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The Elephant

I attended 'A Very Retro Christmas' dinner in The Elephant last night with almost 40 food bloggers and friends. Big THANKS for Precious Pea and Lyrical Lemongrass for organizing this gathering. Of course not forgetting WMW who helped out as much to make the dinner plans work. The initial plan was to have a little gift exchange going on, but the organizing team came up with a better idea. All pressies goes to the orphanage for Pick N' Brew's Sharity for Charity event.

Before I continue with the food review, I want to say...
I checked, I have boobs, they are real. And don't have the equipment.
I'm 100% female with the chromosome XY in me. (There goes my biology, or maybe I am still in crisis. HAHAHA! Thanks for pointing out.)
But my nick is still teckiee ;p HAHAHAHA!

And yes yes, I tried the boxers. They fit!

Before sitting down, I was chatting with SC, trying to get some travel and hotel tips and things to do and what not to do in Vietnam. I'll be heading there soon for a holiday! Wee!

Anyway, I grabbed a seat at the table near the window, the one with better lighting. Nat was kind enough to swap place with me because I didn't want to be 'queen' of the table. I got to meet Nic (khkl), Jun of From Durians to Floating Pies and her primary school mate Dennis.

Also with me around the table was Imbi&Itchy who brought my favorite Japanese plum wine Umeshu, Kusahi-san who's One Piece is still around my room some where though I thought I have returned them... need to clean my room. And of course there's Nipple Joe of Lots of Cravings. There's Joe and myself... I thought of FatBoyBakes who was M.I.A. but was very kind enough to leave us with his delicious durian cheese cake.

It didn't take long for our dishes to be served. The brown rice.

This is my first time trying the Pak Choop Pang Tod (Thai style vegetable tempura). I like it. The vegetables were crunchy and nice.

I didn't quite like the chicken in the Kom's Chicken Wings with Mango-Kiwi Dressing. The chicken wings was over fried and quite dry.

The avocados and rambutan in the Red Curry Duck with Konnyaku, Avocados and Rambutan were all gone when I had time to try the curry. The duck meat I think was pan shered before putting in the curry because moisture and the duck meat sweetness was still locked in the duck. The curry was with coconut milk, quite thick, felt a little spice after taste in my mouth about having this curry. Nice curry but for those who like really spicy curry, this is not the curry for you.

Chillied Lamb. The lamb cooked but not hard, left a chewy texture to the meat. I tried a piece of lamb together with the kafir lime leaf and loved the chrunchy texture and the fragrance that the leaf gives. Excellent stuff.

The Choo Chee Goong(Thai Yellow Curry with River Prawns) didn't quite work for me. ut maybe because I was too busy taking pictures of other dishes and left this on my plate. They should have given more yellow curry as the bread soak up most of them. And again the curry left a nice spice after taste in my mouth but just wish they turn the spiciness up a notch.

The Plah Nung Manow (Steamed fish) was fresh and without the mud taste. Very nicely steamed fish with just enough ingredients to cover the fishy smell but not kill the natural fish taste.

Som Tam Malakor (Green Papaya with Dried Prawns with Peanuts) didn't taste like the Som Tam I had in Bangkok. I really miss the food in BKK!

Tom Klong. This northern Thai Tom Yum with Fish Cutlets reminded me of the fish head noodle. I like this spicy and sour clear tom yam soup but somehow I feel like the soup was still lacking something.

I was busy chit chatting that I forgot about the Sago Pudding With Thai Mangoes. This was actually one of the test pictures that Jason took when he was helping me adjust my camera settings for a group picture with Jackson, XLB, KampungBoy and CityGal, BBO, ekeng, Ai Wei, Chris and Christine.

After WMW collected the cash I was thinking of grabbing it and then run away from Kenny's table ...speaking of his table... I honestly cannot remember everyone's name. We really need name tags next time. Can't remember the gentleman in black seated with Boo, Splashie Boy, Paprika and... and... ahh I can't remember his name either. Starts with A right? ... ? Aiyor

...Must be the wine. At least I still remember that I waved goodbye to Lyrical Lemongrass, Riz and The Chilli Man. Should have drank more of the Pandan and Krachiap Coolers.

Wait.. need to back track. After the money portion is settled, I hopped into the future kiasu sexy beasty DAP leader's car and went off for second rounds at Pirates.

The map to The Elephant below.

Block C-G4 Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13, Section 17.
Patrick +6012-3285028
James +6019-3608911
Soong +6016-3795759
Kom +6016-3459298

*Did I plug everyone? Did I miss anyone out?

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30 pieces of worms:


I love every moment of it. Too bad couldn't work out much of appetite due to tooth ache. But love the tom yam the most. Very good kick!

Thanks teckiee and organizers of the event.

Love every one there. Very coowl people. ;-) Hope to see u guys more. *Hugs*



Wonderful company and food..! good for you .. ;) i didn't think you were a man.. muahahahhaa!!

Kenny Mah

I had a great time too, teckiee! I nearly snorted out my drink when they announced your award though --- Gender Crisis? Hehe.

As LL puts, it, you're ALL WOMAN. Lol.

Catcharoundsoon! Happy 2008! :D

Imbi & Itchy

wow! you really blog depending on mood huh .. this post was SUPER, DUPER quick! hehehe, anyway nice meeting up with you again! And Happy New Year to you too ...


female should have XX not XY...

Precious Pea

WOW!! Superfast la you! Hahaha..i enjoyed it too and hope that we can have gatherings like this from time to tim.

