Friday, December 07, 2007

El Cerdo

Finally! The el cerdo have gone to El Cerdo KL in Changkat Bukit Bintang. LOL! El cerdo means 'The Pig' la ;p

After hearing a lot of good stuff about the place from my colleague, reading Babe_KL's older post, and especially after seeing that pork knuckle at Lots of Cravings, I decided that is something I just have to try.

There was only three of us at dinner, so when we ordered the Spanish ham platter, the paella, the German crispy bacon knuckle, sausages, and dessert, we were told that for three of us, we need to cut a lot of those out of our list. So... we ended up with the below.

While waiting for our food, we were served complementary blended pork belly soup. I was expecting it to taste weird, but turned out to be quite alright. Very like soup of pork with shrimps. Quite enjoyable.

We were recommended to try Carnitas (RM18). The inside of this roll is I think marinated roasted pork, then shredded to make like treads of pork. I expected the pork to be very dry but it turned out quite nice. We were told to top it up with the tomato and avocado sauce given. Delicious when the strong flavor of the marinated pork mix in when the tomato and avocado.

"Swiss Style Onion Sausage" Grilled white sausage in onion sauce. (RM19.50) The brown sauce that came with these sausages was really good. The onions in the sauce brought out even more of the strong and thick brown sweet mushroom flavor. The sausages however weren’t as good as I expected it to me. A little soft for my liking.

When the suckling pig came, I was 'woah! How to finish! Big portion!" This Roasted Suckling Pig Half Piglet (RM99) came on a wooden chopping board. The pig is marinated with vinegar to make the skin crispy. During the marinade process, the vinegar eats into the piglet bones, making it very soft. It is a tradition in Germany (I think) to chop the pig up with a plate, make a wish, then breaking the plate. I had the honor to chop the pig up and to break the plate. It felt good when everyone clapped! hehehe!

I didn't chop the whole pig up with the plate though. I was told that the while plate chopping the pig thing is for tradition and illustration only. The pig was taken back to the kitchen for the rest of the chopping.

The while the presentation and the tradition impressed me, the pork was just alright. The skin was very crunchy, the pork fat very fragrant, the meat soft and moist. Taste wise was normal, even if eaten with the sauce that came with it. I did expect the pungent pork smell, but surprisingly there was none.

A plate of potato came with the sucking pig was nice. I think it was baked then stirred in with lard and oil. Slurp!

The olives in the garden salad is the best ever olives I have ever eaten. Don’t ‘yuck’ at the olives la, these really tasted juicier and more fragrant. And the best part, they didn’t leave my mouth felling all dry and bitter. (In Cantonese, not ‘kip kip dei’)

All three of us gave many nods to the Rum and Raisin Pancake "Kaiserschmam" (RM18). Initially I ordered it because I saw rum.. raisins.. yum! The ice cream could use a little more vanilla but other that than, delicious! The pancake was really good and went really well with the rum and raisin ice cream and the fresh raspberry sauce.

After our coffee (RM6.90) and tea (RM8), we were served the Elcerdo special. A shot glass of lime juice with white wine and a little martini that is good for digestion. I believe everyone that dines in (except for the kid I assume hehe) gets a shot of this on the house. I’m definitely going to try to make this at home.

Good stuff.

At the end of the dinner… I found the Pig god staring at me. Did I feel guilty after eating the piglet? No loh… dog eat dog world (The meaning has nothing to do with food but hehehe it works if you don’t take the meaning in) so pig eat pig too.

Cheers to el cerdo! And pok lives!

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Kenny Mah

Oooh brings back so many memories of Germany for me... *nostalgic sardenlee*

(And that dish of potato in particular, so Bavarian!)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

shiok le..haha the piglet is from spain..the knuckle from germany..

the piglet is also soaked in wine to make it soft and tender..

i can taste the piglet time around, got to try the paella and the prawns!

rokh indulgence. i heart pork too! must go try

Big Boys Oven

oh lovely porkie....such succulent pork!


haha... I don't want the body of the dead pig on my eating table :P


hmm... so most ppl ordered that piglet so that they can make a wish and break the plate... too bad it tasted just normal ~


Kenny: How long were you there? The food and meat must be delicious!

Joe: my colleague told me the paella is really good. got to try that next time im there too.

rokh: go try the pork knuckle and tell me if its yum pleasssee =)

BBO: Very crispy skin

ilovepearly: HAHAHAHAHHA I think body will work fine... but the head, tail and legs only la rite?

ling239: Yeah. We really want the pork knuckle too.. but too bad just too few of us.

Precious Pea

Yumzzz...I love the suckling piglet. I think must go get a dose of it soon. Ah-ha..make it my year end resolution. LOL!


its walking distance from my office.will try to persuade my colleagues to dine in :D


pok pok is calling me!!

Lyrical Lemongrass

Everything looks yummy. I love porky pig. Like Precious Pea, I gotta make it my year end resolution too!


P.Pea & LL: hahaha ppl new year resolution.. u all end year pulak. but easy one to meet lah ;p

KampungboyCitygal: I think they have quite reasonable priced set lunches.

Jackson: hahaha join P.Pea and LL!


Pork rules! I think it's a bit too much la to have suckling pig... unless there's about 5-7 of us la.


jason: yeahh... 3 of us really had a hard time with the pig... order the wrong dishes already


the quota is going up. let me c, Jackson, PPea x2, LL, Me, TK?, 5 of us now. Pull Tummy x2, Fezzaboy and Jason, we got 10. So this year end resolution coming true?


Hahahah gambatteh for that resolution !

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