Thursday, December 06, 2007

Beef Noodles

Short quick post... still caught up with work in the office.

I took a day off work after the Drive4Food contest last month. When WMW suggested to have beef noodles for breakfast, I was Yeah Yeah I want to go! The first thing I thought about was the bull's testicles I saw at FFB's. But too bad, WMW said don't have already. =(

WMW, Precious Pea, Boo and I "dont have to bring home a cow to have special beef noodle" and I definitely let Julian Cheng's beef noodles do the "we let our quality do the talking". This came in a claypot, boiling hot. Everyone must try this. Tender beef with a very nice beef soup base.

While enjoying our beef, Julian prepared the beef noodles. I found a piece of ice in the ham choy. I wonder what is it for... I don't think it's for keeping it cool.

My bowl of dried beef noodle was very special indeed. Honestly, I am not a fan of beef noodles at all, never liked them. But this is something else. A little starchy, thick and sweet, light brown almost transparent. That is the 'something different' mixed together with the normal watered black soya sauce. It went really well the asam laksa style noodles and the pieces of different types of marinated beef.

You can find Julian at Restoran Khasiat (corner shop) at Jalan 17/12. If you park near Food Foundry, you can just take the steps down and out of the area towards Restoran Khasiat.

Monday to Sat 10.30am to 2pm
Alternate Sundays, call Julian at 012-3030626 to check.

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11 pieces of worms:


is it normal to have peanuts in there as well?


wish I can eat beef...Never hear assam laksa they sell other food than beef??

Kenny Mah

Not a big fan of beef noodles myself, but that's one "interesting" bowl there... when you say dry, it really looks dry, which is how I like my dry noodles to be... You know how some "dry" noodles are sopful of watery sauce? :P

Big Boys Oven

looks so yummy the problem I yet to taste this famous beef noodle! :(

Makan Kings

Looks great!! Where is the location?? Would love to give it a try some day.

-BKT King-


daphne: normal for this noodle i think. unique right? its really different compared to other beef noodles.

beachlover: hmm no woor. you allergic or due to religion?

kenny: this you got to try. i don't like beef noodles as well, but this one its quite good.

BBO: hehe can also go ma.

BKT: aiyak.. i guess i did a too quick post. Just updated the location.


Woo Hoo! Glad you like it.

Nic (KHKL)

looks good...kinda reminds me of the one they serve in seremban's market. the thick dark sauce is a killer, right? haha!


Wah.. bull testicles? O.o


wmw: hmm lets see. pork = pok. beef = bep ? LOL

nic: yup, precious pea mention that the its almost the same. yeahh love the sauce.

jason: ...hahahaha yup ;p


These $4 noodle soups come with beef, brisket, lamb, tripe, duck, or pork chop, among other choices–some on the fatty or gristly side–but they’re really less about the meat and more about the soup and the thin, springy wheat noodles, made fresh before your eyes.
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