Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fresh dates from Shanghai

Have you ever wondered how the red wrinkly dates you use in soups and herbal teas look like when they are fresh from the tree? Wonder no more.

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18 pieces of worms:

ai wei

yes i had this 2weeks ago aired back from shen zhen. quite like it. ^.^

Kenny Mah

Serious ar? Look so different, hor? I wonder if they taste as good fresh...?


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Wow..!! looked so diff leh.. ;)


never see this before !!! outside look like mango :p

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Does it taste nice as a fresh fruit too TC?? Looks abit like apple. Well, thx for the info = ) Hv a great time celebrating new years ok! Wishing u good health and prosperity for 2008! Cheers, Mush & Brecht & Nora

wenching & esiong

I've tried this when I visited China few years ago. It tasted so fresh and good, somehow better than the preserved dates which are way too sweet sometimes.


Looks relatively larger in size and looks like jambu batu a bit too. Hehe


yeah yeah yeah! I tired it before too and i love it so much! It's not too sweet and i love the texture!!


ai wei: Wahh so nice! My mom only brought a small bag back for us 'ulu' kids to try. Are dates at shen zhen cheaper? My mom said they were pricy in Shanghai.

Kenny: Tasted very refreshing and juicy!

mamabok: yeah lo. If my mom didn't let me know its fresh dates, I would have thought it was some kind of Chinese berry. But wait... are dates in the berry family?

ekeng: haaarrr like mango mehhh???

Mush & Brecht & Nora: Taste like pear... but more crunchy and the texture is much smoother compared to the pear

wenching & esiong: the dried ones that we have in Malaysia... many are pre soaked in sugar water.. that's why its sooo sweet. really have to look for the 'real' dried dates for the less sweet ones

tc: Jambu batu is guava isit? it's about 1 inch in height only actually.

jackson: yeah, very refreshing too right?


the inside looks like green apple... ^_^

Imbi & Itchy

Where can I get them in KL ?


Thanks for posting the pix..I'm so jakun..never try b4..How it taste like guava or pear?.

Simon Seow

Looks like apple but smaller. Does it taste like apple too?


waa..i want to try :D~


ling239: ohhh i left the one of the dates exposed to air.. it didnt turn brown like the green apple

imbi itchy: Not sure. I think don't have la.

beachlover: LOL! i'm also jakun what. Nothing like guava. More like pear.

simon: hmm tasted like pear... but maybe like a combination of pear and those small red apples.

rokh: have to go to china to buy =(


Wow! I always thought they were dates. You know the type that grow on palm trees. Instead of the little apple looking things.

However, looking it up, the Chinese red dates are jujubes.

Not to be confused with the candy, Jujube, that I'm used to.

Learn something new everyday!

ai wei

hmmm... those are quite cheap in shen zhen worrr... my aunt bought quite a lot

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