Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cempedak Mousse Cake with Chestnut Cream

9pm to 10.30pm. My project implementation went smoothly. The usual four hours implementation that I have encountered finished within less than two hours.
11pm - 12.30am. One of the more fruitful conference call.
Stayed in the office to finish off some work. Left an hour later.

When I got home, my Sis opened the gate for me and told me there was a surprise waiting for me in the fridge. Walked in, and found Mom still awake drafting the new kitchen cupboard design. It was about 2am, both of them should be sleeping already.

Open the fridge, and found my surprise waiting for me.

It was a Cempedak Mousse Cake with Chestnut Cream birthday cake from Sunny and Sid!

Now I know what both of them are awake. They are waiting for the cake! HAHAHAHA! Dad come down a bit later and we had the cake together.

My mom told me that Sid called her earlier in the afternoon to pass the cake. Since she was busy at work, Sid passed the cake to my sis who was at home. No one told me anything until I got home.

Thank you Sunny for baking the lovely cake, and thank you Sid for the surprise plan. The cake made my day and made working on my birthday morning worth it.

I went to bed with a smiling face :D

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14 pieces of worms:

Kenny Mah

Wow. A Cempedak Mousse Cake with Chestnut Cream? Just saying that is a mouthful. And I bet a mouthful of that cake must be heavenly on your birthday. :)


Tabik to your family for waiting up so late for you. Got a personal delivered beautiful cake too. A Hapi memorable b'day indeed!

Big Boys Oven

Great to know you love the cake. We know you were busy and can attend the dinner, so we came up with the idea of baking you a birthday cake to surprise you with the help of your mum and sis! :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

nice nice..definitely medicine for a good nite sleep..


ooo.. u r so lucky! that beautiful cake!! yum yum! and your family is so sweet to stay up with u!


wow.. the cake looks great!!
Cempedak cake.. hmm. very special! ;)


awww chestnut cream!!! special combination cake.. =)


kenny: heavenly...but ah... felt so guilty after eating it. dessert for supper ...haha

tummythoz: i wonder if they are waiting for me ..or the cake LOL

BBO: thanks again =D

joe: haha no la. guilt haunted me ahahahahahah

daphne: hehe yeah... quite fun eating cake with them in the wee hours

christine: you should order from BBO =)

yammylicious: yeah very unique combo


hey there, i got attracted by the name of your blog :-), i think we are of the same specie..hehehe, nice foodie blog you've got here :-)


Dhanggit: HAHAHAHA give me a high 5. %%%

ekeng lucky oh...can get surprise in the fridge..How's the cake taste like? must be heavenly good rite?


Wah, so sweet of Sid & Sunny.

beachlover the cempedak cake taste??..I'm thinking of ordering from Sunny for my sis Birthday but the problem is payment..They don't take C/C or Paypal....I better email them maybe got other alternative..hehehe!!


ekeng: the chestnut cream is very unique!

jason: yeahh didnt expect the cake.

beachlover: hmm when is your sis birthday? i can help you work something out. Email me.

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