OH yah..that duck is actually roast duck curry. :)


Nat: Hehehe glad you enjoyed yourself. Will drag you along more often ;p

mamabok: HAHAHA I think you are the only handful of readers who dont think I am one.

kenny: hahaha seems that I was having XY chromosome when I was typing the post.. still in gender crisis LOL!

imbi & itchy: Hai lor, i'll remember to ajak u keluar more often

anonymous: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA still having the gender crisis. A big one! Thanks for pointing out.

P.Pea: You know the Rick's Cafe dinner... up till now also in draft mode. If i dont post this now I think this will end up in one of my draft mode storage. A waste to keep it in draft.


OMG!! u r super fast!!! Honestly, the food served was below average to me... may be the taste is too spicy for me! But i enjoy the party so much!!

Lyrical Lemongrass

Hehe..we had fun, didn't we? I enjoyed the awards ceremony and how everyone could easily figure out who got what award. :-P

beachlover flogger and blogger makan lagi!!..I can't wait!! I wanna to join you too!!..You must enjoy all the kaki...40 ppls..that alot...I love Thai food too..but eat nothing like your so far..Teckiee,why blur your beautiful face??..

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

That was one delicious spread! Boxers looks nice too hehehehhe We r staying home this NY, with a small kid its hard to 'party' anywhere - we hv catered some food too = ) so B has the day off from cooking hehehe, hugsxx teckiee, hv fun ringging in the NY eh! ; ) Cheers

Big Boys Oven

Had a great time...... we should do more of such!


lighting ok wat.. ;p u sure the boxer shorts fit?? sure u're 100% female with a single X chromosome?? ;>

ai wei

this is sooo fast! dun think i can catch up ur speed. nvm about mistaken me as wenching... u are not the only one. aiksss... why ar?!?!

yea, we are gonna meet more okay?!


Hey I really heart itchy la... Want to snatch WMW's money... Haha...

The place is quite near my place I guess... Will give it a try if my frens are convenient...

(Reply from blog) Yes is me. Thanks =)

team bsg

let us spend a little time with you ...and then if people still have doubts about this and that
...we shall tell all...

happy new year !


great to meet you finally teckiee! i had a good time too; hope to meet you again in the future. have a good trip to hanoi, and happy NY!


first of all... HAPPY NEW YEAR

secondly .. used to browse ur site for a view , and honestly .. not about gender discrimination or anyting, ur name to me like ...u know... :D

thirdly ... infact didnt have time to speak to everyone , but when i saw u, thought u were another bloger fren of mine.. then since u didnt say hi.., maybe not. well , hope next time have chance to chat up...

lastly ... HAPPY NEW YEAR again..


What a nice event organized! We shud do this more often rite? ;P
Glad to see you there and congrats on your "award"! ;)

Precious Pea

Haha...i have not posted on Rick's too and i think I won't do it cos i forgotten how the dishes taste like oledi.


happy new yr girl..ouch ive never tried on a boxer does it feel? must be darn cooling rite


jackson: too spicy mehhh... not enuff kick for me la. But yeahh the crowd was awesome! ...and dont scare Hitomi!

ll: hahaha i love my boxers.. my bro so jealous hahahah

beachlover: hehehe tempting hor ;p I don't my face here one la... so blur it lo

mush: Hey Happy New Year... small kids or not.. I'm staying home too. Kind of headache to go out. I'm just getting some friends over and have a small eat out.

BBO: yeah its was fun.. but hard to organize... a lot of work

jun: hahaha ok la.. not too bad.. and i spend the whole night complaining hahahah.

ai wei: ah is it? i think cos 3 of u go to gatherings together... easy to get mix up.

742: hahaha i guess i wasnt the only person who felt that way hahahahaha

Love the hair man!

BSGs: hahaha so long never see u all already la

sc: hahaha guess whatttt i extended my trip there! staying one additional night.. not much.. but at least still one day

catsndogs: 1#Happy New Year! 2#hahaha I know ;p 3#R you the guy in the black shirt sitting in front of the chilliman? Happy New Year again!

Christine: Often, but maybe not too often...later not syok liau

Precious Pea: hahaha thats y when i draft, i put very thing in point form... but still have to see mood to type lo

KampungboyCitygal: butang one ;p

Nic (KHKL)

omg, sorry teckiee...i think i had at least 3 pcs of the avocado! *shame, nic, shame*...who took all the rambutans btw?? haha! nice meeting you! hope you'll get used to the camera...if not, trade-n fast while you still can :)


Thanks for picking me up at the LRT station (I should have thanked Sean for this :P ).

Happy New Year!


Nice to meet you on that day..You're a PRO photographer...Wish you have a Happy New Year..Hope i can join you and others for another meeting :)

Hey,Nice boxers ~~haha :)


ahhaa.. is that your xmas present? aiya, i'm sure boxers shorts r comfy even for girls!


Happy New Year...hope you'll sort out your crisis this year! Hahaha...

Xiu Long Bao

heya, happy new year!u even tried the boxers, bttr sort out ur XX or XY crisis soon :p Ei, im going for rock climbing again this fri after work, getting itchy oledi..haha

Big Boys Oven

I was thinking during the weekend, you will definitely be the in 2008 calender pin up, if you were just in that boxer.... definitely no identity crisis.... so who did say that? lol!


nic: no worries. you own me avocado the next time i see you

jason: i'll pass the message =)

ekeng: hahahah 'pro' you mean ;p

daphne: hahahahah comfy and cooling!

wmw: XX ...XX... i got to remember not to make that mistake again

XLB: aiyahhh i sial la... my back hurts... doc said i have to rest 2 months ..or until i get better

BBO: SS2 durian stall open liau!!!

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