), peanut butter chunks, chocolate and sesame seed paste as filling is not appetizing anymore.

I wanted to use smashed Kei Chi or red dates to mix with the rice flour mixture but I couldn't find any in the house.

My mom took out a bottle of Chinese rice wine. Sunken at the bottom, are layers of rice wine bits.

My mom took some out to freeze it in the freezer so it will make wrapping easier. It was still soft and watery when I took it out though. Wrapping this was really hard. The liquid softens the rice flour quickly and makes wrapping it in to balls almost impossible.

Anyway, thank god we didn't make much of these. Tasted horrible terrible vegetable!

The ones with tapai aka Malay style fermented rice tasted better. Tasted better but still acquired taste. Mom loves it but I did eat more than two of those.

Wrapping these are not easy as well. My first one was a disaster as the tapai juice ate diluted my rice floor until I was unable to shape it. I didn't waste it though. I threw it into the already boiling water. Tasted the same, but shaped like an UFO.

I wonder what filling I should use for next year...

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Umai-Ya II

WMW: So what you want to eat?
Teckiee: Hmm, feel like eating Japanese.

We ended up in front of Umai-Ya II in Damansara Utama. This Japanese restaurant is just located beside Izzi.
49G, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama (03-77264410)

Nice cozy non smoking section with imitations tatami tables. There was a mosquito repellent plugged and turned on under the tables to keep mosquitoes away. Definitely a plus because I was bitten a few times at other Japanese restaurant that have the imitation tatami tables.

Kani Unatama Maki (RM20). This maki consist of softshell crab and unagi.
Absolutely UMAI! The soft shell crab gave the crispy texture while the teriyaki sauce used to season the unagi gave it a really good flavor. No too sweet, not to salty. Just perfect. I could have more of these.

WMW ordered the Beef Teriyaki Set (RM28) which came with the fermented bean tofu as appetizer and Shawamushi as dessert. Salad and fruits included.

I tried a piece of WMW's beef teriyaki, tasty meat but the texture can be improved. Still good stuff though.

The salad, aka salada.

This is the fermented beans tofu from our sets. WMW liked this a lot. Tasted very Chinese to me. But I guess some Asian dishes are very similar.

The shawamushi I like. One of the nicer steam egg I have tasted.

I on the other hand wanted something raw. I didn't really want to fill up my stomach with Japanese rice so I ordered the Sashimi Udon Set (RM30).

The soup with the udon was really good. The dried fish flake fragrance was really strong. I was expecting a saltier soup with the strong fragrance but to my surprise, the shop was salty sweet and just right. I like it so much I finished the whole bowl of soup. I give a ++ for the soup but not the same for the udon. The noodles came too soft, and the bowl lack ingredients.

Now for the good part, the sashimi. I have been eating this white meat fish, very sweet, and texture wise is rougher than any other sashimi. I have no idea what fish is that... I though it was the white tuna. But no lah, white tuna was in the sashimi platter and that's not the white fish that I love. The fishes were fresh, but I still like what white meat fish.

Overall a good meal. Will definetely be back.

*If you are a HSBC card holder, you get a 15% discount off ala carte items.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Of all places at Pavilion KL, we all ate at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. When my colleagues suggested the place I went "Harrrr why there? Nothing better to eat already meh?" in my head. Sorry folks I'm not a fan of Wong Kok.. at all.

But, better not complain so much lah hehe because if it's your birthday, and you have at least six person with you, (I am sure the bill will come way over RM30) the birthday person is entitled a huge bucket of iced milk tea.

I tell you, that's a really huge bucket because it was enough tea to for nine of us! The tea was thick, so we had to let the ice melt a little to dilute the tea.

I let my colleagues order for me since I'm such a "Aiyah Wong Kok not nice one" person. LOL! The King Boxer Luncheon Meat Man Tao (RM5.70) came first. The buns looked like of of those Chinese off the shelf buns and was a little hard. The luncheon meat slice was a little thin.

The Ham Sausage Spiral Pasta in Black Pepper Cream Sauce (RM10.90) was quite alright. It tasted a little bland at first, but the taste started to built after the third spoon.

The Fried HK Stired Noodle With Beef (RM8.80) is one of the better dishes I have tried in Wong Kok. The beef was tender and juicy, mixed with salty fried noodles.

Didn't manage to take pictures of all the dishes served because we were rush for time. The next time I'm at Wong Kok, I shall stick to the noodles. Some how the rice dishes don't suite my taste buds.

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