Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Conag Tiramisu

3pm. Office cell phone rings.

teckiee: Hullo.
xxx: eh Teckiee, guess where I am at?
teckiee: ah.. where?
xxx: Guess la, you came here last week.
*teckiee thinks hard. Didn't go anywhere last week except Menara Great Eastern...*
teckiee: GE ah? But how come I see you on your Notes IM one? (Notes IM = internal instant messaging system)
xxx: Yahlo. Took the day off to do banking. I'm at Alexis drinking coffee with the laptop.
teckiee: Bugger.. call me to tell me that you are relaxing ah... don't sai mang. (sai mang = rub it in)
xxx: Hahaha guess what I'm eating?
teckiee: Sai mang sai mang
*xxx ignores me*
xxx: A very nice tiramisuuuu. What or not? I ta pau for you? (ta pau = take away)
teckiee: ahhh I WANT!!
xxx: Hmm eh cannot la. I'm not going back to the office.
teckiee: SAI MANG! &$$%&^*&#@*& hahahahaha

Many weeks later... during the busy period... so focused until I forgot about lunch...

xxx: eh teckiee, no need to eat lunch ah.
teckiee: Har? Oh.. aiyah, lunch time over liau. Busy la.
xxx: Aiyah, yesterday you also like that. Na... belanja you one. (belanja = treat)
*teckiee's eyes widen.*
teckiee: Hohoho what is it?

teckiee: WAHHHH THANKIEW!!! This is that cake ah?
xxx: Yeah, was there just now. You better eat now, or keep in the fridge.
*slurp slurp... teckiee feels hungry already*

I finished off the Conag Tiramisu in no time. I tried the cake with the raspberry sauce that came with it, didn't like it. The cake is very nice by itself. The outer layer of melted sugar and almonds was very crunchy. I love the strong almond smell that came from it. The bottom layer of sponge cake soaked up with alcohol which gave me a boost soon after finishing the cake.

Check out the whole cake at Life Of A Food Lover. The whole cake looks so abstract with all the almonds on top.

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14 pieces of worms:


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!!! Tiramisu with rasberry and almond somemore!!..hmmm...must try to make myself one day..

"Joe" who is constantly craving

r u sure theres alcohol in this one? apparently i didnt taste any when i had it, and was pretty sure they told me no alcohol wor..bcoz they served it to muslims also..


You didn't get tipsy ka..??

Imbi & Itchy

Hahahahaa, with colleagues like that, what to do. Believe it or not, my work takes me to GE Mall often but I've not tried their cakes! Hehe :-)

Nic (KHKL)

love it! love it! love it! i reviewed the cake before when i bought the whole thing from the bsc branch! this is one of those where the sponge is really soaked in cognac...havent tried suchan's though.


Oooo.. we have another place to get cake for birthday now :P

Big Boys Oven

charming babe, always flooded with! happy new year!


beachlover: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your hubby and little Mishu too!

joe: Very sure there is conag in it. The whole bottom layer sponge was soaked in it. I think you might have tried a different cake?

mamabok: HAHAHA no la...maybe if i eat the whole cake i would

Imbi & Itchy: hehe next time you are there you should try. If not time tapau back ;)

nic: yes yess but too bad the bottom part only.

jason: oh yes, that cake was really good.

BBO: hahaha xx owes me a cake for rubbing it in ;p

Kenny Mah

Oh yes... the only thing better than cake or alcohol is cake soaked in alcohol! LOL.


hehehe, this is the cake that is in my blogger profile pic! i love it and miss it ever since the first bite


kenny: you go that right!

rokh: OHHHHHH I always thought the nuts were the Chinese peanut cuts!


hi every1~ im new here... erm... can i know the location where is the conag tiramisu... please & thanks... >< hope i can taste it too...


charxine: You can get them at Alexis Bistro. Its located at Menara Great Eastern aka Great Eastern Mall along Jalan Ampang in KL.


slurrrrrrrp.... thx for ur(teckiee) reply^^;

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