Monday, December 17, 2007

King Crab with my buddies

Buddies, thank you for being there for me through thick and thin, through mountains and rivers, through all the arguments and misunderstanding, through carrots and cabbages, and listening to and reading my rants until your ears and eyes fall off. I don't know how to give something impromptu, but this is my 15 minutes speech for you.

Crab Baked with Creamy Butter in Claypot. The creamy butter sauce wasn't as nice as before. It was out too thick and all clumpy =(

When having lunch with this bunch, I remembered something. Something which I am not proud of. This bunch have always been there for me. They took care of me. They don't judge me. They don't even give me a hard time after it, but instead supported and console me.

Kam Heong Crab Fried with Dried Chili and Dried Shrimps. Quite good stuff but I found the Kam Heong is not like typical Kam Heong. Fragrant and spicy, but lack the curry leaf. I could taste a lot of chilli padi after effect and onions which was just delicious.

It was OJJ's 21st birthday when I told myself "I am going to drink drink drink and get drunk drunk drunk". And I did. Nat drove me home with Kwang tailing behind him. I didn't go home yet. I ended up puking in front of a mamak with Nat and Kwang looking at me. Quite odd/weird/funny because I could still take my camera and take a photo of my 'waste'. I puked a few more times at the traffic light junction near my home.

Crispy Squid with Salted Egg Yoke. I totally love this although it's all deep fried, and the oil, and the high cholesterol salted egg yoke.

I told myself I would never want to get drunk again. HAHA, joke of the century.

We ordered the BBQ Pork Chop instead of the caramelized coffee pork because we didn't want pork ribs. The juicy tender pork was delicious with the sauce all over it. I tasted and tasted the pork but I don't taste any BBQ flavor in it. Seems like the chef have mixed up the caramelized coffee sauce with this. But either way, love it!

I walked out of the new club in a straight line. Mamak again. Ordered the teh limau panas (hot lime tea). Stomach started to feel weird. Darn that teh limau panas. I was sitting on a park bench with all hell broke loose. Soloh was with me, lending me his lap, and ears, while I pour out what was in my system. The alcohol, and the unhappiness.

Stewed Beancurd With Mushrooms and Salted Egg was just an OK dish. No complains about it, but nothing to shout about.

And this year. I totally let my guard down. But I can not turn back time. All I can do is look back, acknowledge the danger, feel the fear, soak it all in, learn from it, and move on. I did ask myself if I would do things differently if I knew what would happen, the answer was no. I am thankful that I was with OJJ that night. God knows what will happen other wise.

Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves with fermented beancurd. Did you know that the sweet potato leaves was ones 'poor people' dish. Farmer will harvest sweet potatoes to sell and have the leaves for themselves. Interesting to see that this "cheap" leaves are now part of the 'rich men' menu.

...owe the botak guy big big time. And Dave and Soloh. Now you know never to argue with a drunk woman. Haha.. but jokes aside. Thanks for taking shit from the drunk angry woman in the car.

I still can remember the other times when I drank too much. Seriously... I honestly couldn't believe it when I did a count. This only mean one thing, you all have to buy me more drinks to practice! (I was joking.. ;p)

*Thanks PS and HY for coming too and YC we miss you!

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20 pieces of worms:


Aiya...everyone are blogging about King Crab..i haven been there yet..can't wait to go there for the claypot butter crab :)


the Crispy Squid with Salted Egg Yolk is best of the best there ~ ^_^

Kenny Mah

Altogether now, sing:

"That's what friends are for..."

I love my friends too; those who will take care of us when we're drunk and make a fool of ourselves are the best of all. :D

Big Boys Oven

did you start drinking from lunch till supper? lol! you can really hold your drink!


Wahaha. =) Love King Crab a lot! Minus the crab, prawn and lobster. ;-P


ai wei

oh, lovely buttery crab n aromatic kam heong crab! so wanted to try out there.

*dun drink too much :P

wenching & esiong

The crab really looks good, too bad it didn't taste good as you mentioned. I'm really craving for crab now!


i didn't know bout da sweet potato leafy story till now! hmmmm.... anyways, it's good to know that you had a blast birthday celebration :D

Rasa Malaysia

Oh man, the next time i am in KL, I MUST MUST MUST go to this famous King Crab that every blogger goes to!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

just when i thought i was quite "down" appears u r worse..alcohol is not the way to go!!! well if u insist, it has to be good alcohol, like a good bottle of red wine and some siu yuk ok?


ekeng: lol... i think the king crab craze came back.

ling239: they kind of have double standards with the squid. some of my friends went..complaining about it.

kenny: yeah...and those that take pictures of us with we are drunk! LOL

BBO: hahaha no la! i'm not that power la.

Nat: hais.. i got to see what i can do with your allergy man. you are missing out all the goodies

ai wei: get the fried bun with the butter crab. so nice to dip the bread in butter sauce

wenching & esiong: yeah... people say the butter crab not that nice on weekends when there are alot of people.

MeiYen: hehe one of my buddies told me about that

RM: LOL! Skip lala chong adi.

joe: haha i dont think anyone could get drunk with good wine and pork.


another crab review... i'm still not bored of it yet though. now, if i could hv a taste..that will be perfect.


yeah, i miss u guyz too...damn i miss the crabs..can't u guys like ta pau it for me? butter crab some more..
ur temptation really high...
oh gawd, i miss the gang...


Ehh... cheer up k?
And remember to drink with friends around :P


Aiyo..teckiee...never said never..I drank 1/2 botol of tequila when I was at your age..puke like MF!!..I said never drink again but until today still drink la..hehehe!!..Woww!! so all my favourite food especially KING CRAB!!. your fried calamari also calling my name la..hehehe!!..Must remember to eat there when I'm back in KL..oh!! Happy Belated Birthday!!..Don't worried be happy!!


daphne: all the crabs.. but crab season ending. prices are going to go up already.

vince: eh you are going to get your mail late. ...still working on that something

jason: hahaha i'm good la dude. that was a year ago

beachlover: hahaha I guess I should never say never... but got to give myself a quota la. get drunk only once a year? haha


OMG! I just had that Cheese Crab a week ago and it's awesome! Wahahhahah~~~!!


cubbie: hahahahah cheese so much more sinful...


Wau Lau..!! like grammy award speech.. muahhaha!!


mamabok: ahahahhaah the music is playing loudly asking me to get off the stage! HAHAHHHA

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