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Kor Tong

Isn't this cool? Tham Jiak have been doing virtual interviews of food bloggers. When I got her email I was hyped up about it and actually ditch my other work and started typing out answers to her questions. Hehehe! Thanks Tham Jiak for thinking about me =)

Anyways, yesterday was Tong Yuin day. When I said that, my mom gave me a karate chop on the head. She said "Tong Yuin day your head" ...yeah that's my head you are chopping :P... "It's called Kor Tong".

Making Tong Yuin, the little rice flour balls, is getting more and more boring each year. The standard "pin tong" (sugar cane sugar), peanut butter chunks, chocolate and sesame seed paste as filling is not appetizing anymore.

I wanted to use smashed Kei Chi or red dates to mix with the rice flour mixture but I couldn't find any in the house.

My mom took out a bottle of Chinese rice wine. Sunken at the bottom, are layers of rice wine bits.

My mom took some out to freeze it in the freezer so it will make wrapping easier. It was still soft and watery when I took it out though. Wrapping this was really hard. The liquid softens the rice flour quickly and makes wrapping it in to balls almost impossible.

Anyway, thank god we didn't make much of these. Tasted horrible terrible vegetable!

The ones with tapai aka Malay style fermented rice tasted better. Tasted better but still acquired taste. Mom loves it but I did eat more than two of those.

Wrapping these are not easy as well. My first one was a disaster as the tapai juice ate diluted my rice floor until I was unable to shape it. I didn't waste it though. I threw it into the already boiling water. Tasted the same, but shaped like an UFO.

I wonder what filling I should use for next year...

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19 pieces of worms:

Lyrical Lemongrass

Hehe. Those are pretty creative ideas, even if some didn't turn out the way you wanted them to!

Precious Pea

OMG!!!! How it tastes like? Were you drunk after that? Hahaha..but so creative la. I only stick to normal palm sugar blocks.


never tried such flavas before... mine is usually plain, with peanuts & sugar or black sesame...


Tong yuin day... lol!

Then xmas day is called turkey day?

Big Boys Oven

Very creative..... we had ours plain simple, no fillings. :(


Interesting filling. :)


Wahahaha...UFO Tong Yuin ;)

Big Boys Oven

Merry Christmas Teckiee & a Happy New Year!!!

Shall we do BBQ this 2008?


oh yeah.. it's no easy to wrap da "tong yuen" with fillings! took hours to make few of them... :p

merry christmas to you and your family! :)

Kenny Mah

*sniff, sniff*

Haven't had tong yuin in years... every year just happened to be in KL and not Melaka... for me tradition is calling up Mom and asking what sort of tong yuin she's making for my nephew and nieces... Lucky kids!



How come never send me some to eat?!?!?! hahaha!

Wish you and your family a Merry X'mas and a Happy 2008!:)


I didn't get to eat tong yuen this year. My friend's mom prepared some for us when we went over to his place in Melaka but too full from the food, so didn't eat the tong yuen.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Looks too pretty to be eaten Teckiee ; ) Happy holidays and wishing u also a successful 2008! Cheers from your friends in Belgium! Mush, Brecht & Nora


i haven't have my tong yuen yet :( does it mean i can't kor tong?

wenching & esiong

I haven't heard of tong yuen with fermented rice, wonder how it tastes like.

Merry Christmas!!


LL: Hehe lucky we didnt make much.. or else they will just be wasted. Really tasted horrible.

P.Pea: Hahaha now to get drunk? Too little tapai ;p

SC: hehe when you start getting bored with the normal stuff, i think you'll start adding ridiculous things into too

742: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Merry Turkey Day!!!

BBO: Merry Christmas to you too! BBQ for NY eve? Can can! Your place? hehehe

MamaBok: Interesting but ...thats about it.. dont try that chinese wine bits filling... nightmare

UnKaLeong: LOL ;p

MeiYen: Merry Christmas to you can your other half too =) Yeah.. wrapping is difficult, buy eating it is so easy!

Kenny: LOL! You know, tong yuin is very easy to make. It's like playing with PlayDoh

Kok: HAHAHA u in Miri la.. come to KL quick

Jason: hahaha then cannot complain la.. got tong yuin but too full ;p food must be good

Mush, Brecht & Nora: Hey! How did raya go other there? Got lots of makan or not?

rokh: LOL.. eh its ok not to kor tong..ppl say the more tong yuin u eat the older you'll grow.. so less is better ;p

wenching & esiong: If you like tapai you will like them.. but other wise... unique taste.


*sobsob*- i miss my family...

those are creative fillings!!! I wouldn't mind a bowl.

ai wei

wah... the tapai one is new to me, dunno how it tastes ler?!


daphne: lol... i think you should try one first.. not the whole bowl ;p

ai wei: tapai is sourish..and fermented smell

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